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Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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Chap 6 Quote/Footnote:
"...when you have finished Udolpho, we will read the Italian together; and I have made out a list of ten or twelve more of the same kind for you.” “Have you, indeed! How glad I am!—What are they all?” “I will read you their names directly [...] Castle of Wolfenbach, Clermont, Mysterious Warnings, Necromancer of the Black Forest, Midnight Bell, Orphan of the Rhine, and Horrid Mysteries."

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Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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Catherine and Isabella continue being the best of friends and as such they have to talk about everything it crossed their minds, ie for Catherine is Laurentina's skeleton,for Isabella,the rain;books;a hat;Catherine's infatuation with Mr Tilney; more hints about her liking someone; and following some men that were staring at her and just left the pump room, to show them how little she cares for their attentions #Pemberlittens

Ruthiella I love also how utterly clueless Catherine is. She takes Regina…erm, Isabella, at her word! 😆 4h
nanuska_153 Hahahaha I know, I can imagine all the time Isabella being desperate for Catherine to notice that she is in love, I'll try hinting it AGAIN. Poor Catherine has no idea how to recognise a mean girl 😁 33m
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Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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Chapters 4 & 5! Turns out the Allens have an acquaintance in Bath after all- Mrs. Thorpe, an old friend of Mrs. A's! She presents her favorite daughter and also her two other daughters, and Catherine gets a friend crush FAST. She and Isabella become instant BFFs, calling each other by their first names and reading novels together (tbh this is #friendgoals). Here Jane launches into a passionate defense of novels and it is scathing and glorious.

sprainedbrain 😂 15h
AnneCecilie I love Austen‘s defense for reading. Not that we need any, but good to have hero our side 😊 5h
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Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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Ch 5: Catherine still can‘t find Mr. Tilney, & she has checked everywhere. Thanks to the fast friendship of Mrs. Allen & Thorpe, who love to get together & talk to themselves while completely ignoring the other, Catherine & Isabella get to hang out a lot & quickly become BFFs. Isabella is all sighs for Mr. Tilney the clergyman, & sure he will be back for Catherine. Jane finishes the chapter with a brilliant defense of novels.❤️

Bookwormjillk Loved the end of this chapter. 20h
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IndoorDame Her defense of novels is perfect here! Definitely one of the reasons I‘m partial to Northanger 20h
BooksNBowls She‘s destroying 18th century social standards 1 chapter at a time! 👏👏👏 19h
thegreensofa There was a lot of words this chapter but I think I got it. Novels for the win! 👌 19h
mollyrotondo The defense of novels rant comes out of nowhere and I love it! But this book is a middle finger to all the novel haters so no subtle jabs but full blown rants! Love it! 19h
julieclair The defense of novels is Jane at her snarky best! 17h
julieclair I'm assuming Isabella is in love with some clergyman. I wonder if we'll get to meet him? 17h
AnneCecilie I love Austen‘s defense for novels. 5h
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I'll give this a soft pick. I rather enjoyed it, despite non-fiction not being my forte, probably because it's so novelized that it reads like four short stories. I'm left with doubts of how much guessing and how much facts are in this book, but happy to have learned of other female authors and welcoming any debunking of the myth that women can't be friends because we are always bitching (maybe Woolf's doesn't count as example) #Pemberlittens

Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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Another day and no Mr Tilney to be seen...Catherine and Miss Thorpe are becoming great friends...whatever, I need Mr Tilney's conversation! #ComeBackAndLetMeLoveYou

@sprainedbrain I know you feel my pain too


sprainedbrain Indeed! 😅 1d
ShyBookOwl Lol. Yes. 1d
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Jane Austen's Letters | Jane Austen, Deirdre Le Faye
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#Pemberlittens voting has closed, and our November/December books have been chosen!

Our Austen work will be Jane Austen‘s Letters. There are lots of versions out there, but I‘m planning to read the tagged/pictured.

The chosen adaptation is The Heiress by Molly Greeley… I LOVED this book about Anne de Bourgh!

Another Brontë was chosen for our book by another female author. I really enjoyed this, Charlotte‘s final novel.

