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Girls on the Line | Jennie Liu
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A few books from my shelves featuring a #ChinaGirl or China women. My current read is in the middle, The Joy Luck Club is an old favorite & the others are in my #TBR stack and/or downloaded on my Kindle. I had to return the tagged book to the library, but I put a hold on it & hope to get it back soon.🐲❤️

BarbaraBB I loved all Amy Tan‘s books back in the days. ❤️ 2w
rachaich I also loved Amy Tan :) 2w
Crazeedi I'm in line for the jade lily book 2w
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“Everybody says women are like water. I think it's because water is the source of life, and it adapts itself to its environment. Like women, water also gives of itself wherever it goes to nurture life....”

#WanderingJune | 3: #ChinaGirl

📷: Made with Typorama

BarbaraBB Beautiful comparison although I never heard anyone say women are like water 😉. It may be a Chinese expression! 😘 2w
LiterRohde @BarbaraBB I‘ve not read the book, but I believe that‘s the point - thoughts about Chinese women from Chinese women. Many things come back to nature for the Chinese. 2w
BarbaraBB That sounds very interesting! 2w
Cinfhen I think I‘ve seen comparisons that women are like water/ air and men are like fire @BarbaraBB 2w
Suet624 @Cinfhen I have as well. 2w
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The Woman Warrior: China Men | Maxine Hong Kingston
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(Day 3 - #ChinaGirl)

*The tagged book includes the phrase “Memoirs of a Childhood Among Ghosts.” The book is memoir interwoven with folklore. Some of Kingston‘s imagery is represented above: the No Name Woman; Fa Mu Lan & the White Tigers; her scholarly mother & her naming all white people “ghosts”; San Francisco Airport as “Western Palace”; her mother cutting the membrane under her tongue. Kingston is in the b&w framed photo.

BarbaraBB Great collage 💕 2w
gradcat @BarbaraBB Thank you! 😘 2w
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In Oz, Dorothy meets an entire country whose citizens are made of china, including a #chinagirl #WanderingJune

LeahBergen Good one! I also thought of Ma‘s little china shepherdess for this prompt. 😆😆 2w
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen That‘s a great pick! 2w
BarbaraBB Smart pick! 👍🏼 2w
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Memoirs of a Geisha | Arthur Golden
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Many options for #chinagirl as I‘ve read almost every novel by Amy Tan - thinking about this made me realise I need to read more Chinese writers in translation. Reccs welcome!

On a side note, the woman in Bowie‘s video for this song is Geeling Ng, an Aucklander that I met once years ago as she ran a couple of restaurants. She famously had a short affair with him and said he was a lovely man. 😍

LeahBergen That‘s so cool. I bet he WAS lovely. ❤️❤️ 2w
BarbaraBB I loved that video. I was very young at the time and watched it blushing ☺️ 2w
Centique @BarbaraBB I was just reading that it was banned in some countries! 😳 2w
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BarbaraBB Really? I thought it was just me being shocked because I was a child 😂 2w
LeeRHarry Great story 😊 2w
Reggie What a great post! 2w
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#WanderingJune #ChinaGirl

This “china girl” gets a Dragon tattoo and always evades tough scraps! LOVE this Bloody Jack series!

LibrarianRyan I love this series too. The Kite thing in book 1 was a little perposterous, but I love the heart behind the entire series. 2w
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Red Azalea | Anchee Min
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#ChinaGirl #WanderingJune

One of my favorite Chinese authors is Anchee Min. These are her two memoirs. Red Azaela is about living through the Cultural Revolution and working at Mao‘s film studio. Cooked Seed is about her immigration to the United States in 1984. She‘s also written some historical fiction.

BarbaraBB Both sound interesting. 2w
Megabooks @BarbaraBB They were! 2w
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Waiting | Ha Jin
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I read this book many (18 or so) years ago...it is about a man caught between living with the traditional #chinagirl in his arranges marriage and the modern woman he is in love with. I‘ve read and enjoyed several books by this author. #wanderingjune @BarbaraBB

BarbaraBB I loved this book when I read it but don‘t remember much about it now! 2w
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