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Sitting in the new hire orientation I am leading & I think I might be #ChasingRainbows to get my facilitator for this distribution section to stop sitting.😠🙄😆It‘s afternoon, he needs to pump up the energy!
Anyway... back on topic, here are three “rainbow” titles from my shelves—two chick-lit books & the tagged cookbook that promises “Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts” in its subtitle. 🌈📚

DebinHawaii I was way into Katherine Stone soapy romances in the late 80s-90s. My romance-hoarding aunt passed them on to me to read. 😉 (edited) 4w
Cinfhen That sprinkles cookbook looks delicious 🌈😋I‘m imagining all the goodies 😇 4w
squirrelbrain Totally agree @Cinfhen - I‘d like cake now please, even if it is 6.30 in the morning.... nothing wrong with cake 🍰 for breakfast! 4w
Cinfhen Cake for breakfast is pure joy @squirrelbrain 😇😇😇 4w
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Gravity's Rainbow | Thomas Pynchon
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This is on my TBR list, because it's one of the books on my Greatest Opening Lines of Literature mug, but I haven't read it yet. #AyUpAugust #ChasingRainbows
@Cinfhen @squirrelbrain

CaitlinR It‘s been a long time, but my younger self loved it — hope you will too. 4w
Billypar Good choice: I have the same mug and Gravity's Rainbow is also on my 'one of these days' list. 4w
Godpants Good luck! It‘s a lot. I‘ll probably try to finish it someday. 4w
Cinfhen It‘s a title I‘m familiar with but I have no idea what the book is about 🙄#MaybeOneDay 4w
squirrelbrain Great choice! 👍🌈 4w
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Eleanor & Park | Rainbow Rowell
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#AyUpAugust #ChasingRainbows
I‘m not usually much of a YA reader, but this one definitely got under my skin.... The writing is really lovely, and these 4 quotes have stayed with me.... Romantic in the best way... Sweet but not cloying!
I love that Eleanor doesn‘t have to change, she can just be herself, and Park finds her beautiful, whatever anyone else says..... and vice versa. Such a lovely book 💕🌈📚

squirrelbrain I haven‘t read this one yet.... 4w
Cinfhen YOU MUST @squirrelbrain !!!!!! It‘s THE BEST LOVE STORY EVER without being cheesy & saccharine 4w
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Speak No Evil | Uzodinma Iweala
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#AyUpAugust This book was gifted to me by the fabulous @Hooked_on_books and I can‘t wait to read it!! The cover made me think of a rainbow, and the subject matter made me think of #PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈which led me to today‘s prompt #ChasingRainbows 🌈🌈🌈

Jennick2004 Gorgeous! 4w
Lola This cover always catches my eye. 4w
bromeliad Paint smears have been a popular book cover in the last year or two and I kinda wanna buy all of them and put them on display as art 😅 4w
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BarbaraBB It‘s a good one, imo! 4w
squirrelbrain Lovely cover, and the book sounds good too... stacked! 4w
Cinfhen Glad to hear @BarbaraBB and this cover is definitely #EyeCandy 🤩😍🤩 @Jennick2004 @Lola @bromeliad @squirrelbrain 4w
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The Heirs | Susan Rieger
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What happens when the father you thought you knew may or may not have a whole other secret family? This is part of this novel‘s storyline...as a family comes to terms with the recent death of the patriarch, a woman comes forward to get part of the inheritance for her children. This was an okay read for me, nothing spectacular, just okay. Anyone chasing an inheritance is #chasingrainbows , chasing dreams. #ayupaugust

Cinfhen Sounds good but I‘m getting the feeling this is a #BorrowNotBuy 😉 4w
squirrelbrain Nice cover though! 😁 4w
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The Happiness Project | Gretchen Rubin
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Not read but this seems fit for #chasingrainbows . It tells of the author‘s year-long commitment to work on improving her happiness. Image from the author‘s website.


Cinfhen Love your choice 🌈 4w
squirrelbrain Great pick! ❤️🌈 4w
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Yes, I am a) old enough and b)childish enough for this to be what popped into my head when I saw #ChasingRainbows as today‘s #AyUpAugust prompt! 🎶 up above the trees and house, rainbow flying high.... 🎶

@squirrelbrain @Cinfhen

KarenUK 😂😂😂🌈 4w
Cinfhen So the American in me, saw your post and thought of Kermit the frog 🐸 🎶Someday we'll find it
That Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me🎶🌈🎉
(edited) 4w
Suet624 @Cinfhen me too! 4w
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squirrelbrain I used to love Bungle! Didn‘t like Zippy - far too confident and extrovert for me! 🤣 4w
TheEllieMo @squirrelbrain the best bits were always when someone zipped Zippy‘s mouth closed🤣🤣🤣 4w
Cinfhen I knew I could count on you @Suet624 🦀🧡 4w
Suet624 @Cinfhen 💕💕 I still sing that song to my grandkids. ❤️❤️ 4w
Cinfhen I‘m sure they love it 🌈🌈🌈💕 @Suet624 (edited) 4w
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Well, any prompt featuring the word 'Chase' is going to take me to this show, isn't it?! 😂😂😂

#ayupaugust #chasingrainbows because Paul Sinha (circled) is homosexual. Have tagged his BBC radio 4 show, it's available on Audible.

