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Halloween morning I opened my #basicwitchswap package from @Scochrane26 & it made me so happy. Thank you for 3 books I have coveted (Shannon- I like hardcovers too!)! The pumpkin is so super cute!! The Day of the Dead bookmarks are beautiful!! + I love Peanuts too!
I know my post is late but every time I‘ve looked at my stack the past few days I‘ve felt joy & gratitude. 🧙‍♀️🧡
Thanks for hosting @Meaw_catlady & @sprainedbrain !

Scochrane26 Glad you like it. I was trying to find Halloween horses but finally found the cute pumpkin. You should come to Ky sometime in April or October to watch horse racing. I live in the “horse capital of the world” (edited) 2w
PaperbackPirate @Scochrane26 I‘ve never seen a Halloween horse but I bet they‘re cute. 😂 I love my pumpkin though so it worked out. 🐎 I love watching the Triple Crown every year and any other race I can see in between. I wish to go in person to the derby some day! 6d
Scochrane26 @PaperbackPirate I also want to attend the derby one year, but right now, I can prob only afford the infield. In Lexington, we have fall & spring meets at Keeneland, so I can see live racing. 6d
PaperbackPirate @Scochrane26 Have you ever been to the 3 day eventing competition right around Derby weekend? I also dream of going to cross country day! 6d
Scochrane26 @PaperbackPirate I haven‘t been to the 3 day event. I have a family at church that is involved in harness racing. I just haven‘t been to many horse-related events. 5d
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@i-am-papercrane I love my #BasicWitch package!! Can‘t wait to read the books and I have the perfect use for the crystals! One will become a necklace (of course) and the other is going to become a decorative plumbline. I am taking a classical drawing class and we have to have plumblines as we sight-size our drawings. I was just looking at some crystals to use and then your package arrived. Perfect timing!! I will think of you during every class!

Readergrrl p.s. My kitty, Peanut, approves! 2w
sprainedbrain Lovely gifts! Blessed Samhain 🖤 2w
Meaw_catlady 🖤🖤🖤happy Halloween! 2w
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Dogs on Instagram | @dogs_of_instagram
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Here is a close-up of the beautiful painting @MeganAnn did for me for the #BasicWitchSwap ♥️ Nico & Charlie are the best #familiars a girl could ask for!

I‘m framing this painting and putting it on my bookshelf ASAP!

I‘m so lucky to have gotten to shop for and swap with you, Megan! You truly are amazing!

#BasicWitch #WitchPlease #DogsOfLitsy #NicoBlueHound #CharlieTheFox

AmyG That is so special. How lovely! 2w
sprainedbrain @MeganAnn You are incredible! 🖤 2w
ljuliel Wow, that is really nice ! 2w
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monalyisha @MeganAnn You just keep getting cooler & cooler! This is amazing! 😍✨ (edited) 2w
Eggs Awesomely wonderful 2w
Chrissyreadit Beautiful!!! 2w
BethM Wow @MeganAnn that is beautiful in thought and form! 2w
Jas16 That is amazing! 2w
MeganAnn Oh I‘m SO happy you like it! I was worried I‘d be rusty, but I felt I had to create something for you ✨🖌🖤 2w
MeganAnn @sprainedbrain @monalyisha @BethM aww thank you all! 😊💖 2w
Meaw_catlady Wow! @MeganAnn this is amazing and so thoughtful! Looks like you 2 were a perfect match! 🖤🖤🖤 2w
Bklover That is BEAUTIFUL! @MeganAnn what a wonderful gift! You are so talented. ❤️ 2w
Redwritinghood Wow! What a great gift. It looks wonderful. 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! What a great gift! It‘s so beautiful @MeganAnn ! 2w
Marmie7 So beautiful! What a thoughtful gift😍 2w
readordierachel That is so lovely! 2w
JoScho 🖤🖤🖤 2w
hermyknee @Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain thank you for all of the hard work you did putting all this together! I‘ve only hosted a swap once and it really does take a lot of work— you guys nailed it!!! 2w
sprainedbrain @hermyknee thank you so much for joining us! I love seeing all of these posts. 🖤 2w
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The Babysitters Coven | Kate M. Williams
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I‘m speechless! Megan, you‘ve outdone yourself. This is such an incredible, special, heartfelt package! 🖤 All of the books sound like fun, the candle is beautiful and it smells great, coffee, bookmarks, book sleeve, crystal necklace (I‘m wearing it today!), but most of all, this painting you created of Nico and Charlie (my familiars) is THE BEST THING EVER! I‘m crying. 🖤🖤🖤

Thank you so much @MeganAnn 🌙💜✨#BasicWitch #BasicWitchSwap

sprainedbrain Wow! What a fantastic package! 🖤 2w
BethM Love it! 2w
MeganAnn Aww yay! I‘m so happy you like everything! I had so much fun shopping for you 😘✨🖤 2w
Meaw_catlady 🖤🖤🖤 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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It‘s tiiime!!! #BasicWitchSwap 🖤 Look at the gorgeous wrapping @MeganAnn did!

#BasicWitch #WitchPlease

erzascarletbookgasm Love the wrappers! 👍 2w
sprainedbrain 🖤🖤🖤 2w
monalyisha Love that full moon ribbon & The Craft bookmark! 2w
Meaw_catlady Wow!!! So gorgeous! 2w
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A Discovery of Witches | Deborah E. Harkness
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@Meaw_catlady I sent my #basicwitch swap package on Tuesday and it should arrive today!
Thank you for hosting!

Untitled | Unknown
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A #basicwitch package is on its way up to North Dakota 💖 I sent it priority so it should be there in just a few days!

Happy Mail: Keep in touch with cool & stylish handmade snail mail! | Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle, Alex Bronstad
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@Meaw_catlady I got my #basicwitch swap package from @Scochrane26 !
I love the Harry Potter stickers and I‘m having a hard time keeping my hands off it until 10/31. I‘ll be sending mine out soon!

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#basicwitchswap & #allhallowsreadswap in the mail! (along with my passport renewal).

Both boxes have some unwrapped items. ☠️ So no opening until 10/30 for #allhallowsread and 10/31 for #basicwitch

TheBookKeepers Eeeek yay!! So exciting!! 4w
TheBookKeepers My box arrived! Will keep it stored until 10/31! 🍁🖤🎃 3w
wanderinglynn @TheBookKeepers Yay! So happy it arrived! 3w
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Witches | Roald Dahl
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Look what came today!!! I am waiting for one more thing and then can send mine out!! #basicwitch @Nitpickyabouttrains

Nitpickyabouttrains Glad it got there! 1mo
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