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The House of Broken Angels | Luis Alberto Urrea
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I love following Luis and his wife on Twitter, and I have enjoyed his books, both nonfiction and novels. I was bummed this was not in at the library while the #ToB2019 was going on. 🧐 But cool cool, I can‘t read every book on time, I guess. (FOMO is so real with books tho, which is why I had to institute an alternating-month-owned-book-not-library-books-TBR-pile rule😂.) ANYWAY, here we go!

BarbaraBB It‘s worth the wait and it should have won the ToB! 9mo
suzisteffen @BarbaraBB oooooh!!! Do you remember what book it lost to in the tourney? 9mo
BarbaraBB Yes, to a book I didn‘t like at all: 9mo
suzisteffen @BarbaraBB Oooh I haven‘t read that one yet either, though I‘ve heard a lot about it. So much to catch up on! 9mo
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Milkman | Anna Burns
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I am rereading by listening my favorite #tob2019 #tob book. So GOOD. Loving this repeat experience enhanced. #companionread #SayNothing

RaimeyGallant My fave too. 9mo
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🐓🐓🐓 She did it! A great outcome of my favorite Tournament. Thanks for sharing your favorites and frustrations! #ToB2019

Suet624 Oh! I didn‘t check today‘s result! Now I‘ll have to find this book. 😁 11mo
merelybookish Yay! And a decisive victory too! (I feel vindicated as many of the judges expressed my own feelings about Warlight, including "why are considering it for this prize?!" ?) 11mo
Ruthiella Yay 😁! I liked both finalists but am pleased MStSK takes the rooster 🐔. I love it when a zombie succeeds. 11mo
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Megabooks Definitely a fantastic book! 11mo
Blaire About to start this one! 11mo
Rachel_nyc So excited about the result and I loved Braithwaite‘s comments about her win. 11mo
Redwritinghood Interesting and exciting result. Not my favorite, but not a bad choice, either. 11mo
Zelma Yes! Sisters for the win! And am very satisfied by the finale after feeling a bit meh on the other books in contention. Already excited the Rooster of Champions. 😃 11mo
BkClubCare WOOT!!!! 11mo
thebluestocking I‘m super pleased at the result, if not the path. Thank you for hosting a cozy Litsy spot for #ToB discussion. ❤️ 11mo
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The Italian Teacher | Tom Rachman
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Another that didn‘t last long in the #ToB2019, but I‘m gonna read it anyway, hopefully before it‘s due back at the library or before my self-imposed Library Month comes to an end in three days ...

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I really liked this one. It is not my favorite of the #ToB2019 shortlist but since my favorites are out and only only mediocre books are left, I‘m voting for it with all my power 😉👊. First obstacle is highly overrated Mars Room (All nuance is gone in this phase of the Tournament 😂😂). Go, Sister!

Cinfhen This has been a very interesting rooster!!! I‘m shocked🙄and I agree, Go Sister!!! 11mo
batsy *clears throat, having read none of the books* 😂 I'm rooting for Sister on the basis that I want to read if more than the Mars Room, lol. This ToB is weird in that the books I'm least interested in seem to be progressing 😬 11mo
Rachel_nyc It really appeared to be going the other way so I was very excited to scroll down and see that MStSK made it through! This book has stuck with me and I feel like I‘ve gotten as much out of it by dissecting it after the fact as I did while reading. I am really looking forward to hearing what the judges have to say about it tomorrow and 🤞🏻 it takes down the also overrated Warlight! 11mo
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merelybookish My faith in the TOB has been restored! Sister FTW!! 11mo
Zelma Yeeeeesssssss! These were the only two I finished and I‘m happier with this outcome. I just never felt like The Mars Room did anything unique whereas Sister was new and fresh and interesting. Glad to be wrong in my prediction. Though I really wanted There, There in final, not Warlight. 11mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @batsy @Rachel_nyc @merelybookish @Zelma Justice done, finally! So excited Sister made her way back into the Tournament. Fingers crossed for tomorrow 🐓 11mo
Cinfhen I hope Warlight doesn‘t win 🙏🏻 Sister was wild & wonderful 11mo
merelybookish @Zelma There There vs. My Sister would have been an excellent final! 11mo
Zelma @merelybookish it certainly would hav been more interesting than this final. I just don‘t care about Warlight. 11mo
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This was a five-star book right up until it lost momentum around 3/4 of the way through, & then I‘d call it a four, so, like, 4.5 ⭐️. Disagreed about almost everything the reviewer for #ToB2019 said about this layered, deeply sad, loving, messily & barely hopeful novel. Major queer rep all the way through, btw. And, well, a lot more (if quietly) about the US‘ responsibilities and horrors in the Philippines. #Pinoy #Filipina 🏳️‍🌈💪🏽

batsy Great review. And I disagreed with the ToB reviewer, as well! 11mo
suzisteffen * a lot more than I have read about before, including in the excellent 11mo
suzisteffen @batsy As a critic, I try never to say “DID WE READ THE SAME BOOK” because obviously, each person‘s experience with a book is separate, and in short, no, but MY GOODNESS, I was confused by her take on this book. Also, I REALLY need to read a lot more #PinoyLit. 11mo
suzisteffen Gosh, I keep thinking about this book, class, and colonialism. There‘s a scene in a restaurant that is incredibly revealing - about Spain - but I don‘t want to say too much. HOWEVER, it‘s utterly clear and subtle at the same time, and the author NEVER refers to it again. But I can‘t stop thinking about it, so I guess it worked! 11mo
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
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After yesterday‘s disappointment (my favorite kicked out of the #ToB2019) I am now voting for the two Zombie reads, which I like much better than both finalists. So here‘s to Tommy Orange 🤞

