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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Ch.9-10: Her cousin is a character. Way to hold each other up ladies. Now, we don‘t know how Jane really is - maybe she‘s a not-so-nice person? She obviously has a different sense of propriety - frolicking around with a servant - and she got mad at Edgeworth for spilling tea…which was memorable enough for him to bring it up again. Plus her relationship with her mother…that woman is downright scary! Watch out Courtney!

DebinHawaii Her mother! 😱😱😱 17h
Jemgirl2014 Ooh! Look at that Poppy Parker doll. 😍 17h
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KadaGul @ StayCurious I was super excited 🤩about Confessions.. it was a book 📖 I picked for #ExtremeNerdChallenge, Poplar Creek Library Year Long Reading Challenge. For me It started good and then it started to flat line and became epically painful to finish. I was too invested in it to BAIL 🪂On it. (edited) 16h
CatLass007 Jane‘s mother is not even an evil stepmother, she‘s an evil mother and everything else. 16h
BarkingMadRead When Jane started creeping in on Courtney, it made me wonder about that guy 16h
CatLass007 I don‘t really get the sense that Jane was frolicking around with a servant. I think she may just have been kind and it was something totally new from the way other people treated him. His sister has been treated well by Courtney, even though she held C down for the quack doctor to bleed. 16h
vonnie862 Wow, Jane's mother is something! Also, it's interesting that Courtney was able to remember one of Jane's memories. Is this muscle memory as well? 12h
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Miss Austen | Gill Hornby
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NEW Jane Austen mini series alert!!!
It‘s based off of the tagged book 📕


Cuilin Thanks 🙏 1d
Crinoline_Laphroaig So excited! 23h
LeahBergen I‘m looking forward to this one! 22h
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jlhammar Exciting! I so enjoyed the book. 15h
CrowCAH @Cuilin glad to share the news! 14h
CrowCAH @Crinoline_Laphroaig @LeahBergen @jlhammar I haven‘t read the book, but I will watch this. Sounds entertaining and may give some insight into a possible scenario for Cassandra burning the letters. 14h
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Ch. 7-8: Courtney finally starts to realize that she‘s not in fact dreaming. That what she‘s experiencing is real. What follows is a dizzying array of theories which remind me why I don‘t often engage in time travel stories or outer body experiences. She does make an interesting point when she wonders where Jane‘s spirit is, and whether she‘s living Courtney‘s life in LA. Is this like a Quantum Leap type thing?

Graciouswarriorprincess That is interesting. Like the series “Lost in Austen” which is one of my favorites! 2d
CatLass007 That‘s what I said! Quantum Leap. Sam Beckett could only leap into someone from his own lifetime except for once when he Leaped into an ancestor during the War Between the States. 2d
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CatLass007 @Graciouswarriorprincess I just looked and Lost in Austen isn‘t available in audio format. Does that mean I‘d have to read an actual book?😱🤣 2d
IndoorDame @Graciouswarriorprincess so far it totally reminds me of that series! I don‘t think there‘s actually a connection, but I had to watch the series last year when I saw that Hugh Bonneville was in it. 2d
Graciouswarriorprincess @CatLass007 It was a book but it is also a British show. Four parts and the same concept here. Modern day girl switches places with Lizzie. So fun with the twists! 2d
CatLass007 @Graciouswarriorprincess Oooh. I just looked and it‘s a television series not a book series. Cool. And it‘s on BritBox, which I have. Yay! 2d
Graciouswarriorprincess @CatLass007 Hurray!! I hope that you enjoy it. Lost in Austen is also a book where you create your own Jane Austen Adventure. 2d
CatLass007 @Graciouswarriorprincess I‘m a little annoyed with Prime Video. I just discovered that the first season is on FreeVee and has commercials. I‘m kind of a streaming snob. If I pay to have a streaming service why would I want to watch commercials? Not having commercials is the reason I got rid of cable years ago and I exclusively use streaming now. Except now all the streaming services are adding a commercial tier. Yuck. 2d
DebinHawaii @Graciouswarriorprincess I rewatched Lost in Austen a few months ago & this definitely has the vibes! ❤️💚 2d
CatLass007 @Graciouswarriorprincess I did see that book when I looked on Amazon. 2d
vonnie862 Finally! Courtney is finally realizing that it's not a dream. However, some of the similarities that she has pointed out about her life and Jane's makes me wonder if perhaps she is in a dreamlike state. Maybe she hit her head in real life and is in a coma? Just a wild guess. 2d
Graciouswarriorprincess @DebinHawaii It‘s a rewatch for me when I need something comforting. @CatLass007 I have it and it‘s a fun book. 2d
CatLass007 @vonnie862 In the British TV show, Life on Mars, the protagonist traveled to the past, but it turned out that he was in a coma the whole time. In the American version, they were in suspended animation on a spaceship and something happened that the ship‘s computer put them into a dream state. 2d
StayCurious @CatLass007 I agree! I hate commercials and refuse to watch them on streaming services. 2d
CatLass007 👍🏾 2d
julieclair @StayCurious I thought the same thing as I was reading (actually listening to) the “trying to figure out where my soul is” section. That‘s why I read time travel books only occasionally. I enjoy them, but they miss with my brain! 🤓🤯 14h
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#PemberLittens #JaneAdjacent #BuddyRead Y‘all! There are about a dozen different individual books or series of books for us to read. We‘ve got years of reading ahead of us!

