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A Thousand Beginnings and Endings | Elsie Chapman, Ellen Oh
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I had more distractions during #BFCr3 than I did during the last round, and I didn‘t meet as many of my goals, but the last 6 weeks have brought me so much closer to them and have really transformed the way I think about my habits. Especially with my meditation practice and my eating choices. In the past few months I‘ve lost weight and done a good job of managing my anxiety and #BFC definitely played a part in that.

IndoorDame I‘m really grateful to @wanderinglynn for organizing everything and to @Hestapleton for being such a supportive team captain and to all my #bookdragons for taking this journey with me!! 4d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 great job! Keep making good progress and you‘ll get to where you want to be. 👍🏻 4d
Hestapleton Way to go! This round was challenging, but you still came a long way from before! So proud of you! (edited) 3d
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Final check in for #bookfitnesschallenge #bfcr3 #bookdragons

In the past 6 weeks, I‘ve established the habit of going to Jazzercise class. My goal was to 30 times and I came very close to that! 💪

I finished 16 books (10 in translation and 4 audiobooks)

My book related try something new activities were going to a book cafe!! 📚 ☕️ I also read a book translated from Thai for the first time and I read a book classified as horror 😱

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Great job! 4d
mhillis @wanderinglynn Thank you so much for hosting! I enjoy it and would like to participate if there‘s another round! 4d
Daisey Fantastic! 🙌 4d
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sudi You did great 👏👏👏 4d
Hestapleton Way to go! So proud of you! 4d
IndoorDame Yay! 👏🎉 Great job! 4d
mhillis @Daisey @sudi Thank you ☺️ 3d
mhillis @Hestapleton @IndoorDame Thanks! Love being part of book dragons! 3d
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My final stats are definitely not what I wanted to see. I think I bit off more than I could chew this round, coupled with some depression and a reading slump that made it hard to stay on track. BUT I did read more Netgalley books than I probably would have otherwise, I‘m focusing on more veggies in our meals and I‘m walking a lot more. It might not be the progress I had in mind, but it‘s progress all the same! #brcr3 #bookdragons

wanderinglynn I think those looks like some pretty good stats. 🙌🏻 Maybe it‘s not what you wanted, but take a minute to celebrate what you did accomplish. 🎉👏🏻 Way to go! 5d
IndoorDame A lot of hard work went into those stats! Way to go! 👏👏🎉🎉 5d
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Y'all it was such a gorgeous morning and I've been dying to run for the last 11 days of not running and I couldn't resist. I jogged around my apartment in my brace first to make sure my knee could handle it. Thank goodness for knee braces!!! 🏃‍♀️👍😊 (Bit bummed out that I feel less fit after those 11 days... But I'll get back it again!) #audiorun #BookFitnessChallenge #BFCr3 #bookdragons @Hestapleton @wanderinglynn Great place to end the #BFC!

Caterina (I'm going to consider this my final BFC check-in. Basically, I ran a lot, life has been crazy, I got hurt running, life has been crazy, and now I'm finally back to running, and life is still crazy. I don't have stats but I'm feeling good about it all! 👍) 5d
Amiable I went back this morning to my yoga class for the first time since knee surgery over the summer—I know how you feel! I‘ve been chomping at the bit to get back to it. 5d
Hestapleton This round was hard for me too! I‘m glad you‘re getting back in the swings. You‘ve got this! Proud of all the progress you‘ve made these 6 weeks. 5d
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The Golden Compass | Philip Pullman
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I've finished one more book (tagged) for #BFC since classes started! While meal prepping a couple days ago. But maybe all of the reading I've been doing for classes counts for something? 😂 I have an intensive course that's eating up my Fridays and Saturdays for now, and when that's over I should be able to get into a better rhythm! Also still wearing a knee brace and not running, it's driving me crazy! #BookFitnessChallenge #bookdragons #BFCr3

