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Sweet Valley Twins
Sweet Valley Twins: Choosing Sides | Francine Pascal
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Blast from the past. Did anyone else read this series!? Sweet Valley High Senior year. I have books 1 -31. I love the NSYNC sweepstake in the first book! #sweetvalley #summerreading

Reagan Omg were those the ones we were obsessed with? 1y
BRB_ImReading @Reagan yess, I want to re read them 1y
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Reading this brings me back to elementary school again! Who else read and collected these? I remember ordering them from scholastic at school.
I'm reading this for a book challenge, as a book I read as a child.
Definitely nostalgic! 🦄🩰

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The temptation... £1 each 😬

TrishB lol 😁 you know someone‘s had a clear out when you see things like this in charity shops! 3y
jhod I loved these! 😍 3y
eraderneely I have the strong urge to reread this entire series but I‘m sure I would quit after 2 books 😂 3y
Oryx @eraderneely yeah I reread one recently, and that was probably enough for me for a while. If I hadn't read that one, I probably would have bought the whole stack! 3y
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I loved these books as a child... #booktwins #readingresolutions @Jess7

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📚The Sweet Valley Twins, back in elementary school these were my favorites.
📚Wintersong by Jae- Jones
📚Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter
📚The Twilight series (I just feel too old for all the drama and vampires should not glitter).
📚I tag @Tove_Reads

#tuesdaytidbits @JenlovesJT47

JenlovesJT47 Yay for Sweet Valley!!! 🙌🏻 And I agree about Umbridge, she is despicable! 😤 5y
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DRAMA as Elizabeth is upset that her friend wants to join the Unicorn Club's cheer squad ?

In primary school I was obsessed with Sweet Valley & auditioned for the cheer squad. I'm the opposite of what a #cheerleader should be ??‍♀️ Let's never speak of it again. I also filled notebooks with stories in imitation of SV, featuring all white characters with different hair & eye colour. I even gave one "violet" eyes ??‍♀️ #FierceFeb @Cinfhen

RachelAmphlett Crumbs - that takes me back. I was more into Susan Cooper‘s books at the time, but used to borrow these off a mate of mine from time to time. 5y
Cathythoughts This makes me smile, when I think back to my time in school ( many many years ago) I had notions of that sort of thing ( cheerleading type of thing) My co ordination wasn‘t really the best 🙄 (edited) 5y
LauraBeth I loved reading SVH! And I‘m sure you would have made a fine cheerleader 💕 5y
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erzascarletbookgasm Clearly I‘m from a different generation, as I‘ve never read SVH..it was Sweet Dreams series during my time. 😅 5y
Suet624 Awww, 💕💕💕💕 5y
ErikasMindfulShelf I loooooved Sweet Valley Twins 5y
GatheringBooks oh gosh, we are twinsies today. posted something similar!! 5y
kalinichta I love you so much. 💜 This post made me want to squeeze you. I actually was a cheerleader when I was about 10. My ex-husband sometimes threatens to use my cheerleading photo as blackmail. 😱 5y
twohectobooks I‘m sometimes sad about the fact that I spent so much time reading Sweet Valley books in my youth instead of better children‘s classics and that sort of thing, but like... Sweet Valley is the best. 5y
Lacythebookworm I tried out once, too, and it‘s definitely not in my skill set! “Let‘s never speak of it again.” 😂Agreed! 5y
Cinfhen Never read this series either @erzascarletbookgasm but I totally get where it‘s coming from...I think we all dreamed of being the cheerleader 📣 I must say, BRING IT ON was my favorite cheerleader movie...Gabriele Union was #fierce “Brrrr it‘s cold in here, there must be some Clovers in the atmosphere” 5y
batsy @RachelAmphlett Oh, I wish I had discovered Susan Cooper then! I found out about her books a bit later ☺️ 5y
batsy @Cathythoughts Same! 😂 I think we would have made a great uncoordinated team 💕 5y
batsy @LauraBeth You're too kind 😊❤️ Sadly physical agility isn't my thing 😂 Now if it was about different reading positions... 5y
batsy @erzascarletbookgasm Oh yeah! Sweet Dreams were the "racy" series, it was like contraband ? 5y
batsy @Suet624 ❤️ @irre @GatheringBooks I remember how excited I was to go to the bookshop with my dad to pick up the newest one (my mum wouldn't let me buy it 😂) 5y
batsy @kalinichta You are so sweet ❤️❤️ And I love that! I'm sure you were the most adorable cheerleader 😊 5y
batsy @twohectobooks Exactly! 😁 5y
batsy @Lacythebookworm 😂😂 A memory I try not to recollect too often! 5y
batsy That was a good one @Cinfhen I really enjoyed it! 5y
Centique I love this post so much! ❤️I was totally a SVH fanatic - I‘d be in the library though scouring the shelves and getting a new one was The Most Excitement! We didn‘t have cheer teams for kids in NZ back then otherwise I probably would have done the same! 5y
RachelAmphlett @batsy I‘m currently collecting the old editions I had as a kid - started with The Grey King, and working backwards! 5y
batsy @Centique I love hearing about other people's excitement about these books ❤️ Cheer squads were not a thing in Malaysia but the impact of American pop culture on local schoolkids can't be dismissed; girls in my school petitioned to get squads started within our sports "houses"! (We were like a mash-up of Sweet Valley and Mallory Towers ?) 5y
Centique @batsy your school sounds sweet! I went to a very liberal high school that had a reputation for drugs and poor discipline (rather well deserved) No cheer team, barely anyone bothered to watch the school teams play anything. Oh well, we had excellent English teachers so that was 👌 5y
batsy @Centique Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. That's great about the English teachers, though. Good teachers can make a world of difference in a less than ideal environment. I do feel lucky I went to a school that was pretty good in its early days, an all-girls school started by Irish missionaries (!) (So the cheer squad was cheering on other girls, which was pretty cool :) 5y
batsy @RachelAmphlett I would love to get the older editions, too! I should hunt for those. I'm not a fan of the contemporary covers 😬 5y
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