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Library Book | Susan Orlean
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I did my first display at the library today! Inspired by #readthemoviesswap. Thanks Littens!!
#librariansoflitsy #aussielittens #aussiesrule

Freespirit Wow great choices @ReadingDownUnder ! 5y
BookwormDownUnder @Freespirit Is it wrong to hope no one takes one out?!? They‘ll ruin the display! Can always fill with Harry Potter, I guess. 5y
Freespirit No..I would feel the same...another good one is The Martian😊 5y
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The Dressmaker | Rosalie Ham
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Wow @LapReader what a lovely array of gifts, thank you so much. I love it all. You've certainly chosen some very different books and movies - I have seen The Dressmaker, but I haven't read the book and I haven't seen The Kite Runner or read any of the other books. I'm feeling very spoiled. #Readthemoviesswap

LapReader Yay! I included the receipt so you can swap it for another movie. Thanks for your patience. I‘m loving your comments and #LMPBC pick xo 5y
CarolynM @LapReader No problem - I think you had your priorities right. I don't want to swap the movie because I'll need to watch it again after reading it🙂 Glad you're enjoying the #LMPBC book - there's a lot in it to react to! 5y
Caroline2 I loved The Dressmaker film! 😍 5y
DoonTheGoon Hooray!!! 📽🎬🍿😁 5y
Centique Oh my goodness what a haul! Kite Runner made me cry 😥 So did the movie The Dressmaker though! 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hey there #ReadTheMoviesSwap participants!

Many of you have recieved your packages and posted your goodies - but there's a few of you (according to my records) who haven't recieved anything yet. If I've spoken to you about it recently, please ignore... but I'd love a check in!

If you don't receive soon I'll reveal matches so that communication can open between you (tracking #s, etc...)

@bullbunny @CarolynM @Joy0201 @Julie548

bullbunny As soon as it gets here I will post it 5y
CarolynM My match has been in touch with me to explain her situation. I'm fine with where we are at. I'll let you know when my parcel arrives🙂 5y
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DoonTheGoon @CarolynM Perfect thank you! 5y
bullbunny I don't know what to say, maybe it will show up this week.. *lip bite 5y
DoonTheGoon @bullbunny It should be!!! Your match said she was going to send by Wednesday of last week at the latest! 5y
bullbunny Okay I will keep my eyes open! 5y
DoonTheGoon @bullbunny Sorry about the delay. :( 5y
bullbunny No it's okay, things happen 5y
bullbunny So update, as of today nothing.. but hey there's tomorrow and Saturday still 😅 5y
DoonTheGoon @bullbunny Oh gosh. 😕 Would you like me to email the both of you so that you can connect/get tracking/communicate directly? This isn't fair to you... 5y
bullbunny @DoonTheGoon I just hope it wasn't jacked when I wasn't looking, my post lady can be so lazy. I don't know what to do, *scratches head 5y
DoonTheGoon @bullbunny Well... your person told me they'd give me tracking info when they shipped it - but I haven't heard anything yet... so it might not be in the mail. >_ 5y
bullbunny @DoonTheGoon aww.. okay thank you .. 5y
DoonTheGoon @bullbunny I've just emailed your match and you so that there will now be direct communication. I am so sorry for this delay. 😣 5y
bullbunny @DoonTheGoon I did get the email, let's hope for a reply ^^ 5y
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Memoirs of a Geisha | Arthur Golden
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I feel so spoiled! What wonderful gifts, thank you so much @MeganAnn I remember reading Memoirs of a Geisha years ago, but I don't remember much beyond loving it so I'm excited to have my own copy to revisit! And I've never seen the movie, can't wait to watch it. Blood and Chocolate is one I've never heard of, but I love a good fantasy and it sounds perfect for my next solo movie night. Delightfully cozy socks, a scarf I'll be wearing EVERYWHERE👇

TheKidUpstairs And yummy yummy chocolatey goodness. I love everything 😁 I absolutely love swaps where people go off TBR and send the things they love, so thank you for sending a little bit of yourself. And thank you to @DoonTheGoon for organizing an awesome #ReadtheMoviesSwap 😗 5y
DoonTheGoon Yay! 🎥🍿🎬 5y
MeganAnn @TheKidUpstairs yay! I‘m so happy you like everything! I was a little afraid you would have already seen or read these since I didn‘t pick them from your TBR so I‘m extra happy you love them. I had so much fun shopping for you! 😁❤️ whenever you get around to reading/watching Blood & Chocolate I‘d love to hear your thoughts! 5y
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Great Movies | Roger Ebert
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I may not have RUN to the post office this morning to pick up @MeganAnn 's package, but I did walk really fast 😂

How beautiful is this wrapping?!?! Digging in now, so excited!

