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Devil and the Dark Water
Devil and the Dark Water | Stuart Turton
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Devil and the Dark Water | Stuart Turton
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Thank you thank you thank you @ulrichyumiodd !!! Everything in the box is spot on and I‘m just so excited to dig in! 😁 The tote and the bookmarks are awesome and I can‘t wait to go to the office on Monday with a bone pen 🦴and freak someone out lol. The notebook looks like it belongs in a museum for real! 🏛🖤 and these books! They‘re going right into my November #bookspinbingo. Merci 🤩 🤩!!
#hhs #hauntedhallowswap

Read-y_Picker Big thank you too @wanderinglynn ! I‘m loving seeing everyone‘s swag this morning 🤩🖤 3mo
wanderinglynn Great box! Love those bone pens. 🎃🧡 3mo
Read-y_Picker @ulrichyumiodd and I‘m so pleased to finally meet a fellow Montreal Litten! I mean there had to be SOME… 3mo
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sharread The pens are so cool! 3mo
ulrichyumiodd So happy you like it!! 🧡🖤 3mo
ulrichyumiodd And YES! Montreal littens unite! Haha. 3mo
Read-y_Picker @ulrichyumiodd Happy New Year!
I just wanted to say thanks again for the swap. I read The Devil and the Dark Water in November but didn't post about it. I don't know if you've read it but it was a great mystery and I really enjoyed it. Not too sure about the end result but the dénouement was a lot of fun!
ulrichyumiodd Happy New Year!! I actually haven‘t read that book, but I might in the future! The two books did look interesting. How are you holding up with the restrictions and all? 3w
Read-y_Picker @ulrichyumiodd ugh I definitely have feeling about all this. I feel terribly for all those who have to close down again. I‘m sure the restos were really looking forward to New Year‘s Eve at least. I‘d been planning on a week in Rigaud with my fam but COVID had other plans and even though I ended up testing- I spent all week waiting for results. And then all this happened. I hope you got to enjoy the holidays! 3w
ulrichyumiodd I‘m a student and I work either as a teacher‘s assistant or a teacher myself, so not knowing what is happening is awful. You‘re right about the restos! It must be terrible for them too. I was lucky enough to see my parents and my little brother for Christmas, but of course now I have no idea when I‘ll exchange gifts with my friends! I‘m sorry your week in Rigaud didn‘t happen. Such a mess, all of this. 3w
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Devil and the Dark Water | Stuart Turton
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Theme read for #scarathlon #teamslaughter
I think I was hoping for some of that weird supernatural goodness that infused The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hugo or whatever it was, and this one disappointed me a bit. I did enjoy the high seas flavor, but honestly not much else from this historical Sherlock-and-Watson inspired story with witches and heists and improbable murders.
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Devil and the Dark Water | Stuart Turton
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"Arent Hayes howled in pain as a rock slammed into his massive back."

#FirstLineFridays @ShyBookOwl