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The Wind in the Willows | Kenneth Grahame
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This is a book that I've loved since a child, but didn't revisit for years until now. An animal fantasy & pastoral, it's also deeply philosophical & addresses the nature of time, friendship, society. I love how it deals with the way in which ideas & moods can get hold of a person, for better or for worse, & friends/family are what get you through. It blurs the line between fantasy & reality in a way kids instinctively do. #ChildrensClassicRead2019

batsy Also, the writing is just wonderful. A treat unto itself. The intro of the scruffy paperback edition I still love to read from describes Grahame as a "shy Scot" and I love that, too. @TheBookHippie 3w
Cathythoughts 👍🏻♥️♥️♥️ 3w
erzascarletbookgasm These are great editions. ❤️👏 3w
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TheBookHippie @batsy ❤️❤️❤️ 3w
Suet624 Aww, that‘s a lovely review. 3w
Blaire Those are beautiful editions! I also loved this book as a child but have not reread. Will try to do that in the coming year. I think my son is at the right age to enjoy it. He‘s 7. 3w
batsy @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you! I do want to collect more but stop myself 😳🤪😁 3w
batsy @Suet624 Thank you! It was just the kind of read I needed at this point in time. 3w
batsy @Blaire Thanks! And I'm excited for your son to discover it! I was surprised by how much more sophisticated the language was than what I remembered, but like the best kind of children's books it has a magic that works for both kids and adults, I think 🙂 3w
DGRachel I‘ve never read this, but I loved Mr Toad in the Disney shorts. I really should buy a copy... 3w
batsy @DGRachel It's such a fun read! 3w
Hamlet You really captured some of the wonder of this book in your review. Well done! 4d
batsy @Hamlet Thank you! This book is pretty amazing in how it recreates that wonder. 3d
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The Wind in the Willows | Kenneth Grahame
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"He had the world all to himself, that early summer morning."

Revisiting an old favourite after many, many years and discovering it's just a masterpiece. Also, these illustrations by Harry Hargreaves are giving me life ? #ChildrensClassicRead2019 @TheBookHippie

TheBookHippie It‘s so wonderful !!!! 3w
batsy @TheBookHippie It is! 🥰 3w
Centique What a brilliant idea to read children‘s classics! I have quite a few on the shelves and they could do with some attention so I might join you two in a couple of months 😊 @TheBookHippie 3w
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batsy @Centique Yes, great idea by @TheBookHippie she put up a schedule at the start of the year for a monthly readalong of a different classic. I join in if I have the book or an inclination to read a particular one 🙂 3w
Centique @batsy yes I just found the schedule and I‘m keen to read Peter and Wendy and Raggedy Ann. 😍 3w
TheBookHippie @Centique ❤️❤️❤️❤️it‘s a wonderful zen !!! 3w
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