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The Jeopardy! Book
The Jeopardy! Book: The Answers, the Questions, the Facts, and the Stories of the Greatest Game Show in History | Alex Trebek
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Provides a close-up look at the popular game show and its history, accompanied by anecdotes, quizzes, and tips for prospective contestants
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Nacho & I watching Jeopardy before reading time .

mcctrish We are watching every night. I can‘t believe Alex is gone 😢 2y
Leftcoastzen @mcctrish yes , so sad. I‘m glad we still have a few episodes left.😢My mom & I listened to his memoir 2y
Catsandbooks Hello Nacho! You are super cute! 💕 2y
UwannaPublishme 😻😻😻 2y
mcctrish There are a few people in my house getting Jeopardy books this Christmas 2y
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I‘m really sad about this 😭😭😭
#RIPAlexTrebek #Jeopardy #AlexTrebek

PurpleyPumpkin This is very sad news. 💔 2y
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I always wanted to try out for Jeopardy and now you can do it online so I figured, why not? 🧐🤓

Butterfinger Good luck. 3y
IamIamIam YAY!!! Congrats on taking the first step! I took it also but this was my 3rd time. I read James Holzhauer's tweet that he took it 13 times!!! 😳 😁 3y
CoffeeK8 @IamIamIam thanks and good luck to you! Someone who graduated from high school with me was actually on Jeopardy a couple years ago so I don‘t know what that says for my odds (edited) 3y
IamIamIam @CoffeeK8 I think the odds shall be ever in your favor!!! 😂😂 That's really awesome! How did they make out? One of my crochet students was on I think 2 years ago now & she said it's really intimidating but fun if you can relax and just go with the flow. 3y
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Watched Jeopardy reruns and saw an answer that made me smile 😀

ljuliel ✨😊✨ 3y
MySharonaK @ljuliel I tried to tag you but I think there was a bad signal and it just wouldn‘t tag! 🤩 3y
ljuliel That‘s cool that they used your song / name in Jeopardy ! 😁 (edited) 3y
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ljuliel Litsy seems to be misbehaving a bit this morning. Notifications aren‘t working properly. 3y
ljuliel And posts don‘t show as being posted. 3y
MySharonaK @ljuliel Litsy being a bit naughty here as well!! 3y
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Anyone else partaking? This is my first time!

readordierachel Good luck! 🍀 4y
Rachel.Rencher Good luck! It would be so cool to see a Litten compete 🤓 4y
Megabooks @readordierachel @Rachel.Rencher I feel like I got an 85% or so (missed 7 out of 50). First try, so we‘ll see. And thank you for the well wishes! 😊😊 (edited) 4y
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Leftcoastzen Wow ! Good luck! 4y
Beatlefan129 I did the test last night. It goes by so quickly I‘m not sure how I did 4y
Megabooks @Leftcoastzen Thanks! 😁👍🏻 4y
Megabooks @Beatlefan129 Awesome! It wasn‘t the speed that bothered me. Mostly I was able to type in something, but anything rhyming or mythology is my Achilles heel. Lolololol 😉😉 4y
Megabooks @Beatlefan129 Good luck! 🍀 maybe one of us will make it to the next round!! 4y
MicheleinPhilly Awesome! I‘ve always wanted to do this (as I am a Jeopardy champ from the comfort of my couch) but have always been afraid I would choke on tv. 4y
Megabooks @MicheleinPhilly I used to choke on tv when we played quiz bowl on a cable access, but I‘d like to think I‘ve improved in 20+ years! We‘ll see! 4y
carmens.library I would love to, but I'm way to big of a chicken! 4y
jmtrivera I took it the other night, but I don't think I did so well. ☹ 4y
Megabooks @Books.Bottles.and.Babies That‘s been what I‘ve said for the past 23 years! Maybe someday... 4y
Megabooks @jmtrivera Boo! Many people take it multiple years. Some guy on Twitter told me he had taken it 12 times. I don‘t even know if an 85% is good. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4y
jmtrivera @Megabooks I take it every time. I figure I'll have to acquire enough knowledge one of these days! 4y
Megabooks @jmtrivera That‘s probably true! I watch Jeopardy! every day, and I figure that‘s good studying. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4y
jmtrivera @Megabooks When Austin kept winning all those games, he mentioned that's how he studied, so we're probably doing it right. 😄 4y
Megabooks @jmtrivera He was quite a character! 4y
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Final Jeopardy category: “Novels in the News.” And the answer is...