BarkingMadRead Ohhhhhhhh 2d
CatLass007 @BarkingMadRead Did I mention I really, really like dragons? 2d
BarkingMadRead Me too!! 2d
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CatLass007 @BarkingMadRead Jane Austen‘s Dragons is a series of 14 books so far, although two of them are not available on Audible at this time. The Buttercross Dragon (14) is available only on Kindle, which is problematic for me because ebooks give me a headache. And A Dragon for Elizabeth (4.5) I can‘t find. It may be part of an anthology that‘s not been published yet. I don‘t know. 2d
BarkingMadRead That‘s amazing! 2d
CatLass007 It seems pretty cool to me too. 2d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Ch.5-6: we get a glimpse through flashback of Courtney‘s real life, her cheating fiancé Frank, and her falling out with her friend Wes. We also see that she can embroider through Jane, as if by muscle memory - which I thought was cool. I wonder what else she‘ll be able to do that will help her navigate her new 1813 world.

vonnie862 🤣🤣🤣 at that cat meme!!!! 3d
Graciouswarriorprincess I really hated Frank. 3d
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vonnie862 I thought muscle memory was cool too! Also, I can't believe she still hasn't accepted that what she is experiencing is NOT a dream. 3d
vonnie862 Frank was not likable and it's a good thing she didn't marry him. BTW, I felt bad for her that she didn't want to wake up from her "dream" because she didn't want to day bye to Jane's dad. 3d
CatLass007 She‘s definitely better off without Frank. I wish I could develop such a skill instantly. Maybe play the guitar through muscle memory. 3d
BarkingMadRead I feel so bad for her when she wakes up in the morning, and she‘s still in 1813! 3d
julieclair The embroidery was cool. It‘s like her muscles have memory, but her brain does not. 14h
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Had to dash out from work for a blood test mid-morning & as it was nearing lunch & I was hangry, I grabbed a poke bowl. Then the rain started & I sat in my car & ate it while listening to the tagged book for #PemberLittens #JaneAdjacent The down side of the audiobook is that there are only 7 chapters so they don‘t line up with the print book. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Using Google Books “Look Inside” I found I got a bit past Chapter 4 so I‘m caught up to today. 😆

StayCurious You did a blood test and then had to listen to the quack doctor bleeding her! Oh my! 😄 4d
DebinHawaii @StayCurious Righ?! & I was eating lunch while listening! It made me appreciate modern medicine & med techs who are kind & don‘t roll their eyes when I insist I can‘t see the needle or I‘ll pass out! 😂 4d
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CatLass007 I have a similar complaint about how the audiobook chapters don‘t coincide with the print chapters. Also, what exactly is a poke bowl? I see the yummy avocados but what is it and what are its origins? In parts of the American South, people eat something called poke sallet, and poke is some sort of leafy green vegetable. (edited) 3d
CatLass007 Okay, google says a poke bowl is pronounced po-KAY. Poke sallet is a one syllable word. And google also explains each food. 3d
DebinHawaii @CatLass007 Yes, it looks like you got your answers! 😉 It‘s commonly raw fish (or there‘s tofu or other seafood) & the Hawaiian word means to slice or cut into pieces. I could pretty much eat it everyday whether on its own or over rice . This poke bowl is white rice on the bottom, mixed miso salmon & Hawaiian ahi pokes with avocado & tempura flakes on top. Poke is a staple here & has become popular in parts of the mainland too. 3d
CatLass007 I remember looking at menus of local restaurants here in East Tennessee and seeing that some of them serve poke bowls. But if the fish is raw, it sounds like a cousin to sushi. 3d
CatLass007 I remember looking at menus of local restaurants here in East Tennessee and seeing that some of them serve poke bowls. But if the fish is raw, it sounds like a cousin to sushi. There is a place called “Yum Sushi Burrito” that serves a poke bowl. I think I‘m really confused about a place that serves Japanese and Mexican. Unless there is an Asian dish called a burrito. No, no it actually is sushi served in a burrito, according to google. (edited) 3d
DebinHawaii @CatLass007 Fusion can be interesting —it either works well or doesn‘t. But I actually have put poke in taco shells & lots of places here have poke “nachos.” Although usually without cheese. 😉 3d
rwmg From seeing @DebinHawaii's pics over the years and reading the occasional book set in Hawaii, I got as far as rice bowl with fish and bits of this and that, so thanks for the explanation, and the pronunciation guide which I had no idea about. 3d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Ch.3-4: I‘m not certain I like Courtney yet. Even if she thinks she‘s in a dream, she‘s still a bit callous about everything. Like wanting to see who she assumes is her lower class lover - as a Jane Austen reader she should know how truly scandalous that would have been - a major no-no. She shouldn‘t find it amusing or be too blasé about it. Must be she doesn‘t realize the true consequences of her actions yet.

