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I Received a Bookmark From an Angel
I Received a Bookmark From an Angel | Julie Ringer
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I was born in 1964 in Wisconsin. Even as a small child, I was always sensitive to the spirit world. Through the years of my life, I had many encounters with the spiritual world. I felt both the presence of God and the presence of something evil. Even now as an adult, I can still feel both of these presences. But looking back at my life, I feel that the realities of my spirit world have made me stronger. This book includes not only my encounters with the spirit world, but the encounters of my family as well. I also added some of my other writings that will enlighten you and change your way of thinking! -Julie Ringer For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
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Sending these bad boys out tomorrow! 🔖🏷 #BookmarkSwap @LibrarianRyan

LibrarianRyan Yeahhhh 4mo
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Treated myself to a new bookmark from Etsy. First time ever.
It's so beautiful such talent!! 🥑😯

💚🧡 This could be a new addiction!!!👏🏻

Megabooks I‘m totally addicted to bookmarks and booksleeves from Etsy! 4mo
thegreensofa @Megabooks oh wow booksleeves too! Now it's going to be a double addiction! 😍😍😍 4mo
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I 💜 Paperback Paradise.

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Taking a leave out of @Lizpixie's book - I organised my bookmarks, fully aware that these are not all of the bookmarks I own.

A lot of them were gifts I received from lovely Littens.

Erofan 😍😍😍 10mo
Kaye What is the oldest one you have ? 10mo
hermyknee I keep my bookmarks in a mug, too! 10mo
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4thhouseontheleft I just organized my bookmarks too! 10mo
Mdargusch Great idea! 10mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Gahhhhh I so wanna organize my bookmarks too but somehow always never got to it because when I do, they seem to be everywhere again! 😓 10mo
Slajaunie Mine are scattered. I find them here or there. I just have to be careful because Linus the cat chews them and so does Moose the dog. 10mo
Elizabeth2 All of mine are in a drawer in my built in bookcase, with other reading things like my e-reader charging cords, loaned books log, torn out articles on books I want to read, TBR journal... This is a lovely idea, and would look good as a decoration on bookshelves. 10mo
Lizpixie Thanks for sharing! Took me ages to get around to it, got sick of being showered in bookmarks every time I tried to yank one out😋 10mo
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My granddaughter Hattie loves wearing the bookmark @Faibka gave me!! #CoverToCover #Bookmark

Alfoster Awwww!😍😍😍 11mo
BrittanyReads Precious 11mo
Faibka So adorable! ❤️ Great alternate use 11mo
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Amiable So much cuteness!! 11mo
tpixie @Faibka yes! 😊😀😂🥰 11mo
Bookzombie So cute! 11mo
tpixie @Bookzombie thanks!! ♥️🥰♥️ 11mo
kspenmoll It‘ s so beautiful on her! 11mo
tpixie @kspenmoll it looks like a real headband!! It‘s a lovely gift from @Faibka from Love Maude on Etsy 11mo
erzascarletbookgasm Adorable! 💗 11mo
tpixie @erzascarletbookgasm thanks. It‘s been great having her and her 2 yo brother around- and all my grown kids! 11mo
Gissy @tpixie your granddaughter is adorable, so cute! 💖✨✨ 11mo
tpixie @Gissy thanks! She is so fun to cuddle with! 11mo
Chrissyreadit Love!!!! 11mo
tpixie @Chrissyreadit thanks!!! My youngest daughter & her family took off today but I still have my 2 sons from California & 1 daughter!! ♥️ 11mo
tpixie @Chrissyreadit lol the dogs are exhausted!!! 11mo
Chrissyreadit Where in California? It must have been fun to have everyone together! 11mo
tpixie @Chrissyreadit one is in LA & the other San Diego! 11mo
Chrissyreadit Nice! My nephew is just outside LA and my other brother is just outside San Fran with his kids. California is just so immense! 11mo
tpixie @Chrissyreadit yes a Big State!! Wish my boys lived closer to each other! 11mo
SailorMoon She is so precious!!! 10mo
tpixie @Hufflepuff16 thanks she has been such a joy!! 10mo
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A friend gave me this awesome bookmark and of course my initial reaction was to yell, “I could stab somebody with this thing!”

AmyG It‘s so pretty. 12mo
RavenLovelyReads Beautiful!! 12mo
Quirkybookworm Gorgeous! 11mo
EyesOnly34 That is really cool...I think I have one like it.... (edited) 10mo
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@MeganAnn - I love my bookmarks! Each one is soooo fun! I love the feather and the little standing guy! I‘m going to have to read several books at one time to use them all! THANK YOU!

MeganAnn Yay! I‘m so glad you like them and that they arrived safely. ❤️✨ 1y
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The perks of a Saturday reference shift! A regular patron came in and gave everyone working today bookmarks from her trip to Israel. So pretty! (Also the tagged book title cracks me up) #librariansoflitsy #saturdaylibrarian

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty!!! 2y
DeeLew Gorgeous! 2y
AmyG How lovely! 2y
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Today‘s #BookMail brought me three of my #bookmarkexchanges with @LitMail members @JacintaMCarter (bottom left) @Robothugs (bottom right) & @EliNeedsMoreShelves (top) Thanks guys, I love them all!💕 The notebook with your sons artwork is so sweet Elizabeth, tell them all I said Thankyou, I love it very much. Mine are terribly late, but I promise you they are coming. I‘ve made a list of everything I‘m catching up on & am working through it👍