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So glad to meet @silentrequiem in real life! She so graciously gave me her time for a last minute breakfast and a ride to the airport! We could have talked books all day! An absolutely perfect way to end a great #JCLC2018 conference and trip. #LitsyMeetup

silentrequiem Great meeting you! And it was my pleasure. 😀 1y
Tamra How fun, so envious! 1y
Lcsmcat Great photo! 1y
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Avanders 😍😍 1y
CouronneDhiver Beautiful picture! 😃 1y
Cubanmommy95 That's so cool! 1y
Louise Just seeing this now! So great that you two got to meet! 1y
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Snagged this book and an Albuquerque Public Library card 🤓 #jclc2018

rachelsbrittain Oh my goodness this looks amazing 😂 1y
zzz Just the cover alone😂😂 makes me want to read this👍 1y
Chelleo @rachelsbrittain I‘m so tickled I finally snagged a copy! 1y
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Chelleo @Jen_is_always_reading Right! I totally want to frame the cover and put it in my work office 😂 1y
zzz @Chelleo that is awesome😂😂😂! I might have to do the same! 1y
Louise I‘ve had this on my TBR for a while. With the news as it is lately, it‘s about time to read it! 1y
ErinC It‘s so good! 1y
Pamwurtzler The Albuquerque public library? 1y
Chelleo @Pamwurtzler Yes! I‘m here for a library conference. 1y
Pamwurtzler Sounds fun! 1y
TheBookStacker I love Albuquerque 1y
Avanders ... my public library card is, apparently, old school 😳😜 ... does that mean you come to abq w some regularity? 1y
Chelleo @Avanders Sadly, no. It‘s a weird thing some librarians do when visiting other cities...signing up for cards. I think I have 3 months access to the online collections. It also gives computer access is helpful although I didn‘t need it on this trip. 1y
Avanders Oooh that makes sense .. what a cool added perk! 1y
Louise I really want to read this book! It sounds like a fun ride! 1y
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In Albuquerque for the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color and taking a break to visit the Main branch of the Albuquerque Public Library. And of course finding new titles for the TBR list. #JCLC2018 #APL #HaveBookWillTravel

writerlibrarian Cool display I like old school wood vibe of the cubes (edited) 1y
silentrequiem Hey!!! You're in my town! Any chance we can do a Listy meet up? @Avanders is also here, I believe. 1y
Chelleo @silentrequiem @avanders whoa, really!? Any chance we could do breakfast tomorrow? 1y
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silentrequiem I'm free! You're staying downtown? 1y
Chelleo @silentrequiem Yes, I‘m downtown at the Embassy. Where do you recommend for breakfast? Is 7:30 too early. 1y
silentrequiem @Chelleo Not many places are open that early. Let me do some digging... 1y
Chelleo @silentrequiem Great. My flight leaves at 10:15 but I‘m already checked in. 1y
silentrequiem @Chelleo Standard Diner opens at 8. I could also meet you for breakfast at your hotel. The airport here is tiny so you don't need much time before. 1y
Chelleo @silentrequiem I‘ll meet you at the Standard at 8. I was there the other day. No more hotel breakfast! 😝 1y
silentrequiem Lol. Okay! 1y
Avanders Ooh how fun! Bummer I can't make it today! Have a great breakfast !!! Hope I can make the next one 😘😘😘 1y
Chelleo @Avanders Sorry I‘ll miss you. Had I been more organized I would have thought to reach out before I got here! I was so busy scrambling for my conference I wasn‘t thinking about my Litsy fam! 😞 1y
Chelleo @silentrequiem Good morning! I‘m here...took much less time than I thought it would. 1y
silentrequiem @Chelleo Leaving the house now. Be there soon! 1y
Avanders @Chelleo aww I totally understand! I hope the conference was fun! (I love conferences 😁😁). I also really like Standard Diner 🍽 1y
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