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Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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1. Coffee & cocoa/beans/mocha, hazelnut, caramel
2. The schmaltzy romance—what‘s not to love? 😁
3. Bookmarks, socks, Funko Pop, t-shirts, office supplies
4. Vanilla, berry scents, pomegranate. Dislike cinnamon & pumpkin.
5. Chocolate—not dark. Like strawberry, raspberry, Snickers, Reese‘s, peanut butter M&Ms
6. Red
7. Depends
8. Bath bombs
9. All fine! Prefer larger paperback
10 & 11. Litsy TBR not owned. Have a GR shelf for “to-read-not-owned”

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#CupidGoesPostal #ThisOrThat #CupidGoesPostalThisOrThat
1. Tea
2. Nothing
3. Mostly just books
4. Like: Vanilla, Cinnamon, musk. Dislike: any food scented candles or anything floral scented that not actual flowers
5. I love just as many kinds as I hate and I‘m super specific so idk what to say with out listing a lot.
6. 💜💙💜💙
7. Depends on what it is. Sheets: silky. Socks: fuzzy
8. A book/kindle and music
9. Yes

Bookjunkie57 10. My goodreads page is comprehensive 11. Huh? 12. I love to bake 🧁🍰🎂🍪🍩 (edited) 8mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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?Tea! I love chai, vanilla, or Earl Grey.
?It's a celebration of Love, romantic or otherwise.
?Nothing fancy... I read in the bath or in bed with tea.
?I like "masculine" scents. Leather, cologne, cedar, pine.
?I'd prefer not to receive candy.
? Fuzzy!
? YES I'm obsessed with bathing.
? Used but good condition and I find hardcover easier to read.
? "READ" stack on Litsy is my owned list.
? My TBR is only on Litsy!
? None! xoxo

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Playing Cupid | Jenny Meyerhoff
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1. Coffee, ground. Starbucks!
2. Chocolate
3. All things bookish
4. Nothing flowery
5. Milk chocolate
6. Pink
7. Fuzzy
8. Nope
9. Anything
10. No. My “want to read” on Litsy are not books I own
11. Litsy
12. I like surprises!
#CupidGoesPostal #ThisOrThat #CupidGoesPostalThisorThat

The Cupid Effect | Dorothy Koomson
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1) Non-flavored coffee, chai tea, & cocoa
2) Chocolate, of course!
3) Probably everything!
4) Vanilla or fruity. No floral!
5) Dark Chocolate, strawberry or cinnamon.
6) Red is my favorite!
7) Fuzzy
8) I am not really a bath kind of girl.
9) Used is fine. Hardcover or trade paperback.
10) I do on Google Docs
11) Books that I don‘t own but want to read are on my Goodreads
12) 🤷‍♀️
#cupidgoespostal #thisorthat #cupidgoespostalthisorthat

Gaylagal2 Wow, I use Google docs and have never thought of listing my owned books there....thanks! Goodreads sucks for making lists of owned books 😬 8mo
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Valentines | Ted Kooser
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1. Coffee, ground. I like flavors, unless they are fruity.
2. Helping my kids pick out the perfect cards for their friends.
3. Funkos, mugs, bookmarks, pins- chances are, if it has to do with books, I will like it!
4. Coffee or “clean” scents. Nothing too flowery.
5. Chocolate. I also love those Brach‘s candy ❤️‘s
6. All!!
7. Fuzzy
8. Meh, not really
9. Any!
10. No
11. Litsy
#cupidgoespostal #thisorthat

Untitled | Unknown
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❤️ Starbucks fancy drinks
❤️ Pink and red and hearts
❤️ I love totes, mugs, and Funko Pops
❤️ I like almost all scents-not a huge fan of bakery
❤️ Milk Chocolate is my fave
❤️ Love them all
❤️ Fuzzy
❤️ Currently no bath tub-just a shower
❤️ Prefer novels on Kindle and other books I am happy either way
❤️ Some on Goodreads but not all
❤️ Litsy and Goodreads
❤️ I love and collect enamel pins
#cupidgoespostal #thisorthat

Playing Cupid | Jenny Meyerhoff
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1. Coffee! No on the cocoa. K-cups!
2. I love the colors of V-day and the little kids' valentines.
3. Pens, journals, postcards, little toys, Pusheen cats, Hello Kitty, lip balms
4. Favorites are musky/earthy/woodsy. And peppermint.
5. Cherry flavored things. Lemon. Grape.
6. Love red and pink!
7. Silky is nice.
8. Salts and bombs
9. All!
10. No owned list.
11. My TBR on Litsy
12. My first swap!

Avanders I didn't know you didn't like cocoa! 🤯😉 2y
SamHeartCoffee @Avanders oh I do! It's just the milk in it doesn't do right by me. 😉 2y
Avanders Ah right 😉 bc cocoa *is* chocolate.... 😁😁 2y
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Another late to the party post!
1)coffee, ground or beans
2) hug hubby, eat chocolate
3)bookmarks, pins, totes, postcards- anything!
4)allergies in house, no scents
5)lemon drops, starbursts, chocolate, cherry
8)none please
9)any kind of book!
10)no. Just TBR of books that I do not own
11) Litsy
#Cupidgoespostal #thisorthat #Cupidgoespostalthisorthat

Avanders 💘💘 2y
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Playing Cupid | Jenny Meyerhoff
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1 Ground coffee, green tea/rooibos, milk chocolate.
2 That it gives an extra impetus to show our affection
3 Bookmarks, totes, anything with great literary quotes on them
4 Fresh, springlike scents
5 ENORMOUS sweettooth, but chocolate > things like winegums
6 Fall colours & blues
7 Fuzzy
8 No thanks!
9 Used is fine! Softcover preferred
10 An (incomplete) list on my GoodReads
11 Here and on GoodReads
12 Getting a boxer puppy this year 🐶

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