@Cinfhen @squirrelbrain

Libby1 Love this show! 4w
Cinfhen Hahahahaha 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻well played 4w
Gina Is there a pod cast? 4w
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jenniferw88 @Gina not that I'm aware of! 4w
Gina Bummer. Thxs for the response tho :) 4w
squirrelbrain Of course, it had to be! 😁👍🤣 4w
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The Rainbow | D. H. Lawrence
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#AyUpAugust #ChasingRainbows this book came to mind , but I‘m chasing memories because I can‘t remember if I read this or not. 😳🤷🏻‍♀️.... maybe years ago, must have a look & see

jenniferw88 I almost used this one! 💕💕💕 4w
Lcsmcat I‘m in the same boat! It‘s been on my shelf for years, and I think I read it in the 80s, but I remember nothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4w
Cinfhen It‘s such a beautiful cover 🌈💕 4w
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squirrelbrain Don‘t be silly @jenniferw88 - you were never going to go with a rainbow when there‘s also the word ‘chasing‘ in the prompt! 🤣 Great pick @Cathythoughts ! 4w
Cathythoughts @jenniferw88 great minds 👍🏻♥️ 4w
Cathythoughts @Lcsmcat Oh stop ! It‘s mad , I definitely remember Lady Chatterleys Lover ... I read a lot of classics back then & really loved them 4w
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen I took from the internet & all the covers are amazing ✨ 4w
Lcsmcat @Cathythoughts I remember Lady Chatterly too, but I was younger when I read that. It‘s just like Billy Collins said https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/37695/forgetfulness 4w
andrew61 I read several of lawrences books in my teenage/twenties cathy. I think it's time for a reread. I think I'll make it a plan for 2020! 3w
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Chasing Darkness | Jill Falter
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#chasingrainbows #ayupaugust
No rainbows on my kindle! This one instead 😁 unread.
Last day of my long, long weekend and I have to go to IKEA 😱😱 to get stuff for my daughter moving to uni. Which means I get reminded she‘s moving away, I have to go to IKEA and I‘ll be skint by the end of the day!

squirrelbrain Oh no, not Ikea! If you don‘t post again this evening I‘ll send out a search party for you! 😬😘😁 4w
TrishB @squirrelbrain please do! It‘s the first time hubby has ran off to work when the two of us have still been at home! She has a long list..... 4w
Libby1 Hope all goes well for your daughter. ❤️ 4w
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Cinfhen Yikes😱sounds like you‘re in for a nightmarish day xx sending love and serious patience 😘 4w
Melissa_J Is your daughter looking forward to going away? I still remember going IKEA shopping with my parents to get my stuff when I went away to university 😊 4w
TrishB @Libby1 thank you - she goes in 3 weeks.... 4w
TrishB @Cinfhen 5 hours later......home with sore feet!! 4w
TrishB @Melissa_J she is a mixture of really excited and very nervous! I‘ve told her everyone will feel the same and she just gives me the side eye..... 4w
squirrelbrain 5 hours, not bad going for an Ikea trip... 😁 4w
TrishB @squirrelbrain 4.5 hours to long! And then we went to Asda for stuff that wasn‘t in IKEA and there‘s more shopping tomorrow.....I need to read all night now.... 4w
squirrelbrain I‘ve heard the Ikea catalogue is a fascinating read @Trishb! 4w
Cathythoughts Happy shopping 😊😳... it‘s so great that your daughter has got what she wants ♥️! Happy days ! and ofcorse you will miss her ♥️💔life is alway so full of changes .... 4w
TrishB @squirrelbrain I‘ve hopefully done this years stint in IKEA 😁 4w
TrishB @Cathythoughts going to be interesting to see what she does with the kitchen stuff because she only ever cooks two things 🤷‍♀️ but you live and learn. Change is constant 💜 4w
Bookwomble Good luck with your daughter's move 💗 My daughter's been to uni, moved home, moved out, moved back home again, and hopes to be moving out again at the weekend! Wherever they are, our kids know they've always got a backup home 😊 4w
TrishB @Bookwomble so true! My son moved out last year to do his masters. That year‘s up and no job yet so he‘s moving home next week until he gets a job wherever! One in, one out. 4w
Jovy Just moved my daughter to her dorm last Sunday. We went to IKEA too! And of course I miss her everytime I see her empty room 😭💔 4w
TrishB @Jovy I‘m dreading it ☹️ 4w
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