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Hufflepuff - Hogwarts House Unofficial Harry Potter Journal Notebook: Unofficial Harry Potter Lined Journal A4 Notebook, for School, Home, or Work, 15
Hufflepuff - Hogwarts House Unofficial Harry Potter Journal Notebook: Unofficial Harry Potter Lined Journal A4 Notebook, for School, Home, or Work, 15 | Unofficial Harry Potter Journa Notebook
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Hufflepuff - Hogwarts House - Unofficial Harry Potter Journal Notebook This is the #1 best journal for school, home, or work. This 150 page journal notebook will help you record all your magical adventures with its awesome design and brilliant lined pages. It's perfect as a daily journal, but it can be used for anything. There are no limits with this great gift for Harry Potter Fans.
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HUFFLEPUFF WIN THE HOUSE CUP on Hogwarts the tournament of houses!!!!! 🖤🏆💛 Well done Hufflepuffs love my house! Well done to all the other houses too was a close win. Fantastic! #hogwartstournament #hufflepuff #harrypotter #win

Cupcake12 Fab programme. Keira and I competed against each other. We have the anniversary reunion ready to record too! Xx (edited) 13mo
hannah-leeloo I was so chuffed when I got questions right 🤣 @Cupcake12 a great show, can't wait to see more. Who won between you and Keira? Xx 13mo
Cupcake12 Keira of course!!! Some of the questions were tricky especially Hermiones parents sofa 🤣 13mo
hannah-leeloo Haha well done Keira for studying Harry Potter sofaology 🤣 @Cupcake12 🏆 13mo
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Better late than never! And this was totally worth the wait! Thank you so much @laur89 for putting in the effort for not one package (that is still lost somewhere) but two amazing gift boxes! I absolutely love everything in here, and the bag is amazing please make sure to tell your daughter that I will be switching purses 😘
#everythingHarryPotterSwap #HufflepuffPride

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Supporting my house for #hufflepuffday and 4 birthdays of people I know. Including my younger brother!

JoScho 🖤💛🖤💛🖤 4y
CoffeeNBooks Hufflepuff! 💛🖤💛 4y
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Saw this while out shopping and was like “treat yo self Hufflepuff” so now it is mine 🖤💛🖤💛🖤

DGRachel Nice!! 5y
AmyG Hooray Hufflepuffs! 5y
heylaurenmack I‘d love to get myself a Ravenclaw mug one day. I found a wood carving on Etsy I want to put on my doorframe for my bedroom. 5y
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Kaye What is it , my Hufflepuffian Friend ? I have no clue what any Harry Potter stuff is and wouldn‘t know a Hufflepuff if he showed up at my front door. ( If he hands out pamphlets about the world ending and says he‘s from the Jehovah Witness Church) , the Hufflepuff will have a smashed in nose from getting the door slammed on it. 5y
Rudis I have this identical mug, and I love it! 😍❤️☕️ 5y
RadicalReader @JoScho absolutely astounding mug love it cannot stop admiring 5y
kspenmoll Such a beautiful mug! 5y
CSeydel Gorgeous! 5y
ericarobynreads 😍😍😍😍 5y
britt_brooke Good decision! 5y
vkois88 I love my Slytherin one... they are so big!!! 5y
JoScho @DGRachel @amyg @kspenmoll @RadicalReader @CSeydel @ericarobynreads @britt_brooke @vkois88 thank you all for supporting my completely frivolous purchase 🖤💛🖤 5y
JoScho @Rudis Hufflepuff pride 🖤👊🏼💛 5y
JoScho @Kaye while packing I have been doing the HP books on audio and so of course I started wondering which of the Hogwarts houses I would be in. I took a few quizzes and found out I was Hufflepuff which is known for kindness and patience and loyalty. Each house is know for different traits-kind of like those personality tests. Litsy has a lot of Hufflepuffs. If I ever get to visit you please don‘t smash my nose in with the door 😊 5y
JoScho @heyLM if I go back and they have a Ravenclaw one I will grab it for you 😊 5y
heylaurenmack @JoScho Girl lemme pay you back if you do!!!! 5y
Soubhiville Hufflepuff forever 👊💛🖤 5y
Kaye @JoScho it sounds like you‘re in the perfect house then. Kindness patience and loyalty describes you perfectly. 💖 5y
HufflepuffGirl90 It‘s so beautiful!!! 😭😍🖤💛🖤💛 5y
Kshakal Yay for fellow hufflepuffs! 5y
Meeko93 💛👌 5y
JoScho @Kaye you are always so sweet Julie. Thank you ☺️💜 5y
JoScho @Soubhiville that‘s right!! 👊🏼💛🖤 5y
JoScho @Kshakal @Meeko93 💛🖤💛 5y
JoScho @HufflepuffGirl90 I was pretty excited about it too. Thanks so much 💛🖤 5y
Monieeka Ahhh where can I get one?! 5y
JoScho @Monieeka I got mine at Ross but I saw them on amazon as well 😊 5y
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I sent these to my boyfriend and his response "??? You are definitely a Hufflepuff."


