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The Persephone Catalogue 1999-2019
The Persephone Catalogue 1999-2019: Persephone Books No. 1-135 | Persephone Books
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LeahBergen I wish! 😩 3mo
Tamra @LeahBergen me too! 3mo
CarolynM Wouldn‘t it be wonderful? Oh well…😔 3mo
Caryl Sigh. I read the descriptions of all the lovely events. What a treat it would be to attend! 2mo
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I‘m all set for #PersephoneClub 2024

Ruthiella Beautiful! 😍 3mo
Cathythoughts Lovely 🩵🩵🩵 3mo
LeahBergen Yes, you are! Just look at those beauties. 😍 3mo
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batsy 😍 3mo
Tamra Yay!! 😍 3mo
Centique WOW! 3mo
jlhammar Beautiful. I think we‘ve got some great reading ahead of us! 3mo
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@LeahBergen thank you so much for this list il be skipping februarys but I will pick up in April and planning on reading Marianne by Monica dickens in March . Happy 😃 reading 📖 out of interest which was your favourite Persephone of last year ? 😍☺️mine was High Wages by the wonderful Dorothy Whipple #persephobeclub #persephonebooks

LeahBergen Marianne is a lovely read! Hmm, let‘s see … I think Daddy‘s Gone A-Hunting was my favourite from last year‘s #PersephoneClub picks. 😊 3mo
Bookbuyingaddict @LeahBergen oohh interesting il make sure I pick that one up , il ask the question 🙋‍♀️ to the club as I‘m interested to see everyone else‘s too 😀 3mo
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Here we are, #PersephoneClub … our 2024 reading schedule! It looks like it‘s going to be another great year. 🩶

As always, anyone on Litsy is welcome to join in and read along and discuss with us at any time.

Tamra Looks like a terrific lineup! 4mo
jlhammar Wonderful! Thanks, Leah! 4mo
elkeOriginal Time to order a few things! 4mo
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rubyslippersreads 2024 will be a great year! 4mo
quietjenn Hooray! So looking forward to them! 4mo
BarbaraBB Such a great list! I‘ll probably jump in once or twice 💕 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra @jlhammar @rubyslippersreads @quietjenn Isn‘t it nice to have all these to look forward to? 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal I just ordered two! 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB I so hope you do! 😘 4mo
julieclair These look wonderful! Please add me to the tag list for 2024. Thanks! 😃 4mo
andrew61 Great list. Thanks for organising again leah. 4mo
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen I ordered 2 too 😆 4mo
elkeOriginal FYI @Jess_Read_This in case these are on your shelf too 😉 4mo
Jess_Read_This @elkeOriginal Thanks for the tag! I do indeed have a few 😄 (edited) 4mo
daena I‘d love to be added and join in. Thank you! 4mo
LeahBergen @julieclair Certainly! I‘ll do it now so I don‘t forget. 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @daena Done! 😊 4mo
LeahBergen @andrew61 No problem, Andrew! 😄 4mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal I mean, we HAD to, right? 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This @elkeOriginal I imagine we all already own a few. 😆😆 4mo
Caryl I placed an order last night, and I would love to be added to the tag list. Thank you for organizing this! I love Persephone Books. 🥰 4mo
LeahBergen @Caryl Welcome aboard! 😄 4mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen @elkeOriginal I have some sitting on the cart, whilst I decide if I'm only ordering a few of these or splurging on more 😅 4mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn @elkeOriginal The age-old problem 😆 4mo
CarolynM Looks like I‘ll be expanding my Persephone collection😆 4mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Oh, too bad! 😉 4mo
sisilia Awww I still have 3 unread titles from this year 🫢 4mo
LeahBergen @sisilia 😆😆 4mo
Bookbuyingaddict Thank you so much ☺️ I‘m in just need to catch up on the last 2 my TBR is killing me ! 🤣😘merry Christmas 🎄 x x x. X 4mo
LeahBergen @Karons1 You‘re welcome! I‘m glad to hear that you‘ve enjoyed reading with us. Merry Christmas to you, too! 😘 4mo
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@LeahBergen #persephoneclub
Here are my choices. I'm going for some American books but if they have been chosen b4 please let me know. Dorothy Hughes for a noir author I am keen to try, and Judith rosner as I tried Mr goodbar last year but persephone say this historical novel is her best work.
 @rubyslippersreads @Cathythoughts @quietjenn @CarolynM @elkeOriginal @Aimeesue @jlhammar @Gissy

