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The Reading Promise
The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared | Alice Ozma
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When Alice Ozma was in 4th grade, she and her father decided to see if he could read aloud to her for 100 consecutive nights. On the hundreth night, they shared pancakes to celebrate, but it soon became evident that neither wanted to let go of their storytelling ritual. So they decided to continue what they called "The Streak." Alice's father read aloud to her every night without fail until the day she left for college. Alice approaches her book as a series of vignettes about her relationship with her father and the life lessons learned from the books he read to her. Books included in the Streak were: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the Oz books by L. Frank Baum, Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and Shakespeare's plays.
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Tropical chicken salad sandwich and watermelon mojito smoothie and a new read. I am finally getting to my #nonfictionchallenge2018 book for June.

Reviewsbylola Sounds so yummy! 🍉 2y
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#FierceFeb Day 21: After all those books read, I would think Ozma would say something like I am #NoOnesLittleGirl - the premise of this book is fascinating. I acquired this book a few years back and really look forward to reading it.

batsy Sounds great! Lovely cover. 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Love the cover 2y
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Disclaimer: I listened to the audiobook. I loved this book. The chapters are quick and insightful. There are scattering of book quotes throughout. And each chapter relates to books the author was reading and how those stories shaped her life and her view on life. Amazing look at the effects reading can have on our children.

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I do a lot of thinking about WHY I enjoy reading. I grew up in a house where Reading wasn‘t encouraged . I wasn‘t read to, no one else read for entertainment, and I was constantly being told to put that book down . I was even asked, once a couple years ago, What Do You GET out of these things? ( holding up my current read).

Who was your reading inspiration ? Since I didn‘t have one, I‘ll ask who yours was.