#ReadtheMoviesSwap @DoonTheGoon

Gone with the Wind | Margaret Mitchell, Pat Conroy
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Opened my #readthemoviesswap box this morning and it‘s amazing! Gone with the Wind which I‘ve been meaning to read ever since I saw the movie in high school but have never quite gotten around to. Snacks, tea which sounds delicious, bookmarks (❤️ the handmade one!) a pretty tote and Southern recipes to make it a themed movie night. Such a cool idea! Song of Achilles is perfect since I‘m reading Circe right now. @TheKidUpstairs thank you so much!

MeganAnn @DoonTheGoon thank you for organizing! This was such a fun theme ❤️🎥📚 5y
TheKidUpstairs Yay! I'm soo glad you like everything, I had a lot of fun putting it together for you (I had to keep fighting my kids away from the goldfish and starburst!). 5y
MeganAnn @TheKidUpstairs 😂 sounds about right! My son is off to school so he hasn‘t seen them yet, but I guarantee he‘s going to want them and the smarties too! I hope you like your box just as much 🤞🏻 5y
DoonTheGoon Hooray! 🍿🎥🎬 5y
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Killing For Company | Brian Masters
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#ReadTheMoviesSwap Thank you @Lel2403 for my package I do truly love it 💝 I hope you kick cancers backside!
Thanks for organising @DoonTheGoon 🤟

Lel2403 @kaysworld1 I‘m so glad, I knew you liked monsters and Denis Nielsen is definitely one of those....and Thankyou....x 5y
kaysworld1 @Lel2403 I do love monsters. My favourite one is Frankenstein closely followed by Juggernaut, the joke is which one is going to be my second husband lol 5y
DoonTheGoon Yay! 🎥🎬🍿 5y
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kaysworld1 @Lel2403 Hey you I have finished a book thats on your list I'm sending it over for you, hope you like it. Merry Christmas ☃️💝 5y
Lel2403 @kaysworld1 thank you so much. I‘m having surgery tomorrow so that will help pass the time while I recover ❤️❤️ 5y
kaysworld1 @Lel2403 I hope you recover with no problems 💝 5y
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Mr. Mercedes: A Novel | Stephen King
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@kaysworld1 thank you so much for the lovely parcel and your sweet note. I haven‘t read either of the Stephen King books so that‘s perfect. I‘m about to have some surgery, radiotherapy and then more chemo, so this will help keep me occupied. Thank you again. Hi hope you enjoy my ‘swap‘ too. Oh and Bez loves the toys he‘s running around now with one.

@DoonTheGoon thank you for arranging this great swap. #readthemoviesswap

kaysworld1 Yer I love your box I was just waiting till you got yours, I stalked your the list and Goodreads to make sure I got the right books. ♥️ 5y
DoonTheGoon Hooray! 🍿🎬🎥 5y
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The Shining | Stephen King
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thanks SO much @jillannjohn i love ❤️ everything! the Shining book bag is especially awesome :) can‘t wait to watch and read! thanks for swapping 😍 (it did arrive yesterday but i had to work last night) #ReadTheMoviesSwap

DoonTheGoon So good but so sad - have those tissues handy!!! 🎥🎬🍿 5y
Lel2403 Looks great 5y
jillannjohn I‘m glad you like everything. Enjoy! 5y
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Q and A | Vikas Swarup
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Thank you for the fun gifts @Sharpeipup ! I have seen Slumdog Millionaire a long time ago but I had no idea it was based on a book! And the tea and candy bars are so creative

DoonTheGoon Yay! 🍿🎬🎥😀 5y
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