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To the Wedding
To the Wedding | John Berger
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A blind Greek peddler tells the story of the wedding between a fellow peddler and his bride in a remarkable series of vivid and telling vignettes. As the book cinematically moves from one character's perspective to another, events and characters move toward the convergence of the wedding--and a haunting dance of love and death.
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To the Wedding | John Berger
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I just received this lovely book in the post .. which I didn‘t order. I wonder , Paula , is this from you ?


Centique Yes that‘s from me! There‘s another book coming as well. 💕 12mo
Cathythoughts @Centique Thanks so much Paula! The book looks wonderful & you are too kind 😘 12mo
Reggie This is one of my favorite books ever, also thanks to @Centique. Hope you like it Cathy! 12mo
Cathythoughts Aww thanks Reggie! I‘m delighted with it .. I‘ll let you know how I get on with it 👍🏻 12mo
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To the Wedding | John Berger
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I‘m just starting this for my IRL book club and I see that it‘s a favourite of @Centique and @Reggie .

Well, that takes care of that... I‘m sure to like it. 😉

Centique Ohhhhhh! I‘m so excited. I hope you love it. It‘s a quiet little book but I think you will appreciate that about it 😍🤞 2y
Reggie Speaking of books I almost couldn‘t see through the tears to write the review. 😉I hope you love it! 2y
Cathythoughts And that takes care of that for me too .. stacked @Reggie @Centique 2y
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emilyhaldi I see I already have this stacked from @Reggie ‘s fabulous review a few years ago! ✨ 2y
LeahBergen @Centique @Reggie Okay, you two. I finished it last night and had a tear-splashing, ugly-face cry. 😆😆 2y
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts @emilyhaldi Hideous Cry Face Warning: See above. 😆😆 2y
Reggie I really appreciated the fact that this was published in 1995 when HIV wasn‘t the chronic illness it is now and he took a story that could have been filled with fear and hate towards that young woman, and yes, he did show instances of it, but overall it was about love and humans being better. And I still get a kick out of when the dad spends a night with those kids who have internet names. He lets them ride his motorcycle. Sorry to nerd out about 2y
Reggie it but I also loved that the River Po was in here and how it was a metaphor for how time moves forward no matter what. Is how I took it. Lol 🤓I‘m glad you liked it! 2y
LeahBergen @Reggie Yes!! His treatment of HIV in this book was so moving; it brought back all those early 1990s feelings/fears for me. 💔💔 And those strange little hacker boys! 😆 I think it‘s going to make for a good book club discussion this evening. 2y
Centique I‘ll just hand you a lace handkerchief and a ladylike hug then.... 💕💕 2y
Suet624 It's stacked already, so @Reggie must have inspired me through his tears. 2y
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To the Wedding | John Berger
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More #MiracleMail 💜💜💜Look what arrived, sweet Flea !!!! awesome gifts from an amazing friend xx Thank you so much for your cherished words and wonderful gifts. I haven‘t read book and excited to read this author #LittensAreTheBest 😘and almonds are DELISH 😋Thank you 🙏🏼

Cinfhen So shocked the package arrived @Centique gives me hope for all the other missing packages 🙌🏻 3y
tpixie Awesomeness! 🥳♥️📚💕 3y
Centique Oh thank the lord! That‘s taken something like eight weeks? It must have gone on a round the world cruise on the way 😂😂 3y
Cinfhen It was certainly worth the wait @Centique I love all my gifts!!! Wearing the socks right now 🦥💜 3y
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To the Wedding | John Berger
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This was written in 1995, beautiful, and written ahead of its time. I feel John Berger took a story, that could have been cloaked in darkness and sadness, and turned it into a star that he ends up throwing into the sky to be seen as a symbol of hope, life, and love. Thank you so much @Centique for this rec. A father and a mother who are no longer together travel from different parts of Europe to their daughter‘s wedding in Italy. #24in48

BarbaraBB This sounds absolutely great. Your reviews make my TBR explode 💕 4y
Centique Oh I‘m so happy you liked it! 😊💕 4y
Reggie @Centique I bawled like a baby the last 25 pages. Also, I loved his nod to the Po River in the background. Made me want to listen to Smetana‘s Moldau. 4y
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Centique @Reggie I‘ve never heard of Smetana before. Just found it on YouTube and listening now. It‘s beautiful 👌 4y
Cathythoughts I would stack - but I already have 👍🏻❤️❤️❤️ 4y
hilded Stacked :) 4y
emilyhaldi Great review! #stacked 4y
rohit-sawant Wonderful review! 4y
Suet624 Jeepers. You have the knack of making every book you read sound so good. 4y
Reggie @Suet624 This one, this one, is a light mousse with a depth of flavor that makes you close your eyes trying to hold on to the already fleeting memory of what it felt like to taste something truly decadent for the first time. Lol it was good, Sue. 4y
Suet624 Damn, Reggie, you‘re good. 4y
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To the Wedding | John Berger
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#heatofjuly #onedance
I‘ve used up all my book titles that mention dancing but this one has a woman dancing on the cover!

In the late 90s this is the book I tried to put in everyone‘s hands. It is beautiful, sad and hopeful - and possibly a modern classic (beloved by Michael Ondjaate and Colum McCann apparently) It is a story told in vignettes. A father and his estranged wife are travelling across country to their daughter‘s wedding. ⬇️

Centique No more plot to tell, but you will find out the state of their hearts and the tragedy that they are living with - all in simple, beautiful language. Uplifting. 💕💕💕 4y
BarbaraBB This sounds really good and I am surprised I never even heard of it! 4y
JennyM Sounds a lovely read 4y
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Cathythoughts Beautiful cover 💫💫💫 4y
Reggie Wow, what a post!!! Stacked. Sounds pretty good. 4y
Centique @Reggie I‘ve been thinking “should I tag Reggie and suggest he read this?” I think you‘ll love it. 🤞🤞 4y
Centique @BarbaraBB @jennym @Cathythoughts hanks guys. It truly is lovely. 4y
batsy Went to check if I had this on the shelf, and yes I do. Even better that it is Paula-approved! I love Berger's beautiful mind via the tiny amount I've read of his nonfiction. 4y
Centique @batsy oh wonderful! That‘s serendipity for sure. 😍 I have to try his non fiction. 4y
Reggie I‘ll read your #onedance this month if you read mine. 4y
Centique @Reggie challenge accepted! It sounds wonderful and my library has a copy 👍💕 4y
Cinfhen Love that deal @Centique @Reggie I‘ll be watching for reviews 💚 4y
Cinfhen And of course #stacked 4y
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To the Wedding | John Berger
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Got married yesterday! A good shot of my book bouquet. We used a book "the white shark" to make them ?. We also made corsages and boutonnières but unfortunately the corsages didn't pan out. #wedding

DoubleLane Congratulations ✨🎉🎉✨ 5y
BookishTrish Congratulations- love your bouquet 💐 5y
BookishMarginalia Congrats! And that bouquet is lovely! 5y
Blueberry Creative ideas♡ 5y
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