Tagging everyone, but⬇️

sprainedbrain all are welcome to join us! Let me know if you‘d like to be added to (or removed from) my whole-group tag list. Also let me know which books you plan to read, and I will add you to each book‘s tag list. Finally, please speak up if you‘d like to host any of the buddy reads, or have ideas about how to run them! I will do some planning posts over the weekend. 😃 2d
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BarkingMadRun Love it! I‘ve read the Heiress but I‘m in for the other two! Let me know if you need someone to host either of the other two 2d
IndoorDame Awesome! I think I‘m in for all 3 this time. 2d
Deblovestoread I‘m in for all three! 2d
peanutnine Oooo yay I'm in for all three! 2d
MoonWitch94 Ohhh fun choices. I‘m in for all three. 2d
TheBookHippie Villette and Letters for me! 2d
MaureenMc I‘m in for The Heiress! And Jane Austen‘s Letters, assuming my library request becomes available on time. 😊 (edited) 2d
inthegreensandblues I'm in for Jane's Letters! Picked up the same edition by Deirdre Le Faye. 2d
AllDebooks Oh yes, I'm up for all 3 😁 2d
Librarybelle I‘m up for all 3 please!! 2d
Daisey Excited to read Villette! Please put me on that list. 2d
quietjenn All are very tempting and I own the Letters and Villette. But will keep you posted. 2d
DebinHawaii Oh crud! I forgot to vote! Oh well! I am in for The Heiress & Villette for sure & I‘ll try for JA‘s letters too. 2d
janeycanuck I have been trying to read the letters since we started Pemberlittens! And I think I have the Heiress on my shelf so put me down for that one, too, please. (edited) 2d
Ruthiella I think that Villette got picked because of its mention in A Secret Sisterhood! That‘s why I voted for it. 😆 I would also like to read The Letters, please. 🙏 2d
suvata I am in for all three. 2d
Ann_Reads I'll probably join in with reading The Letters. Not sure what version I'll purchase. I wish the Dierdre Le Faye version had Kindle version available. 2d
julieclair Great selections! I‘m in for all three. 2d
jenniferw88 I'm in for the letters. 2d
nanuska_153 I'll join in for the letters, I was fearing Villette was going to be picked because of A Secret Sisterhood, I'll leave it as a maybe. I've read it and I really liked it but I'm in a really down moment now and I'm not sure why Villette affected me so much the first time I read it, but it took me to such a dark place... Don't know if it would be good for me or catastrophic...will decide on that one later on 1d
batsy Thank you! I love Villette so much but it's a heavy one that I probably won't revisit so soon. I'll join in for Austen's letters. 1d
Clare-Dragonfly I definitely want to read Villette! Not sure about the others, depends on if I can acquire them… 1d
Balibee146 Oh I loved Villette read it for uni course too many moons ago 👍 1d
AnneCecilie I‘ll join in on Villette and the letters 1d
mollyrotondo Definitely mark me down for The Heiress. This sounds really really good. I‘m excited! Thanks! 1d
rubyslippersreads @DebinHawaii Glad I‘m not the only one who forgot. 😊 I‘m in for Villette, which I‘ve always wanted to read, and The Letters. I have a copy that belonged to my mom, so I‘ll have to see how it compares to the Le Faye version. 1d
erzascarletbookgasm I‘ll join in for The Heiress. Thank you! 1d
SarahBookInterrupted I‘m in for Villette and The Heiress. So exciting! 1d
eeclayton I'm interested in all three. I'll see if I have enough time for each. 1d
TheAromaofBooks I actually think I am going to sit out this round as I know things are going to be crazy the next couple of months. Keep me on the list for when we vote for the next round, though!! 7h
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Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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In chapter 3, Catherine (understandably) can‘t wait to see Mr. Tilney at the pump room, but literally everyone who nobody wants to see is there, and Henry is not. But, wonder of wonders, Mrs. Allen finally finds someone she knows! Mrs. Thorpe has kids who know James Morland. Miss Thorpe is pretty, knows everything, and becomes fast friends with Catherine. Jane wraps up the chapter with a sick burn at Mrs. Thorpe‘s expense. 😂

mollyrotondo 😂 love how Mrs Allen and Mrs Thorpe talk with no interest in what the other says but just in talking about themselves 😂 what friends lol 2d
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sprainedbrain @mollyrotondo apparently beggars can‘t be choosers in the Bath social scene. 😂 2d
BooksNBowls I‘m cackling lmao she knows someone 😂😂😂 2d
Chili Why do I get the feeling that Miss Thorpe isn‘t going to be the friend Catherine thinks she‘ll be. 2d
sprainedbrain @Chili because you‘re smart! 😉 2d
Ann_Reads Awwww.... Miss Thorpe. Now I finally remember which characters irritated me during my first read of the book. 2d
thegreensofa This friend-perfectness can not be so perfect. (And neither is my vocabulary lol!) 2d
julieclair @mollyrotondo And it seems as though they can spend hours talking past each other like this. How do they stand themselves?They must both be truly desperate for company. 😂 2d
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Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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So Catherine has found a friend to take a turn about the Pump Room with. #Pemberlittens