IndoorDame I think she‘s way past the point I would‘ve abandoned the it‘s a dream theory and started wondering if I was crazy or if there was some other explanation… 4d
vonnie862 @IndoorDame Yup, I too think she should realized by now that it's not a dream. 4d
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vonnie862 However, I am curious to find out who the real lover is. 4d
CatLass007 Has she speculated about having fallen into a Star Trek episode or some sort of parallel/alternate universe yet? I think it seems a lot like Sam Beckett Quantum Leaping into someone else‘s life. 3d
CatLass007 And that really is a gorgeous tortoiseshell cat. Your daily posts are absolutely wonderful. 3d
StayCurious @CatLass007 thank you so much! 3d
CatLass007 Aww. There‘s no reason to thank me for simply stating the truth. I‘m amazed at all the hard work you put in to hosting this #BuddyRead. And don‘t you host a Romance #BuddyRead? Wow. 3d
rubyslippersreads This looks a lot like my cat Sadie. 16h
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I have been listening to this for #PemberLittens #JaneAdjacent #BuddyRead. I can‘t believe it‘s rated so low here on Litsy. The things that were the worst were the filthy waters at Bath, a doctor who doesn‘t wash his hands and forces bleeding on our heroine while she is held down by a maid, and an unloving, even evil mother who threatens to have her own daughter locked away in an insane asylum. I like the fantasy elements, which might (cont)⬇️

CatLass007 not appeal to everyone. But the love story that is at the heart of this novel and at the heart of every Jane Austen novel is lovely. All the misunderstandings and poor behaviors are addressed and our heroine(s) get a happily ever after. 5d
CatLass007 Let me put in my vote now for the January #PemberLitten #JaneAdjacent #BuddyRead. I don‘t really think it‘s a sequel, so much as a companion to this book. 5d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Ch.1-2: ooh what a great start - albeit a terrifying one. There‘s something really gruesome about 19th century medicine. How helpless were you to a doctor‘s whims, especially if you were a woman? Jane, or rather Courtney, had better learn to play the game quickly or else find herself in a madhouse 😳

AllDebooks Bipedal trout 🤣 5d
AllDebooks Joking aside, how horrific an experience to be completely dependent on men with no autonomy of your own! 5d
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CatLass007 Those were not the good old days. I‘ll be finishing the book soon and promise no spoilers. 5d
IndoorDame It really does drive home the horror. Even her mom is forced to go with it to protect herself and the other kids. 5d
Graciouswarriorprincess I‘m starting this but I agree with how awful to not have a life of your own but be completely dependent on a man! 5d
vonnie862 I wondered how I would react if I woke up in a different time period. I would be skeptical like Courtney at first. And shudder at the uncleanness medical tools and the backward thinking of cures during that time. 5d
CatLass007 Her mother is a snake. 5d
DebinHawaii I ended up using an Audible credit, so I‘ll be listening along. Can you add me to the tags, please.🤗 4d
BarkingMadRead That must have been terrifying, I‘ve never understood the whole bleeding thing either, and it would terrify me! 4d
mcctrish I read this already ( and I‘m shook I don‘t own it ) if I can get my hands on another copy then I will reread with you - I have the next one ( hoping for a sequel read in 2024 🙏🏻) and I honestly would get committed 3d
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Sounds like a Quantum Leap situation to me.