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Klotsvog | Margarita Khemlin
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Finished Dracula & really enjoyed it! Dense & atmospheric.

Started A Lost Lady for the #catherbuddyread & continued on with King Lear for #ShakespeareReadAlong


To continue with both the Cather & Shakespeare, & to start In Cold Blood for the low-key buddy read with @merelybookish @readordierachel @Texreader (sorry if I missed anyone!)

Will try to start a Net Galley ARC, the tagged book, *if* I can 🤞🏽 @Cinfhen

BarbaraBB Such great reads! 4d
Cathythoughts Great books ! Look forward to your thoughts on In Cold Blood ... I‘m hoping to read too ( for the 3d time ) 4d
Cinfhen I‘m also hoping to add one ARC a week 🤞🏼glad you enjoyed Dracula 🧛‍♂️ that was a great idea @erzascarletbookgasm xx 4d
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batsy @BarbaraBB All thanks to Litsy group reads 😁 4d
batsy @Cathythoughts 3rd time! That speaks very highly of it. I'm excited to start. Join us! 🎉 4d
batsy @Cinfhen @erzascarletbookgasm Fabulous idea! So glad that I finally got around to it. 4d
erzascarletbookgasm @cinfhen @batsy Yes I‘m so glad to read it with two amazing Littens! 💕 4d
Freespirit Love Dracula ❤️ 4d
DGRachel That‘s an amazing cover for Dracula! 😂 4d
batsy @Freespirit A fun read for sure 👍🏽 4d
batsy @DGRachel Really eye-catching! 😆 4d
readordierachel Loving that edition of In Cold Blood! 2d
batsy @readordierachel I was so happy to find it at the discount bookstore! 1d
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Everything Is Illuminated | Jonathan Safran Foer
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Another to read before 2019 ends.


Serhii Plokhy is Professor of History at Harvard University and a specialist in Eastern Europe. In this by turns horrifying, moving and meticulously researched book (winner of the Baillie Gifford Prize in 2018 for non-fiction), he depicts the events surrounding the explosion of the No 4 reactor at Chernobyl on 26 April 1986 and the cover up and clear up that followed and explains how it contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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So I know I‘m not on here a lot anymore and I‘m sorry for that. Just an update on my life: yesterday I had to have all my bottom teeth removed due to a side effect of a med I took for a misdiagnosis of epilepsy. @Lynnsoprano has been amazing in taking care of me. So for now, I‘m cozy in bed with my books and LOTR. I‘m handling this better than I expected 💖

Ottergirl Big hugs. Sounds like you‘re going through some stuff x 1mo
DaveGreen7777 Sorry you‘re going through all that! 😔 Hope you feel much better soon! 1mo
cobwebmoth Sending healing thoughts and hugs. 1mo
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llwheeler Hope you feel better soon! 1mo
Beatlefan129 Take good care of yourself! 1mo
LeahBergen Sending ❤️❤️❤️! 1mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff That sounds awful! Hope you feel better soon! ❤️❤️ (edited) 1mo
MicheleinPhilly YIKES! Take care! ❤️ 1mo
BookNAround That sounds miserable but I‘m so glad your mom is taking good care of you. Hope you heal quickly. 1mo
Librarybelle Hope you feel better soon! 1mo
kspenmoll I am so sorry. Sounds miserable, take care!❤️ 3w
MrBook 😩🥺 *biiiiig hug* 3w
Librariana So very sorry you've had to go through something so painful 🥺 Wishing you swift recovery and sending lots of healing thoughts your way 💗 2w
BethM Thinking of you. 2w
rubyslippersreads Sending good thoughts. ❤️ 2w
ChasingOm Thinking about you today! 1w
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Everything Is Illuminated | Jonathan Safran Foer
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#103 Well I wasn‘t going to start a new book till tomorrow but I have 30 min of waiting to do so here we are!

writerlibrarian I like that book. The soundtrack of the movie is also very good. 1mo
Caffeinated_Reader @writerlibrarian oh cool! Did not know there was a movie. Thanks for the tip off! So far I really like it and am so glad I picked this one to read. 1mo
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Caffeinated_Reader @writerlibrarian omg thank you!!!!!!!!! You‘re the best💜💜💜 1mo
writerlibrarian @Caffeinated_Reader i was able to hear the beat of Alex's voice because of the music. 1mo
Caffeinated_Reader @writerlibrarian that‘s such a spectacular sell. I am so much more excited now :)) 1mo
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Initially picked this up because it‘s on the #1001Books list. I might not have otherwise but glad I did! It seems deceptively simple— a dark comedy about a younger woman bamboozling an elderly man into marriage, and his two adult daughters try to step in. But also looks at issues such as elder abuse, immigrants wanting better lives at any cost, and family dynamics that feel familiar to many. Quite a book. Great #buddyread w/ @Lynnsoprano .