mklong I think Tommy Orange will take it today. I liked Warlight, but I‘m surprised it has gone this far. It just doesn‘t feel like a ToB book to me. 11mo
BarbaraBB @mklong I‘ve been thinking that since the longlist but somehow we seem to be the minority! 11mo
BarbaraBB Oh no... 11mo
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merelybookish 💩🤬💩🤬💩 This is so disappointing! Warlight is mediocre at best. 11mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish It can‘t be Warlight against Mars Room in the finals. Sister must win tomorrow! 11mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB Yes! Sister all the way! I don't remember ever feeling like the tournament got it so wrong before. Some books have won that I didn't love but I understood why. But this year feels misguided. 11mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish I feel like they started out well but now we‘re stuck with two ordinary books, nothing special or outstanding about them. So let it be Sister! 11mo
BkClubCare #TeamSister!! Please 11mo
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Oscar & Esther share my excitement to begin the book as soon as I read There There (by tomorrow‘s #TOB2019
#dogsoflitsy #bookmail #thanksMom

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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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For me it‘s so obvious. I have been wondering why The Mars Room was shortlisted in the first place. But I know it‘s just me and judges have their own way of thinking. Be wise today, judge. The House of Broken Angels has it all 💜 #ToB2019

Suet624 I agree. 11mo
Zelma the Mars Room was fine but not great. Which of course means it will win today (as my predictions keep being wrong). 😆 11mo
Rachel_nyc This one really hurt! The Mars Room was fine but nothing special and provided no insight into the prison system that watching Orange is the New Black didn‘t cover in season 1. Really pulling for MStSK to take it down and win the whole thing. 11mo
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merelybookish Wow! Another upset! I'd be happy if either zombie won. And will feel disappointed if either Warlight or Mars Room wins the Rooster! 11mo
BarbaraBB @Suet624 @Zelma @Rachel_nyc @merelybookish Ouch, this really hurts. Seeing the Angels lose from the book that (thank you Rachel!) added so little to the first season of Orange is the New Black. My votes are going to both zombies now too! (edited) 11mo
Suet624 @Zelma nice work on predicting the winner today. 😂😂 11mo
Megabooks Ugh. The Mars Room. So mediocre, so forgettable. 11mo
BarbaraBB @Megabooks My thoughts exactly! 11mo
Zelma @Suet624 snort. I really need to do a bracket based on what I thought was ok. It would probably do well most years. @BarbaraBB I will be really disappointed if MR takes the tournament. I agree with all of the Orange is the New Black assessments. 11mo
BarbaraBB @Zelma @Suet624 And today another bummer. Warlight kicked There There out of the Tournament. Another mwa read in my opinion. 11mo
Zelma @BarbaraBB ugh! No! 11mo
Zelma @BarbaraBB @Suet624 @merelybookish @Rachel_nyc I‘m now predicting a finale of Warlight vs. The Mars Room, with The Mars Room winning. Meh. 11mo
Rachel_nyc @Zelma So bummed about the decisions these last two days. Counting on MStSK more than ever though my expectations are low that it will defy the odds. 11mo
BkClubCare @Zelma - I so hope not! I can‘t believe that I might have to say “I haven‘t read the Final books.” No!! 11mo
BarbaraBB @Zelma You‘ve been right a lot this ToB, haven‘t you? I so hope this prediction is wrong. It can‘t be The Mars Room in this lovely, unconventional Tournament, please! @BkClubCare @Rachel_nyc (edited) 11mo
Zelma @BarbaraBB and I only read 2.5 books this year! Total guesswork in my part. 11mo
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Warlight: A novel | Michael Ondaatje
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We‘ve reached the semifinals of the #ToB2019. Now that Dictionary made it this far in the Tournament I hope that it will make it to the Zombie round as well. For me personally Warlight has had its momentum and may leave. Although I remember the wonderful review the last judge wrote about it... let‘s see what happens!

Zelma I am really looking forward to these semifinals! 😃 Dictionary feels like another Fever Dream. (edited) 11mo
BarbaraBB @Zelma I agree. And I just read that Ondaatje has won. Too bad.. 😌 11mo
merelybookish The only books I still care about are the two zombie picks. I don't feel either of these books should have gone this far. 11mo
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Ruthiella I‘m OK with this judgement. I think these two books were actually well matched in that they are both poetic...sort of style over plot. Normally I am all about plot but Ondaatje‘s prose really appeals to me.😀 (edited) 11mo
Rachel_nyc I‘m disappointed in this result but not nearly as distraught I will be if the Angels don‘t make it through tomorrow! 11mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish I agree. And also about the zombies. My favorite is still in though too (Angels) 11mo
BarbaraBB @Rachel_nyc Yeah me too. All my hope is on angels. 11mo
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