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Spent the morning creating the answers and questions for this year‘s annual Literary Jeopardy tournament.

Jess7 Cool! 5y
AmberWB This sounds awesome!! Jeopardy is one of the few things that can draw my attention away from a book. 😊 5y
tpixie This is incredible!! Have you done this before??! 5y
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tpixie And do you know when it will be on?? 5y
LikelyLibrarian @tpixie Yep! This is the third annual event. I teach at a small community college, and all students are invited. We pair one instructor with one student. It‘s lots of fun 😊 5y
LikelyLibrarian @tpixie It‘s not televised, although that might be kinda cool 😉 5y
tpixie @LikelyLibrarian what a great tradition!!! 5y
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For the Jeopardy! watchers, do you get really excited when there is a book related category and then really mad when the players don‘t answer correctly? Or they take forever to get to the category?

DGRachel I'm always disappointed when they don't finish a bookish category. 5y
OrangeMooseReads @DGRachel yes that too 😢 5y
bookish_wookish yesss! and the music realted categories! 5y
CoverToCoverGirl Yessss! Lol 😎 5y
Rachbb3 Yes!!! I annoy my whole family with it. 5y
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My boyfriend Ryan Kious is going to be on Jeopardy next week! Watch him on Thursday, July 27th!

Bookzombie Wow! That's so cool! 6y
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My family is so well-trained. They didn't even fight when I suggested family jeopardy. My granny helped and softened them with Family Feud.


BooksTeasAndBookishThings I watch this show every night ❤ 6y
LindsayReads I totally watch Jeopardy with my folks every time the opportunity presents itself. 😄 6y
WhatDeeReads @BooksTeasAndBookishThings I do too when I'm at home, but I expected a little resistance from my family. Everyone was just in a really great mood. 6y
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BooksTeasAndBookishThings Great family night ❤ 6y
WhatDeeReads @LindsayReads Yep, I watched with my grandmother every day when I was little and my mother watches with me often, but today I got everyone: aunt, uncle, cousins, siblings, to watch together. It was great. 6y
WhatDeeReads @BooksTeasAndBookishThings It was! I'm so grateful. 6y
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LeahBergen EXACTLY!!! What is WRONG with people?! 6y
bookwrm526 Especially if they leave it so long they don't get to all of the clues!!!! 6y
Mindyrecycles Oh yes, that is the WORST! 6y
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mllemay SAME!! 😂😂😂 6y
BethM Yaass- my hubs and I were playing each other last night and I got 2 lit categories in one game! Needless to say, I won :) 6y
Stephykitten lol I thought I was the only one 6y
Laalaleighh YESSSSS. 6y
Laalaleighh @bookwrm526 that is the absolute worst. 6y
Cinfhen 😂😂😂 6y
Melli My husband will sometimes leave it on when it starts just to see how many I get right, no matter the topic. Then says you nerd(jokingly of course) 6y
MicheleinPhilly A couple of weeks ago there was a Man Booker Prize category and I kept yelling at the contestants to pick it. They left it for last and then only 1 or 2 of the clues were read. I shouted, "You people are all idiots!" and stomped off. ☺ 6y
OrangeMooseReads YES! I get so annoyed when they don't know the answers and I'm yelling them out and they don't listen. 6y
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Having a very quiet Christmas this year, just Gmama and me. Leaves time for tea and and catching up on my fav. #ChristmasEve

rubyslippersreads What is "Police Squad"? ? 6y
WhatDeeReads @rubyslippersreads I didn't even pay attention to the answer. LOL! I'm sure you're right. 6y
EvieBee @rubyslippersreads haha! She's good. 6y
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