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Maybe in Another Life: A Novel | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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This was a lovely and fast read. It is my third Jenkins Reid book and I will contine to check out her other ones. #books

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Maybe in Another Life: A Novel | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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1. Tagged book
2. The Way of all Flesh by Ambrose Parry
3. More NF books, less buying (if that is possible)

#weekendreads @rachelsbrittain

Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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lele1432 Wine 1mo
Clwojick Wineee 🍷 1mo
Karisa Never tried mulled wine... I'd guess I chose that one! 1mo
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Addison_Reads Wine 1mo
Shakespearience Mulled Wine 1mo
KatieDid927 Oh, but both are so good! I‘ll go with wine. 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Wine 1mo
AsYouWish Cider 1mo
CaitZ Cider 1mo
ads0123 Cider 1mo
Crimson613 never tried either! *flips coin* the wine it is 1mo
wanderinglynn Mulled wine 1mo
LapReader Wine. I love it. 1mo
AmyK1 Wine 1mo
RowReads1 Cider 1mo
Texreader Cider 1mo
Kdgordon88 Wine 1mo
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Part 2 #WGWouldYouRather #WinterGames #TeamFestivus

My answers:
1. Snowmobiling
2. TBR
3. Jack
4. Rink
5. Make
6. Write

Kdgordon88 Snowmobiling, TBR, Grinch, rink, gift cards, write 1mo
wanderinglynn Snowmobiling. TBR books. Grinch. Lake. Handmade. Write. 1mo
MidnightBookGirl 1. snowmobiling
2. Only TBR
3. Jack!
4. Rink, so I can cling to the wall.
5. Giftcards
6. Write!
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FantasyChick Snowmobiling. Only TBR. Jack!!. Lake. Gift cards. Star 1mo
Addison_Reads Ice fishing. TBR. Grinch. Lake. Handmade. Write. 1mo
ChasingOm Snowmobiling ❄️ TBR ❄️ Skellington ❄️ Lake ❄️ Handmade ❄️ Star in 1mo
AprilMae Snowmobiling, TBR, skellington, rink, gift cards, write 1mo
LibrarianRyan snowmobile
ads0123 Snowmobiling. TBR. Grinch. Rink. Gift cards. Star. 1mo
Readage Snowmobiling / TBR / Jack / Lake / Gift cards / Write (edited) 1mo
Linsy Snowmobiling 🛷 TBR 🛷 Grinch 🛷 Lake 🛷 Make 🛷 Write 1mo
Clwojick Snowmobiling, TBR, grinch, rink, DIY, star in. 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Fishing, TBR, grinch, rink, gift cards, star in 1mo
AmyK1 Snowmobiling. TBR. Jack. Rink. Gift cards. Write. 1mo
Crimson613 snowmobiling, tbr books, jack!! rink (to be safe LOL), giftcards, star 1mo
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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#WinterGames #TeamFestivus #WGWouldYouRather

My answers:
1. Non-fiction
2. Scary
3. Never receive books
4. Hang them on the tree
5. Garland
6. Animated