LeahBergen Great choices, Andrew! I‘ve already read The Expendable Man (so good!) so I‘ll vote for 5mo
elkeOriginal Ooo - I like the sound of 5mo
quietjenn I've been meaning to read Hughes, so my choice is 5mo
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Aimeesue Like @LeahBergen I‘ve read The Expendable Man, so I‘m voting for 5mo
jlhammar I‘m very happy with either one, but the Rossner was one I was thinking about nominating myself so my vote goes to 5mo
elkeOriginal Damn these are tight races! No pressure, @rubyslippersreads - just a tie-breaker…😉 5mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal Right?? 😆 5mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal I‘m leaving some of these closer votes open for a day or two more in the hopes that @Gissy comes to cast her vote soon! 😆 5mo
rubyslippersreads I‘m fascinated by mill worker stories, so I‘ll pick 5mo
LeahBergen I‘ll go ahead and close the voting now. In another tight 4-3 race, Emmeline comes out the winner! 4mo
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#PersephoneClub choices for October - we‘ll be traveling, to either France or India, ‘phonies.
Descriptive links in comments for Margharita Laski‘s Little Boy Lost and Emma Smith‘s The Far Cry

@LeahBergen @CarolynM @elkeOriginal @Gissy @andrew61 @jlhammar @Cathythoughts @quietjenn @rubyslippersreads

jlhammar Oh my, this is difficult. After much dithering, I‘ll go for 5mo
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LeahBergen Oh, good choices and I own both! 😆 Hmm, I‘ll vote for 5mo
quietjenn I was thinking of nominating The Far Cry, so it gets my vote. 5mo
elkeOriginal I can‘t pick 🤦🏼‍♀️ 5mo
CarolynM I‘m going for 5mo
andrew61 My vote is 'The far cry ' 5mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal Pick, damn it. 😂😂 5mo
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen ok, OK! I read sample pages online and am voting 5mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal 😆 Thanks, but now we‘ll still have to wait for @Gissy as there‘s only a one vote difference. 😆 5mo
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen That is what you get for bullying me! 😉 5mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal I deserved it 😂 4mo
LeahBergen Okay, I‘ll go ahead and close the voting now. Our winner, in a tight 4-3 race, is The Far Cry! 4mo
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Here are my picks, both about children, in a barn or in the Blitz.

Catalog links in the comments. #PersephoneClub

@LeahBergen @CarolynM @elkeOriginal @Gissy @Aimeesue @andrew61 @jhammar @Cathythoughts @quietjenn

CarolynM Another difficult decision! I vote for 5mo
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jlhammar I‘ll be thrilled to read either one, but I‘ll vote for 5mo
LeahBergen Gah, this is tough! Okay, I‘ll vote for 5mo
Tamra Such a pretty photo! 💙 (edited) 5mo
quietjenn I think I'll go with Children Who Lived in a Barn. 5mo
elkeOriginal Children in the Barn for me! Been meaning to read it for ages🙌🏻 (edited) 5mo
Aimeesue A hay box with a starring role in a book? Sign me up for 5mo
andrew61 My vote is Children who lived in a barn 5mo
LeahBergen ⭐️ And the winner with 7 votes is The Children Who Lived in a Barn! ⭐️ (edited) 5mo
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How about something on the lighter(ish?) side for June, #PersephoneClub readers?

Catalog links in the comments.

@LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads @CarolynM @elkeOriginal @Gissy @Aimeesue @andrew61 @jlhammar @Cathythoughts

elkeOriginal I have read Miss Ranskill and loved it (would probably reread if it is chosen, which I rarely do😉) so will vote 5mo
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LeahBergen Ooo, good choices!! 👏👏 I‘ll vote for the one I own 5mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads You can go ahead and post your choices for our August read now. 😊 5mo
jlhammar Really want to read both! Let‘s see…I‘ll go for 5mo
rubyslippersreads I‘ll also vote for the one I own 5mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen Just posted my August picks. 5mo
CarolynM They both sound delightful! I‘ll vote for the comedy 5mo
andrew61 Greenery Street. 5mo
LeahBergen ⭐️And the winner is Greenery Street with 5 votes! ⭐️ We have 9 voting members for this round as @Cathythoughts is taking a Litsy break until the New Year. I‘ll be sending her our final list as she said she‘d like to start shopping for our picks. 😆 5mo
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