Thanks for sharing these @GarthRanzz

GarthRanzz They know is don‘t they? My girlfriend said “You‘re Ravenclaw.” Before I‘d even looked at any of them. The one thing I test consistently as is Ravenclaw. 😊 5y
EllieDottie 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛 5y
jfalkens I'm a Hufflepuff too! 💛🖤💛🖤 5y
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wanderinglynn I got 5 of 11, so probably not a Hufflepuff. 5y
julesG 6 out of 9 - guess the Sorting Hat would get a headache 5y
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InBooksILive 11 out of 11. I think I may he a hufflepuff! 🤔 5y
EllieDottie 🖤💛🖤💛 5y
TricksyTails @julesG I think your comments are my favorite parts of these quizzes! 😂 5y
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I just picked up this week‘s Lumberjanes and found some sneaky Hufflepuff colors. Heck yes Molly!💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

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My boss (the owner of and leading attorney at the law firm where I work) is wearing a #Hufflepuff t-shirt today.

She is awesome. I love my (new) job 💛⚡️🤓

#litsyjusticeleague #lawyersoflitsy #harrypotter

Zelma That is completely awesome! 5y
wanderinglynn 👍🏻 I don‘t know your firm, but not something I would expect to see at most law firms. Im an attorney for the govt and even then, most of my colleagues still dress biz casual on Fridays. Sounds like you have a good firm. 😀👏🏻🙌🏻 5y
Ruthiella Huffelpuff would probably practice family law...Slytherin would be corporate law...Griffindor maybe public defender 😀 5y
YouReadMyEyes @wanderinglynn @Ruthiella We do all employment/HR law 🙂 5y
GarthRanzz So cool when the boss not only observes dress down Friday but uses it to declare their House allegiance! 5y
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Thanks @Krisjericho for the link to a fun quiz. Hmmm

lauraodom Lol. That was my result too, but I question its veracity. 😂 5y
Dragon Thanks @lauraodom my thoughts exactly 😂🐉 5y
raelaschoenherr Mine was Ravenclaw for both, and that‘s the house I always get :) 5y
Dragon Thanks @raelaschoenherr Ravenclaw Rules 👍😀🐉 5y
raelaschoenherr ☺️😉 5y
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@Gissy here is the hufflepuff version. All of this stuff fits inside easily. It is $20+ shipping. I wouldn‘t imagine shipping would be much more than $5, if that. I can swing by the post office and see.

Gissy Yes, let me know. It is like a bag? Or something to put on the wall or in the car? 5y
QuothTheRavenclawNevermore I use it as a diaper bag. It slings over your forearm to tote stuff. I always have books in mine, too. I used one for school supplies as well. It has endless possibilities 5y
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