AmyK1 Non fiction. Cozy. No books. On Tree. Garland. After 2010. 1mo
Bookworm54 1) non fiction 2) cosy 3) never receive books for Xmas 4) on the tree 5) Garland 6) animated (I like Disney and studio ghibli anyway so I think there will be more choice for me!) 1mo
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Kdgordon88 Non-fiction, cozy, no books, tree, garland, after 2010 1mo
britt_reads Non-fiction, cozy, never receive books, on the tree, garland, after 2010 1mo
wanderinglynn Holiday. Cozy. Never receive books. Bowl. Tinsel. Animated. 1mo
AsYouWish Holiday, cozy, never receive books, neither, tinsel, animated 1mo
MidnightBookGirl 1. Holiday Books
2. Cozy (although I love scary too!)
3. Never receive books
4. On the tree!
5. Tinsel!
6. After 2010
FantasyChick Non fiction, scary, never receive, hang them, garland, animated 1mo
Addison_Reads Nonfiction. Scary. Not get books you want. tinsel. Animated 1mo
ChasingOm Holiday Books (esp if I can change the holiday!) ❄️ Cozy ❄️ Never receive ❄️ Tree ❄️ Garland ❄️ Animated 1mo
AprilMae Holiday, cozy, never receive, tree, garland, animated 1mo
ads0123 Holiday. Cozy. Never receive books. Bowl. Garland. Animated. 1mo
LibrarianRyan holiday
never revieve
bowl (too temping for the doggies)
Linsy Non-fiction 🍄 Cozy 🍄 Want 🍄 Bowl 🍄 Garland 🍄 2010 1mo
Clwojick Holiday, cozy, not the ones I want, on the tree. Garland, animated 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Nonfiction, cozy, never receive any, bowl, tinsel, animated 1mo
Crimson613 nonfiction, scary holiday stories, never receive books i want, tree, neither but if i had to pick...garland, ANIMATED! 1mo
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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tdrosebud Krampus
cwarnier Abominable snowman 1mo
wanderinglynn Abominable 1mo
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Karisa Abominable ☃️ 1mo
Kdgordon88 Abominable 1mo
AmyK1 Snowman 1mo
FantasyChick Krampus 1mo
Kimmypete1 Abominable snowman 1mo
AsYouWish Snowman 1mo
Cosyreader Abominable snowman 1mo
britt_reads Abominable snowman 1mo
Jadams1776 Abominable snowman 1mo
Linsy Krampus 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Abominable snowman 1mo
maich Snowman 1mo
teebe Snowman 1mo
TheQuietQuill Snowman 1mo
ads0123 Abominable snowman 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Krampus! 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Snowman 1mo
Addison_Reads Krampus 1mo
Clwojick Krampus 😂 1mo
Crimson613 krampus 1mo
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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tdrosebud Elf 1mo
cwarnier elf 1mo
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Kdgordon88 Elf 1mo
AmyK1 Elf 1mo
FantasyChick Elf 1mo
Kimmypete1 Elf 1mo
AsYouWish Elf 1mo
Cosyreader Nutcracker 1mo
britt_reads Elf 1mo
Jadams1776 Elf 1mo
Linsy Elf! 1mo
maich Elf 1mo
teebe Elf 1mo
ads0123 Elf 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Nutcracker- I mean, I'd be immortal, right? I could actually read all the books, because I wouldn't need sleep! 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Elf 1mo
Addison_Reads Nutcracker 1mo
Clwojick Elf 1mo
Crimson613 elf 1mo
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Addison_Reads David Bowie! 1mo
ads0123 David Bowie! 1mo
guinsgirlreads Bing Crosby 1mo
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teebe Honestly, neither but I suppose Bowie 1mo
britt_reads David Bowie 1mo
BarkingMadRun Bing Crosby 1mo
BookwormAHN Bowie 💙 1mo
TheDaysGoBy Bing Crosby 1mo
AnneCecilie Bowie 1mo
Linsy Bing! 1mo
DebbieGrillo Bing 1mo
Chrissyreadit Bing 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Bing. 1mo
FantasyChick David bowie 1mo
AmyK1 Bing 1mo
Sharpeipup Bing. 1mo
Kimmypete1 Bing 1mo
Allylu Crosby 1mo
ChasingOm Bowie 👩🏻‍🎤 1mo
TheQuietQuill Bowie definitely 1mo
Kdgordon88 Bowie, I‘ll take Bing‘s part on The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth. 1mo
cwarnier Crosby 1mo
lele1432 Bing Crosby 1mo
AsYouWish Bowie 1mo
LibrarianRyan bowie 1mo
Jadams1776 Bing 1mo
Cosyreader Bing 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Bowie! 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Bing 1mo
Clwojick Bing. 1mo
Readage Bowie 1mo
wanderinglynn @Readage You are more than welcome to answer these, but the game ended last night, so the questions are no long worth points. 1mo
Readage @wanderinglynn Of course!! I'm just having fun 😁 1mo
wanderinglynn @Readage Absolutely! 🙌🏻🎉⛄️💚 Go forth and have fun! There are a lot of really good questions. 👍🏻👍🏻 1mo
Readage @wanderinglynn I missed several!! 1mo
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Addison_Reads Rainy New Year's. Rain I'm used to, but I've never had a White Christmas. 1mo
ads0123 Rainy New Years 1mo
guinsgirlreads Rainy New Years 1mo
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teebe Rainy New Years 1mo
britt_reads Rainy New Years 1mo
AnneCecilie Rainy New Years 1mo
Linsy ☔️ 1mo
DebbieGrillo Rainy 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Rainy. 1mo
FantasyChick Rainy new year's 1mo
AmyK1 Never white Christmas 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Rainy New Years 1mo
Kimmypete1 Rainy new years 1mo
Allylu Rainy New Year‘s - it‘s overrated 1mo
EliNeedsMoreShelves Rainy NYE 1mo
ChasingOm Rainy NYE — I like staying home anyways! 1mo
TheQuietQuill Rainy new years 1mo
Kdgordon88 Rainy New Year‘s 1mo
lele1432 Rainy New Year's 1mo
cwarnier Rainy New Year 1mo
AsYouWish Rainy 1mo
LibrarianRyan rainy 1mo
Jadams1776 Rainy new year 1mo
Cosyreader Rainy new year 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Rainy New Years! 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Rainy new year 1mo
Clwojick Never have a White xmas
Readage Rainy NYE 1mo
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Addison_Reads Miracle on 34th Street 1mo
ads0123 Miracle on 34th st 1mo
teebe Miracle on 34th Street 1mo
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britt_reads Miracle on 34th Street 1mo
rather_be_reading wonderful life 1mo
AnneCecilie Miracle on 34th Street 1mo
Linsy It‘s A Wonderful Life 1mo
DebbieGrillo It's a wonderful life 1mo
Chrissyreadit Miracle 1mo
TheAromaofBooks 34th Street 1mo
FantasyChick 34th street 1mo
AmyK1 34th Street 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Miracle on 34th 1mo
Kimmypete1 Wonderful life. 1mo
Allylu Miracle on 34th Street 1mo
EliNeedsMoreShelves Miracle on 34th 1mo
ChasingOm So — I‘ve never seen Miracle. 😬 I‘m gonna have to go with It‘s a Wonderful Life. 1mo
TheQuietQuill Wonderful life 1mo
Kdgordon88 Miracle 1mo
cwarnier Wonderful LIfe 1mo
AsYouWish Wonderful Life 1mo
LibrarianRyan 34th 1mo
Jadams1776 Wonderful life 1mo
Cosyreader Wonderful life 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Wonderful Life! 1mo
JenlovesJT47 It‘s a Wonderful Life! 1mo
Clwojick wonderful life. 1mo
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