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Tigana: Anniversary Edition | Guy Gavriel Kay
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“Don‘t worry,” I said, “I just need to get out of the house. I‘m not gonna buy anything.”


Sharpeipup 😂 6mo
Crazeedi Nice! 6mo
IvoryLunatic I was going to donate some clothes to goodwill but I knew I wouldn‘t be able to leave without checking the books, and I never leave without at least 10 or 15 books from there because they are so cheap. So donations will have to go another day or with the fiancé. Lol 6mo
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I‘m LOVING this book @Megabooks @GlassAsDiamonds ( not so much my green detox smoothie 🤢) I thought this passage was pretty ominous. “It amazes me that a valley so primeval and unspoiled could still exist in the twenty-first century. It was truly a lost world, a place that did not want us and where we did not belong.” #FamousLastWords #11

AmyG Mmmmmmm 😳 12mo
Cinfhen It looked so delicious before I blended it @AmyG but the consistency and flavors didn‘t work for me. I think it was the parsley or maybe the cilantro that made it kind of gross 🥴 12mo
AJBowers What's in the drink?? We do this mean green recipe from that one guy who made the juicing documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It's good for a green drink! 12mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Oh dear, I hope the next blended juice taste better! 🍀😘 12mo
AmyG Ha....I was being sarcastic when I said mmmm. 🤣 12mo
Cinfhen This was 2 kale leaves, 2 romaine lettuce leaves, cup spinach leaves, 2 green apples, 1 small cucumber, 1 lime and 1/4 cup fresh parsley & 1/4 cup of fresh cilantro @AJBowers I think it was the parsley & cilantro that killed the smoothie for me @erzascarletbookgasm 12mo
saresmoore Could you not just toss it all together as a salad? Maybe sans parsley? It sounds like it‘d be a tasty salad! 12mo
Melissa_J I started reading this book last night! Won‘t likely get through it quickly because of all the other books I have on the go at the moment, but I liked what I‘ve read so far. PS - that smoothie does not look appetizing. 12mo
LibrarianJen I agree with @saresmoore it would be a delicious salad! I‘m not a fan of smoothies though. 12mo
Cortg Maybe through some homemade dressing on it and go salad style instead 😉 12mo
Cinfhen I‘m using a book not in the Litsy database @saresmoore @LibrarianJen @Cortg It‘s titled Your Personal 7 Day Raw Food & Drink Detox Guide by Tyler Buckhouse. So I‘m trying to stick to his plan. It‘s 70% liquid 30% food approach, but I agree chewing the fruits & veggies is much more satisfying and tastier than drinking them 😝 12mo
Cinfhen Book is soooo good @melissa_j I thought it would take me awhile to read through it but it‘s easy reading and so captivating. I‘m just pissed I‘m not an archeologist or anthropologist, so cool to be a modern day IndianaJones. 12mo
julesG Smoothies, my least favourite food group. I prefer to chew my veggies and fruit. Burns more calories. 😜 12mo
julesG Also, you said modern day Indiana Jones, so I'm stacking this. 12mo
Megabooks I finished another book last night rather than reading this. #moodreader I think the cilantro in the smoothie sounds like a bit much, but I don‘t really like cucumbers either 🤷🏻‍♀️ 12mo
GlassAsDiamonds That sounds VILE (I thought from the photo, and because I‘ve been in India too long ???‍♀️?, that it had jalapeño in it. Almost think it may have been better WITH the heat!). 12mo
Cinfhen Today‘s smoothie was delicious @GlassAsDiamonds @Megabooks 1 celery stick, 1 kiwi, 1 green apple & 2 mint leaves 😋😋😋and I added 1/2 cup crushed ice 12mo
GlassAsDiamonds @Cinfhen that sounds suspiciously like a green juice I also drank today!!! It was the sizeable amount of parsley and cilantro that would do me in! Was there an actual reason for them? 12mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen Nom nom nom! 😋😋 That sounds fantastic! I love celery in juice! 12mo
Cinfhen It probably had to do with some sort of food breakdown or vitamin source @GlassAsDiamonds IDK but I‘m no longer adding cilantro or parsley to my smoothies!!! It was really nasty 😝 12mo
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Only on page 7 and I‘m freaking out!!!! Journalist Douglas Preston has just been briefed on all the deadly insects and snakes that live in the Honduran Rainforest, where he will be covering an expedition. After listening to the horrors that await him, his reply “We would be fine.” Ummm, something tells me that‘s not how it‘s gonna go. #FamousLastWords #LostTogether @Megabooks

