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High: A Journey Across the Himalaya, Through Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, and China | Erika Fatland
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An ambitious and magnificent new travelogue by bestselling and prize-winning author Erika Fatland (The Border and Sovietistan), on a journey along the Himalaya. The Himalaya weave through five very different countries, where the world religions of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are mixed with ancient shamanic religions. Countless languages and vastly different cultures live in the secluded mountain valleys. Modernity and tradition collide, while the great powers fight for influence. We have read about mountain climbers on their way up Mount Everest and about travellers on the spiritual quest for Buddhist monasteries. But how much do we know about the people living in the Himalaya? Fatland invites us into close encounters with the many peoples of the region, and at the same time takes us on a dizzying journey at altitude through incredible landscapes and dramatic, unknown world histories - all the way to the most volatile human conflicts of our times.
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I don‘t know if there is any travel writer I enjoy more than Fatland. Her anthropologist eye appeals to me. In The Border and Sovietstan, politics played an important role in former Soviet and adjacent areas, but in High, where she travels the Himalayas, Fatland interrogates the role religion and religious differences have played in each of the countries in and around the mountain range. I‘m definitely down for whatever she writes next!!

MallenNC I‘ve never read her, but I am intrigued. 1w
Megabooks @MallenNC I highly highly recommend her!! Her books have been consistent 4.5⭐️ and 5⭐️ reads! 1w
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Mandoul Thank you, looks great 👍 1w
MallenNC @Megabooks I‘ll definitely check her out. Your book picks usually work for me. 1w
Megabooks @Mandoul awesome! 1w
Megabooks @MallenNC I‘m excited to read what you think! 1w
Cinfhen I agree, Fatland is a great travel writer @MallenNC 1w
MallenNC @Cinfhen Well that seals it if you like her too! I‘m going to see what my library has. 1w
jlhammar Awesome! Glad to hear this was good. Looking forward to it! 1w
Soubhiville I‘ll have to check her out too. And wow, your daffodils! I‘ve been wondering if they‘d survive in TX. I may plant some this fall. 1w
rockpools Ooh, I hadn‘t heard of this. Is it new? Sovietistan was fab! 1w
Megabooks @jlhammar great!! 1w
Megabooks @Soubhiville I have no idea if they‘d do well in Texas, but they‘re certainly lovely. Thanks! 1w
Megabooks @rockpools yes, it came out in the UK last summer and in the US this winter. 1w
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Even though I have yet to read Sovietstan, I had to grab this from the library, Fatland‘s most recent travelogue through the Himalayas.

Anyone else plan to check this out???

Bookwormjillk I would like to. I hope my library gets it! 2mo
charl08 Ooh I didn't know she had another one. Thank you! 2mo
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Librarybelle Oh, @jlhammar I have not read that one yet. Good to know it‘s good one!! 2mo
Librarybelle @Bookwormjillk @charl08 I had not known about this, so it was a pleasant surprise when it showed up at the library! 2mo
Megabooks It‘s in my Amazon cart, but I‘m probably going to wait for the paperback. But yes, I‘m very interested!! I loved Sovietstan and The Border. 2mo
Librarybelle Good thought to wait for the paperback, @Megabooks ! 2mo
BarbaraBB Sounds good! 2mo
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