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#HeatOfJuly #day2 #OneDance I searched everywhere for books about dance & came up short.I saw Graeme Murphy‘s Swan Lake at the Sydney Opera House years ago & cried it was so beautiful. So, in lieu of dance books, I‘m going with the 4th Harry Potter which has the gorgeous Yule Ball as a central theme where Hermione turns into Cinderella & Neville finds his dancing shoes.(I just found out it‘s another year till the illustrated version is released😫)

BethM I love seeing all the different editions! 1y
JennyM So beautiful Liz. Xx 1y
Cinfhen Love that cover!!! 1y
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Erinreadsthebooks That cover 😍😍😍 1y
GoldenGirl 😍😍😍 wow 1y
LibrarianRyan What! No illustrated edition this year. I'm bummed. 1y
BarbaraBB Great pick! And that cover!! 1y
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Princess of the Midnight Ball | Jessica Day George
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Twelve sisters are condemned to dance each night for the wicked King. It is a curse that has haunted them since their birth. A little more than #onedance but the old King Under Stone “really liked their style” #heatofjuly

BarbaraBB Excellent choice! 1y
DivineDiana @BarbaraBB Thank you! ❤️ 1y
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Elephant agrees to let Piggie give him dance lessons despite the fact that Elephant insists that “elephants can‘t dance.” Both my kids love elephant and piggie and their antics. #heatofjuly #onedance

BarbaraBB Cute 💕 1y
merelybookish All my kids are huge Gerald.and Piggie fans! 1y
Blaire @merelybookish they‘re so much fun! 1y
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Isadora: A Novel | Amelia Gray
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Isadora Duncan was the mother of modern dance... but was also the mother of two young children who were killed in a freak accident in Paris in 1913. This is the imagined story of what her life must have been like after that terrible tragedy... #onedance

BarbaraBB Oh this sounds interesting! Dark again 🖤 1y
Cathythoughts I don‘t know this book. But sounds a brilliant choice 💫 1y
Suet624 Gee. I didn‘t know her children died. I just remember how she died. 1y
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RaimeyGallant What a great cover. 1y
Cinfhen Oooh 😲 this sounds good!!! 1y
emilyhaldi @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen The premise is great but it‘s definitely a bit abstract and rambling. I got bored 3/4 of the way through. She had a fascinating life though! 1y
emilyhaldi @Suet624 her death was so tragic too!!! 😵 Her children died in a freak car accident. They were in the car with their nanny and it was left in neutral (I think) and rolled into the Seine river where they drowned 😳 bizarre 1y
Suet624 Weird car karma in that family. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 1y
BarbaraBB @Suet624 @emilyhaldi What a life and what a death indeed. Since you said the book is a bit boring I googled her biography... unbelievable! 1y
Reviewsbylola Omg, tragedy is my kryptonite. I need to borrow this! 1y
Reviewsbylola This was in my most recent BO haul. 1y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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All the drama caused by #OneDance when Mr Darcy famously refused to dance with Lizzy at the first ball, then at the very next ball asks her to honor him with a dance 😶😰🤣 #PrideandPrejudice #HeatofJuly @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Fabulous 😂😂😂😂love this 😍 tagging my co-host @BarbaraBB 1y
HOTPock3tt @Cinfhen Thanks!!❤️☺️😂 I think a few people have tagged Pride & Prejudice already but I just couldn‘t resist since it‘s my FAVORITE book! And I love drake too! 😎 @BarbaraBB What a FUN idea for a challenge guys! it brings two of my fave worlds together: books and music 🤗 (edited) 1y
BarbaraBB Love your post! 😂😘 1y
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HOTPock3tt @BarbaraBB thank you!! ❤️😘 1y
Wife 😍 1y
CrowCAH 😍 P&P my favorite book! Check out my collection #PnPCovers, I think you‘ll appreciate scrolling through! 1y
Centique That is a gorgeous edition of P&P 😍 and also Drake 👌😍 1y
HOTPock3tt @CrowCAH omg I LOVE the Barnes and noble cloth cover! 💖 I really want to get that one. Great collection! The red one is really cool too!! 🤗 1y
HOTPock3tt @Centique thank you!! 💖 @Wife bought it for me for my birthday! 😎 1y
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I am sure that Queen Victoria hosted at least #onedance at Windsor Castle when she was Queen. I haven‘t read this yet but it has awesome artwork and seems full of great information about Queen Victoria and this time period! I‘m hoping my 9 year old will be intrigued! #heatofjuly

Reviewsbylola That cover is beautiful! 1y
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At the bazaar, Rhett scandalized the crowd paying for #onedance with Scarlett. “She leaped to her feet, her heart hammering so wildly she feared she could not stand, hammering with the thrill of being the center of attention again, of being the most highly desired girl present and oh, best of all, at the prospect of dancing again!” “...she didn‘t care, didn‘t care if he were Abe Lincoln himself! She was going to dance again!” #heatofjuly

BarbaraBB Perfect quote! 💜 1y
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One Dance in Paris | Julia Holden
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Jitterbug Perfume | Tom Robbins
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#HeatOfJuly Day 2: For #OneDance, here is a picturebook biography of Anna Pavlova, which tells the hard-fought journey of a wide-eyed little girl who would later become a worldwide sensation in the field of dance, particularly the Imperial Russian Ballet. Full review: https://gatheringbooks.org/2016/05/25/nonfiction-wednesday-anna-discovers-the-so...

Riveted_Reader_Melissa That looks beautiful! 1y
bookwrm526 That is gorgeous!! 1y
BarbaraBB Wow. How beautiful 😍 1y
JillR We have this and my daughter loves it 💕 1y
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