Cinfhen I‘m already hooked @Megabooks but I have so much to do today 🙈I‘m not going to have much reading time 😩😫 12mo
Hooked_on_books I really enjoyed this one! I felt like Preston did a great job of being a regular person, revealing what this would be like, creepy-crawly horrors and all. 12mo
Cinfhen It reminds me a bit of this other book I read and really enjoyed @Hooked_on_books 👉🏼 Have you read that one??? 12mo
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Megabooks @Cinfhen me too! I‘m totally hooked!! I‘m trying to read slowly and take it all in. My dad‘s 70th birthday is this weekend, so I‘m going to try to get to chapter 12 by tomorrow night. 🎉🎉🍾🥳 I hope you have fun with your guests! 12mo
Cinfhen Happy birthday to your dad!!! Enjoy 🎶💞🍾🎂 Every time I pick up the book I don‘t want to put it down @Megabooks 12mo
Cinfhen I‘m at chapter 7 @Megabooks I‘m loving the history and myth surrounding the “White City” 12mo
mdm139 @cinfen I liked this book much better than Lost City of Z 12mo
Cinfhen I really liked Lost City of Z but I can tell this book is going to be better @mdm139 12mo
GlassAsDiamonds Is it wrong this post literally made me start reading? (Brain: that‘s so Australian! 😂😂😂😂) 12mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen That‘s where I am too!! 12mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen And thank you!!!! 12mo
Hooked_on_books @Cinfhen I‘ve heard of that one but I‘ve not read it. I read one of Grann‘s more recent books and loved his writing, so I‘ll need to try that one, too. 12mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! So glad you‘re joining us @GlassAsDiamonds 😊 12mo
GlassAsDiamonds @Cinfhen 😊😊😊😊 12mo
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Bedtime because I have to wake up much earlier tomorrow but I can‘t resist getting the first chapter of this book in. One chapter won‘t hurt, right? #famouslastwords

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Me: Time for bed.
My brain: I thought you said you were going to bed.
Me: Going to bed, yes. Going to sleep? Not quite yet...
#readingpastmybedtime #finallygettingtostartit #thewomaninthewindow #onceuponabookclubbox #booknerd #justonechapter #famouslastwords

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#EmojiNov #🎨 This was a very well written, clever mystery told in alternating narratives and eras. The #🎨 at the heart of the story begins in 1600‘s Amsterdam, travels to 1950‘s NYC where it is stolen only to reappear in modern day Sydney. It‘s a blend of historical fiction, literary drama and an intriguing art heist. Definitely worth a library request @RealLifeReading

batsy Oooh this is on the TBR too! #famouslastwords 2y
LeahBergen This DOES sound good! (edited) 2y
CarolynM I liked bits of this but not all. The Part set in Sydney I found particularly unsatisfying. (edited) 2y
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erzascarletbookgasm Sounds good, stacked! 2y
Cinfhen I picked this up on a whim, knowing nothing so I was pleasantly surprised @CarolynM and I loved Marty for some reason...and the historical parts set in 1600‘s Amsterdam 2y
CarolynM I think I got annoyed because it started so well, but then I didn't believe in the resolution 2y
Cathythoughts Must add to my list 👍 2y
AmyG I remember this book. It was good. Yeah, the end was a bit out there. But a fun read. 2y
ValerieAndBooks I‘ve had this in my mental TBR already (because art) but stacking here too! 2y
emmaturi Like the cover very much, sounds intriguing too 2y
Bluebird I've been considering this one for a while...looks like I should get it on my TBR pile. Thanks for the push--sounds great! 2y
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Got my jams on, the pillows fluffed and a (hopefully) restful night of sleep ahead of me. But first....just 1 chapter. #FamousLastWords

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This is a free download from IBooks and it works for #steampunk if anybody needs a book for their #PopSugarChallenge....I read the first 2 chapters and it seems like it has some real potential...#famouslastwords #remindmenottodothesechallengesnextyear

DGRachel It can't be worse than my first foray into steampunk. 2y
Cinfhen Not gonna lie...that looks AWFUL @DGRachel 😂 2y
DGRachel @Cinfhen I was betrayed by Felicia Day!! She gave it a glowing 4-star review on Goodreads. I gave it 1. 😭😭😭 2y
alanacristin I thought this series was really fun 😃 but then i also really about streampunk 😜 2y
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Anne of Green Gables | L. M. Montgomery
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June's to be read pile, posted with the caveat that I leave tomorrow for BookExpo and everything might change. 😀

rachelm So jealous! Have the best time and can't wait to see your collection! 3y
rachel_mbc @rachelm Thanks! I'm going to try not to go that crazy, but I say that every year. #famouslastwords 😄 3y
emilyhaldi ❤ Anne 3y
rachel_mbc @emilyhaldi Have you watched the new Netflix series? I loved the books and the series when I was a kid, so I'm curious about the new one. 3y
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I just need to stop by the library to return a book.
No. I'll just be a minute. I don't have to pick up anything.
They're closing in 5 minutes. What could I do in 5 minutes?!
I'll just take a quick walk around.
#FamousLastWords #LibrariesAreMyDrug