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The Bayeux Tapestry
The Bayeux Tapestry: The Life Story of a Masterpiece | Carola Hicks
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The vivid scenes on the Bayeux Tapestry depict the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. It is one of Europe's greatest treasures and its own story is full of drama and surprise. Who commissioned the tapestry? Was it Bishop Odo, William's ruthless half-brother? Or Harold's dynamic sister Edith, juggling for a place in the new court? Hicks shows us this world and the miracle of the tapestry's making: the stitches, dyes and strange details in the margins. For centuries it lay ignored in Bayeux cathedral until its 'discovery' in the eighteenth century. It became a symbol of power as well as art: townsfolk saved it during the French Revolution; Napoleon displayed it to promote his own conquest; the Nazis strove to make it their own; and its influence endures today. This marvellous book, packed with thrilling stories, shows how we remake history in every age and how a great work of art has a life of its own.
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Finally finished this one. Very interesting. I like how it goes in detail about the events depicted, how they were depicted, how the tapestry was rediscovered in the 18th century and its adventures during the 20th, including a narrow escape from the Nazis.

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The Bayeux Tapestry depicts events during #TheBattle of Hastings in 1066. The tagged book tells the story of the tapestry. #SoaringScores @Cinfhen @CrowCAH

CrowCAH Wow that‘s some intricate stitching! 1mo
TheEllieMo @CrowCAH it‘s an incredible piece of work, some 70m long, apparently! 1mo
Cinfhen Echoing @CrowCAH really spectacular 1mo
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My bedside table reading. It has pictures!

Also, quite a bit of interesting history.

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I don‘t remember this part of The Bayeux Tapestry... 🤔

mydearwatson So that took me longer than it should have... 5mo
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My first book purchase here in the U.K. The Reading Museum has the only "copy" of the tapestry in the world (the original is in Normandy), recreated by about 65 women embroidering the copy in the 1880s. I learned about the tapestry in the book The Monument Men and it has a fascinating history, believed to have been made about the battle a few years after the conquest of England in 1066 by William the Conqueror.

Moray_Reads Have you seen this recent version? 😍😍 http://www.foliosociety.com/book/BYX/bayeux-tapestry 2y
Texreader @Moray_Reads Thank you for sharing this link! It was news to me and how wonderful that it has been reproduced in this way!! Love it! ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
LeahBergen I read a good work of historical fiction about it that you might like, too 2y
Texreader @LeahBergen Oh yes! It's on my tbr list. 2y
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