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Past the Shallows
Past the Shallows: A Novel | Favel Parrett
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If you read only one book this year, make sure its this (The Sunday Times, London): An award-winning debut novel from a rising star in Australiaa hauntingly beautiful story about the bond of brotherhood and the fragility of youth. Joe, Miles, and Harry are growing up on the remote southern coast of Tasmaniaa stark, untamed landscape swathed by crystal blue waters. The rhythm of their days is dictated by the natural world, and by their fathers moods. Like the ocean he battles daily to make a living as a fisherman, he is wild and volatilea hard drinker warped by a devastating secret. Unlike Joe, Harry and Miles are too young to move out, and so they attempt to stay as invisible as possible whenever their father is home. Miles tries his best to watch out for Harry, but he cant be there all the time. Often alone, Harry finds joy in the small treasures he discovers by the edge of the seashark eggs, cuttlefish bones, and the friendship of a mysterious neighbor. But sometimes small treasures, or a brothers love, simply are not enough
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My favourite book of the year so far - thank you for introducing me to this one @TrishB 💕

I keep writing and deleting a blurb for this, so I‘ll go minimal. A beautiful, devastating novel of three brothers growing up on the Tasmanian coast. That‘s it.

TrishB So glad you liked it ❤️ I still have an ache in my heart when I think about it 💔 6mo
Cathythoughts Absolutely stacked 👍🏻 6mo
Cathythoughts I love that Shallow song too ... lady GaGa & your man 6mo
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TrishB @Cathythoughts @JennyM prepare to have your heart broken! 6mo
RachelO @TrishB Just 💔 6mo
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It‘s officially summer. The best coffee shop in town is now open (yes, it‘s a beach hut in a car park. And?). There‘s much talk of jellyfish.

And I started this beautiful book this morning (thank you @TrishB ), 3 brothers growing up on the Tasmanian coast. Harry‘s breaking my heart already.

TrishB This post is so perfect ❤️ enjoy. I loved this book, but yes 💔 6mo
Cathythoughts Jellyfish talk 🤔... always a sign of a good summer 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 6mo
Soubhiville I got stung by a jellyfish once when I was little. It was excruciating. The book sounds good! Stacked 😊 6mo
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RachelO @TrishB 😊 6mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts Apparently we‘re being ‘invaded‘ by ‘monster‘ jellyfish. 🙄 Don‘t you just love local papers? I reckon they‘re heading for the funfair on the green. 🎡🎠🦑 6mo
RachelO @Soubhiville Ouch, how horrible! And scary too! But yes, the book‘s great so far, and so beautifully written. 6mo
CarolynM Such a sad, beautiful book💕 6mo
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Thank you so much for the book and the pretty card and cool pin #booksaremagic @CarolynM It was so lovely to receive and cheered me up after two weeks of fighting this flu that won‘t go away 🤧🤧🤧 Litsy friends are the best 😘
Onwards and upwards and into the books again!

CarolynM I'm very glad it arrived, I was starting to get worried🙂 Hope you're fully recovered soon. 8mo
CarolynM Thanks again to @TrishB for the book. 8mo
Tanisha_A Lovely gifts! That pin especially. 😍 8mo
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JennyM Flu be gone!!! Feel better soon 😘 8mo
TrishB Travelling book! Hope you like it and are feeling better soon ❤️ (edited) 8mo
Centique @TrishB thank you Trish - it‘s the gift that keeps giving! I‘ll pass it to another Litten when I‘ve finished 😘 8mo
LeeRHarry Ooh this is a good one! Hope you‘re on the mend soon 😊 8mo
Reggie Hope you feel better!!! Watched the first episode of Russian Doll and thought it was hilarious. 8mo
Zelma @Reggie Russian Doll is so good! 8mo
Centique @LeeRHarry thanks Lee, feeling better today 😊🤞 8mo
Centique @Reggie oh good good good! I‘m so glad you liked it. It just gets funnier too. 😁 8mo
Centique @Zelma I loved it! 8mo
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Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, Trish, I love the bookmark and card. As it happens, I read Past the Shallows when it first came out. It's a sad and beautiful book. I met Favel Parrett too, she's really lovely. I'm going to take up your suggestion and pass it on. Is there anyone who would like to read such excellent #ozfiction?

Centique I would love to read it if that works for you 😍 9mo
CarolynM Absolutely @Centique I'd be delighted to send it to you.🙂 9mo
Centique @CarolynM yay! I‘ll look out for one of my next reads that you might like 😊 9mo
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JennyM Lovely to see these books jetting all over the world. Litsy really is a wonderful place ❤️ 9mo
TrishB I was keeping my fingers crossed you might not have read it ! It‘s a lovely read isn‘t it! @Centique hope you enjoy it 💕 9mo
CarolynM It's the thought that counts @TrishB I'm very pleased to spread the love for it🙂 9mo
CarolynM @Centique There's no need to send me anything, I'm glad you'll have the chance to read it🙂 9mo
sailu112 Love the bookmark 5mo
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Thank you so much @TrishB , such a lovely gift! The book wasn‘t on my radar - it sounds wonderful - and the bookmark is Just So Cute! (It‘s possible the chocolate no longer exists 😉). Merry Christmas 🎄

jhod I love all these personalised bookmarks @TrishB , so clever! 11mo
RachelO @jhod They‘re so unique! 11mo
CarolynM It's a beautifully written book. Hope you like it. 11mo
TrishB You‘re welcome 💕 I agree with @CarolynM urs a beautifully written book. I‘ve brought for a few people since I‘ve read. Have a lovely day. 11mo
TrishB @jhod I had time in my sick bed to order! 11mo
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This has been on my tbr for ages, moved a bit nearer the top when @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled reviewed a couple of months ago!
Haven‘t moved off the couch whilst reading this for the last couple of hours. It‘s a wonderful read, a short novel with a big punch and the ending 💔 I did have a few tears.

Centique It sounds so sad! 😥 2y
BarbaraBB Stacked! 2y
TrishB @Centique it is very sad 😢💔 but so worth the read. 2y
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ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I‘m so glad you liked it! Definitely worth the read. 2y
TrishB @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I shall definitely be interested in the authors future books! Such a good read. 2y
CarolynM Loved this one. It is sad but it's beautifully written. 2y
TrishB @CarolynM exactly 👍🏻 2y
Reggie If it can make you cry it is #stackworthy. 2y
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PICK ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️Set in Tasmania, the story of 3 brothers living with an abusive father. The sea acts as metaphor and catalyst for dredging up the past and changing their futures. Ending is a heart-wrencher.

TrishB I have this on the tbr! Just never seems to get to the top - but you might have just done it! 2y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled @TrishB oh good!! It‘s a really quick read. The writing is really good. 2y
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Another Australian edition seahorse cover

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