Scochrane26 I count books about therapy most of the time, and I‘m sure you‘re reading a lot for seminary. In my presbytery, we recently examined a new pastor for ordination, & she said she‘s happy to be done w/ seminary because she can actually read books for pleasure again. 5d
Caterina @Scochrane26 I have 6 courses, 15 textbooks, and lots of PDFs, but I haven't technically finished any books yet. 😂 But when I do finish some I'll be sure to count them! 👍 I think I'll probably only get reading for pleasure in through audiobooks during seminary - thank goodness for those! So relaxing to cook or run or clean while listening. 😊 5d
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Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
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After a really bad workday, I came home to such a sweet and unexpected surprise in my mailbox. Thank you so much @IndoorDame - I‘ve been wanting to read this for so long and I‘m still on hold at the library. It wasn‘t necessary but so very much appreciated. #bookdragons #littensarethebest #litsylove

IndoorDame 😀 I‘m glad it arrived safely, enjoy 1w
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#BFC #BFCR3 #BookFitnessChallenge #bookdragons check-in: This was a hard week. Monday I hurt my knee and I walk everywhere so I haven't been able to rest it enough for it to heal. I haven't run since Monday and feel like I'm going stir crazy. I also had a long intense first week of classes, including 7 hours in class today. And I've been having medical problems induced by a medication mix-up with the pharmacy and my doctor. @Hestapleton ⬇️

Caterina Pictured is yesterday's sunset. I was at a BBQ with my fellow seminarians at a park, and we sang Holden Evening Prayer after dinner. It was a perfect evening that was much needed during such a hard week. I'm gonna keep on keeping on and next week might be better! @wanderinglynn 2w
wanderinglynn Beautiful photo! But I hope your knee feels better. Take care of you! 💚 2w
Nebklvr That is a crappy week! Sending healing wishes and relaxing vibes 2w
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Scochrane26 Hope you heal soon. You‘ll adjust to your new schedule & find time for running. 2w
Butterfinger Hope you have a better week. The first of a school year is always frantic. It will get better. 2w
Hestapleton Aww I‘m sorry this week sucked. Cross country moves and the start of grad school are always rough. I‘m praying that this week brings you some more rest! 2w
mhillis Beautiful sunset! Take care! We‘re here supporting you! 2w
jewright Hoping you feel better soon. 2w
BarbaraJean So glad you had that lovely evening to balance out your hard week. Hope you‘re able to get the rest you need (without feeling trapped!) and that your knee is back up to speed soon. 1w
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I didn‘t finish any books this week because I wanted to spend time playing ocarina and studying Japanese instead! I‘ll get back to reading next week but I‘m really proud of the progress I made with music and language learning.
For fitness, I did 4 Jazzercise classes, walked 25 kilometers, and got back on track with the 100 glute challenge.
#bfcr3 #bookfitnesschallenge #bookdragons

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2w
Daisey Great week! 2w
Hestapleton Awesome job! 2w
TheSpineView Great job! 2w
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The Night Tiger | Yangsze Choo
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Forced myself to return to this #audiobook today. The romance has been driving me crazy for the last few hours, and I still have over 6 hours left and don't know if I can take it. 😬

Hurt my right knee and hip while running today on a weird steeply sloped bit of the Ohlone Greenway at a road crossing. Sitting with ice and my breakfast now, hoping I feel good enough to head into SF today!

#BFC #BookFitnessChallenge #BFCr3 #bookdragons #audiorun

TheSpineView Yikes! Hope just a mild strain. Get some rest and I recommend some reading. 😋 2w
Caterina @TheSpineView I hope so! Haha that sounds like excellent medical advice, I will make sure to read plenty! 😉😂 2w
IndoorDame Oh no! I hope the ice worked its magic and you‘re feeling better! 2w
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peaknit Sorry to hear about your pain, hopefully ice and rest will do the trick! 2w
Caterina @TheSpineView @IndoorDame @peaknit Thank y'all so much for the well wishes! Ice and a relatively low-key day seem to have done the trick, I feel totally fine now! 👍😊 2w
TheSpineView Glad you feel better! 😊 2w
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