Lynnsoprano Glad we could keep the tradition going! I love the apples, but Toshiba apples didn‘t sound too appetizing 😂 We still need to do our Ukrainian cooking. 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano in my case they‘d have to be called Kenmore apples 😂. Perhaps with some sugar and cinnamon they‘d be better? I‘ve started looking up Ukrainian recipes and trying to find something that doesn‘t involve an assembly line 😊 2mo
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This made me chuckle...but also reminded me one reason why I haven‘t finished War and Peace (So many names!) 😆.

This novel was really good. Review coming soon!

Lynnsoprano At least you started War and Peace. I‘ve never worked up the nerve 😂 2mo
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How to describe this book? Comic, but with dark undertones. Delightfully drawn characters. A study in family dynamics, and how family history varies by who is telling the tale. Relevant in light of current immigration discussions. Absolutely fascinating. Hard to put down. I can‘t wait to see @ValerieAndBooks review of our #buddyread. No pictures of Ukraine or tractors, but since most of the book is set in England, some English countryside.

kspenmoll Wonderful review & beautiful photo! 2mo
ValerieAndBooks This is a pick from me too! I‘ll review soon. This was a faster read than I expected. 2mo
ValerieAndBooks And, yes, it‘s a good example of how different lives and perspectives can be between siblings such as these two sisters, one growing up in war times and the other not. I‘ll add more to this in a spoiler below 2mo
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ValerieAndBooks It made me think that Stanislav and his baby sister would go through differing perspectives as well. I certainly hope Valentina would improve as a person and parent. It left me thinking there should be a sequel. I see the author has written additional novels, will have to look into them. 2mo
Lynnsoprano @ValerieAndBooks I feel the same about a sequel. I‘m definitely going to investigate her other books. (edited) 2mo
Dragon I enjoyed this one 😀🐉 2mo
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“...in her new three-roomed concrete-built apartment on the other side of the city.”

This brings back so many memories. When we lived in Prague, we were on the 6th floor of a Communist era concrete high rise, with an elevator that worked maybe 50% of the time. The kids shared a bedroom with twin beds head to foot. And when the person who ran the boiler went on holiday, we had no hot water. I can relate. #buddyread

ValerieAndBooks Wow, what year(s) did you live there? I wonder if it‘s still standing. The hot water unpredictablity must have been frustrating! 2mo
Lynnsoprano @ValerieAndBooks It was 1993. We were back in 2001, and it was still there. Our son tried to find it about five years ago when he was there, but got confused coming out of the metro station. Even in 2001 it looked different. The area was much nicer. And fortunately, it was only one week that we were without hot water 😄 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Glad it was only one week without hot water 😅. I‘m already almost done! I haven‘t been able to put this down. 2mo
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Lynnsoprano @ValerieAndBooks I‘ve purposely put it down a couple times because I‘m going so fast. What a compelling story! I was laughing this afternoon at the men and the cars😂 2mo
muscogulus Really enjoyed this book, which never seemed to get much traction (no pun intended) here in the US. Reviewed it for LibraryThing: ‪ https://www.librarything.com/work/book/30243016 2mo
Lynnsoprano @muscogulus Interesting point. The reason I own this is because I was in a bookstore in Cambridge while visiting friends in England. My friend had read it and recommended it. I had never heard of it to that point. 2mo
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Nobody else would think it‘s cool, but by South Florida standards we have a bit of a break in the heat and humidity. Taking advantage after a crazy morning of running errands to bring my #buddyread out to the patio. @ValerieAndBooks I am laughing at the insults and names Valentina keeps coming up with. And I hear it in an Eastern European accent in my head. It‘s taking me back to listening to Czech friends speak English.

Crazeedi I love it when I'm reading books from other countries and hear them speaking with their accents, it's the best! ❤ have a lovely day! 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Yes! Such as “crap car”, my favorite so far 😂 2mo
ValerieAndBooks And I am not one to swear, but it just strikes me as funny. 2mo
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