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Never Tell | Lisa Gardner
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New to the Detective D D Warren Series this year.
#YouNeverCanTell #MayMovieMagic

rohit-sawant Interesting! 1mo
TrishB One of my all time fav series! 1mo
Andrew65 @TrishB Hope things go well and smoothly as possible for you tomorrow. Sending best thoughts. Stay strong. 😊 1mo
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Andrew65 @TrishB Only Read one book by her, need to try more. 1mo
Andrew65 @TrishB Just checked, the one I Read was in the FBI Profiler Series. 1mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I've read Gone, Hide and The Perfect Husband. I think I ROOed! lol (edited) 1mo
Andrew65 @EadieB You ROO!!!! 😳 The Perfect Husband was the one I read. 1mo
TrishB 🙏 thank you. 🤞🏻 1mo
TrishB The D D Warren series is amazing! 1mo
EadieB @TrishB Would have to agree! I think Lisa Gardner is an awesome author! 1mo
TrishB @EadieB agreed- never let me down yet. 1mo
Andrew65 @TrishB Will need to add it to my list. Shhhhhhh! Don‘t tell @Cinfhen 😂 1mo
Cinfhen Of course you 3 are having a lovely conversation @EadieB @TrishB @Andrew65 #MySeriesSquad ❣️❣️❣️ 1mo
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White Night | Jim Butcher
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This is probably the longest series I've read, and Jim Butcher still keeps dishing them out (#15 now?). This is book #9 and wow, the action towards the end was intense! I loved seeing Harry's old friends and new friends come together. It's not easy to sustain a series this long, but so far, every installment has been better than the last. 👌🏼

#Booked2019 #nightorientedtitle
#LitsyAtoZ letter W

Cinfhen You know why I‘m tagging ya‘ll @Andrew65 @TrishB @EadieB #MySeriesSquad ❣️❣️❣️ 1mo
TrishB @Cinfhen I got number one in a Litsy swap but it just hasn‘t winked at me yet 😁 but it‘s there when I‘m ready! Interested to see if my series squad have read! 1mo
Andrew65 @TrishB As you‘d expect I‘ve read some of the series. 😂 But in this case only the first one, not progressed it yet! 🤷‍♂️ @Cinfhen @EadieB (edited) 1mo
Jovy @cinfhen @trishb @andrew65 @EadieB I read one installment a year 😂 Butcher (and Dresden) has come a long way since book one, for sure! 1mo
EadieB @Jovy I‘ll have to give it a try as I‘m not much interested in fantasy. @Cinfhen @Andrew65 @TrishB (edited) 1mo
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