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The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
The Ghost of Thomas Kempe | Penelope Lively
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I have come backe to this towne. Thos. Kempe Bottles have been smashed, doors slammed and strange messages scrawled everywhere. And James is being blamed. Its not fair. Why wont his parents believe in ghosts? Because the ghost of Thomas Kempe is very real. And hes got it in for James ... A great year-round read The Independent
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The Ghost of Thomas Kempe | Penelope Lively
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My first P. Lively turns out to be a children‘s book, a tale of 10-yr old James & a ‘poltergeist‘(a medieval sorcerer) who causes havoc in James‘ household & village, determined to make James his apprentice. Reading this is like being in a time warp..when life in the village is simple with regular tea & supper, climbing apple trees & digging holes are how boys spent their time after school. An atmospheric, sweet tale and a fine author.#Screamathon

batsy I loved this book ❤️ 7d
4thhouseontheleft Great review! 6d
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The Ghost of Thomas Kempe | Penelope Lively
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I‘ve been out of town for the last week and that means exploring new bookshops! I found this treasure (and a few others 😄).

I‘m sure @batsy will approve. 😉


rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 7mo
Leftcoastzen 😀📚Pretty! 7mo
tammysue Beautiful cover 💙 7mo
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batsy I so approve! 😁 Such a sweet story and that's a gorgeous edition 😍 7mo
Tanisha_A I love your town saunterings! 😍 7mo
TrishB Gorgeous ❤️ 7mo
Cathythoughts Nice one 👍🏻♥️ 7mo
Centique It‘s beautiful! 7mo
saresmoore Hooray! 7mo
Aimeesue Great find! 😍 7mo
Tamra Very appealing! 7mo
Sarah83 Looks great 😍 7mo
Reviewsbylola So beautiful! 7mo
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The Ghost of Thomas Kempe | Penelope Lively
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"James looked at him and tried to imagine him as one of those large, shaggy, responsible-looking dogs that carry folded up newspapers and shopping baskets. Tim, squat, square and mongrel, grinned back, independent and unobliging."

Tim is James's #pet dog in this 1973 children's classic. Tim only devotes himself to food, dirt, sleep, and relaxation ?? #goodboy

#maylovesclassics @Sarah83 @Bambolina_81

LeahBergen The Famous Five dog‘s name is Tim, too. And so is my husband‘s. 😂🤣😂🤣 1y
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The Ghost of Thomas Kempe | Penelope Lively
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The first book that came to mind because it's literally about #AChildWithTheGhost 👻 A delightful book with one of the most delightfully doglike dogs in fiction. #nuyear @TrishB @Cinfhen

Cathythoughts 👻Boo @Batsy I‘d like to read about this dog 👍🏻 (edited) 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Sounds like a delightful read. Stacked. 2y
batsy Tim is a great dog @Cathythoughts not nearly enough of him in the book 🐶 2y
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batsy @erzascarletbookgasm A chance purchase from BookXcess 😉 2y
LeahBergen That‘s a nice little edition! 2y
batsy Thanks @LeahBergen it's the Egmont Heritage imprint, these editions are quite lovely 2y
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The Ghost of Thomas Kempe | Penelope Lively
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I loved this! A delightful, charming book about a boy & his ghost 👻. I bought it as a gift but could not stop reading once I had started. Lively's prose is, well, lively (sorry) & the book is shot through with generosity of spirit, wit, humour, & warmth. It was the perfect diversion from the Icelandic chill of Independent People; although I'm loving IP, it's also a heavy book & this was light without being trite. How a children's book should be!

rubyslippersreads Sounds charming! 2y
shawnmooney What a LIVELY review! 😛 2y
batsy @rubyslippersreads It is! I think you'll like it 😊 2y
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batsy @shawnmooney Shawn!!! 2y
shawnmooney 😂😂 2y
batsy @shawnmooney 😂😂😘 2y
rohit-sawant This sounds wonderful! 2y
batsy @rohit-sawant It truly was 😊 I'll have to check out her adult novels, too 2y
LauraBrook Excellent review, as always. And funnily, I bought this for my mom (same edition!) this Christmas - she already read it and shoved it in my hands! Guess I‘m meant to read it. 2y
LauraBrook Lively is becoming one of my favorite authors. I read Going Back last year and it was like a wonderful sort of fever dream. 2y
batsy @LauraBrook How cool is that! I hope you enjoy it 😊And I looked up Going Back and I see that I had liked your review (and that cover!) It sounds absolutely up my street, will try to hunt down a lovely vintage copy if possible ❤️ 2y
Suet624 Wow. You‘ve now “made” me stack 3 books. Like I need that!!! 2y
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