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Ducks, Newburyport | Lucy Ellmann
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Starting this one! 🦆🤓

Cinfhen Quite the #chunkster!!! You better get “quackin”🦆🦆🦆 2mo
Nebklvr Wow 2mo
Nebklvr @Cinfhen 😂 2mo
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Simona 👍My second favorite book in this year, so far 😁 2mo
rajithr Bravo 👍 2mo
Abailliekaras @Cinfhen yes! And now I want to read The Testaments immediately as well. ;) #bookdilemmas 2mo
Abailliekaras @simona that‘s a big call, but I‘m loving it so far too! I have to ask - what was your top favourite? 2mo
Simona From the longlist - Ducks is my absolute winner, I really liked also Girl, Woman, Other and The Man Who Saw Everything. I‘m currently reading Testaments ... so everything can change 😘 2mo
Abailliekaras @simona me too - trying to juggle both! A nice problem to have 😉 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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When you have so many books on your TBR section, how do you choose!? #bookdilemmas

The Dry | Jane Harper
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Only 70 pages to go... want to get to the end but also don't want to get to the end... know what I mean???? #bookdilemmas Considering it's an over 90 degree day here... it's an appropriate book to be reading.

Reviewsbylola I'm not very far into my current read but feeling the same way! 3y
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Exit West: A Novel | Mohsin Hamid
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It's been a yucky week and a yucky day so I treated myself to two new audiobooks. ✨ Gonna dive into one of them tonight but I can't decide whose sexy voice I'd rather listen to. #bookdilemmas 🎧🎶

vivastory Are you in the path of the approaching blizzard? 3y
BookishFeminist @vivastory Yes! But it won't be a blizzard for us by the time it gets here thankfully. Please stay safe! 3y
vivastory @BookishFeminist I don't have to worry about any blizzards, just tornadoes. 3y
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BookishFeminist @vivastory Still scary!! The first time I was in the Midwest the tornado siren tests scared the bejeezus out of me. 😂 we still get tornadoes here bc DC weather patterns are nuts, but not often thankfully (edited) 3y
vivastory @BookishFeminist I always found the reaction people in Minnesota have to rain to be pretty humorous. Snow won't faze them but if it rains, they expect everything to be shut down. I was never too worried about tornadoes until Joplin was destroyed by them in 2011. 3y
TheBookStacker My copy of Norse Mythology comes on Tuesday! Can't wait! 3y
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