DGRachel This makes me sad. Mine was @dsfisher She read to me all the time when I was little and she‘s always been a reader. I always envied both Mom‘s reading speed, retention ability, and her ability to read with the TV on. 😊 2y
Cathythoughts I didn‘t learn to love reading at home. I learned from a particularly amazing English teacher I had in secondary school ( high school). Reading was not part of my childhood either. But it is now 🎉 (edited) 2y
Captivatedbybooks I was always drawn to books as a child even though i couldnt read well and eventually my mom had to pay for a tutor. But my mom loved to reading and encouraged anything that had to do with learning. 2y
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Kaye That‘s wonderful @DGRachel . What a great answer. 🙂 At least, as an adult, I made books a huge part of our kid‘s lives. They practically grew up in the library, and I read to them often. When I began taking care of my grandson , I remember telling him stories when he was just a babe.. he loved Jack and the Beanstalk, The 3 Little Pigs. I started picking up books for him and we would read every day before his nap. He loved The Spooky Old Tree 🌳 (edited) 2y
Chelleo I was the only reader in my family. My dad worked for a company that gave books to the employees kids for Christmas each year. That‘s what truly got me. I‘ll also blame Sesame Street and my school library! It tickles me to see how much my sons (4 and 3 years old) love reading. Every night we read a book together and the youngest demands to take one to read in his bed after I tuck him in. I pulled about 4 books out of his bed the other day 😂😂🤣 (edited) 2y
Kaye @Cathythoughts That‘s great. I always admire teachers that are so enthusiastic about reading. I didn‘t have any of those either. Most of my teachers, I think, were alive during the Civil War. Our school looked like a nursing home for teachers. So that‘s not where I got it. Maybe the aliens 👽 landed and implanted it in my brain. 2y
Kaye @Captivatedbybooks That‘s great that your mom put such importance into reading. I‘m glad you had the tutor to help you enjoy reading 👍 2y
julesG My mum worked in the village library as librarian before I was born and when I was little. It was more voluntary work than paid job but I practically grew up in that attic room full of books. I knew the children's books by heart before I started school. Reading and basic maths, on the other hand, I taught myself with obituaries and gravestones Reading the names and calculating the age of the deceased. I think I was 4 or 5 y/o. 2y
Chelleo That pic would make an awesome #bookishscreen 2y
Kaye Great story, @Chelleo . I‘m glad you are passing the love of books on to your kids ♥️ 2y
Cathythoughts Yes maybe the aliens 🤔😂. Or, maybe there was always a reader inside you just waiting to get out......😘 2y
Kaye @julesG 😮Wow, how lucky you were, to grow up surrounded by a library, with a mom who worked there ! Great. I also thought it was cool that you liked reading the gravestones to calculate ages. ✨ 2y
Cailey_Mac Hmmm my parents always encouraged reading, and they read to me every night until I was maybe 6-7... I just remember everyone in my family being excited that I was reading, and I throughly loved the feeling of finishing a book, and later on reading a really great story and realizing that most books were better than what was on tv 2y
Kaye @Cathythoughts I‘m glad I let The Reader out 😁 One of the best things I‘ve ever done. 2y
Kaye @Cailey_Mac You were blessed to grow up in a place like that, where Reading was valued so highly. 2y
AmyG My mother read to me as a child and I have wonderful memories of that. But I began reading as an escape. My stepfather wasn‘t the greatest guy. Ha...I guess that‘s the silver lining. 2y
Kaye @AmyG you know, I read that someplace a long while ago, that some kids who read a lot, do it as an escape from their surroundings. I‘m glad your mom gave you the key to that escape. I‘m sorry about your stepdad 😢 2y
Cailey_Mac @Kaye I was very lucky; I often wonder if I would be an voracious a reader if the situation was different, or if I would be like you and love books regardless 😊 most of the time when someone thinks I‘m crazy for reading, I explain the plot out to them and most people actually say “Okay, that sounds pretty interesting” 2y
Kaye True, maybe I read as sort of a quiet rebellion ? I was always a good kid and obeyed the rules, but the book rule didn‘t apply. We had the perfect climbing tree in our front yard.. I‘d climb up there with a book so no one would bother me. I was also a flashlight reader, and read under the covers at night. At my age now, I don‘t really care if others approve of my time spent reading. A very FREE feeling. @Cailey_Mac (edited) 2y
AmyG Thanks, Kaye....for your kind words. It was another lifetime. 2y
TheKidUpstairs @Chelleo my 4 year old does the same thing! He always has to pick a "bed book" and his younger brother is starting to do the same thing. 2y
Kaye @AmyG. Yep. I get where you‘re coming from. ❤️ 2y
Lcsmcat “Our school looked like a nursing home for teachers.” 😂😂 I had a mother who read to us, read for pleasure herself, and filled the house with good books. And, since we were not well off, trips to the library were our treats because they didn‘t cost anything. 2y
Kaye @Lcsmcat That sounds great. It‘d seem strange to me to have had a parent take me to the library. Thankfully, we lived close enough for me to walk . * On a side note, our teachers were all white haired, had canes, glasses, hearing aids , etc. The lady teachers wore the old lady flowered dresses with the pantyhose that had the lines up the back and grandma shoes If you would pat them on the back, I think dust would poof off 💨 (edited) 2y
croberts51 My grandma. She used to work at a library in an elementary school and every holiday she‘d get me books. It took me a long time to be able to read some of them but she always encouraged me to keep reading, keep challenging myself. Even now, in my 20s she is pushing me to read different books. 2y
kspenmoll So happy you persisted despite the lack of support. I am lucky; my parents were both readers & weekly library visitors. My aunt gave each of us ( 7 sibs & parents) 2 books for Christmas & birthdays. We all were so excited Christmas Day when she arrived bearing her book box! My aunt continued tradition with grand nieces & nephews( including my son) until about 10 yrs ago when she was 85 & too many grands... (edited) 2y
Kaye @croberts51 Wonderful Grandma 👵🏼. You‘re so lucky and she still encourages your reading. 👍🏼 (edited) 2y
Kaye @kspenmoll Wow , you grew up surrounded with book lovers ❤️ 2y
Olivia306 Wow, it must have been a difficult situation for you, but there you go - you persisted in your love for books, despite a lack of support. 🤓I am very lucky to have both parents compulsive readers and even worse, compulsive buyers of books. 🤓They still have a massive library. But for instance my siblings don't care much about books or reading. I seem to be the only one to have inherited their love for books. 2y
SheilaChew My seventh grade teacher flipped my reading switch to ON. She was a wonderful person and I hope she knows how much she meant to me. 💕 2y
Kaye @olivia306 isn‘t that strange how the “reading gene” seems to transfer to some kids and not others, but all in the same family ? That must be a treat to visit your parent‘s house and snoop on their shelves to see what all they‘ve purchased 😮 2y
Kaye @SheilaChew Do you live close enough to visit the school where your teacher works ? You could thank her in person, or just drop her a thank you in the mail. I bet it‘d make her day ♥️ 2y
CaitZ I have wonderful memories of my Grandmother reading to me. I'm sure my mother must have read to me also because she was a librarian, but I don't remember her doing that. 2y
Reggie My dad. Everywhere we went he had a book with him. I would look at him and wonder where he was. 2y
clairehaye Like you i was a bit of an odd bod in my house for reading with my younger siblings particularly baffled by it. Think the books themselves were my inspiration as more I read more I wanted to read - like a literary addiction 2y
SheilaChew Yes, I do live close - I looked her up a few years ago to find out she died. I‘ll have to thank her in the next life! 2y
Kaye @CaitZ That‘s great that your grandma read to you. Good memories. ✨ @Reggie That‘s neat that your dad always carried a book 📚Smart guy ! @clairehaye Yes, I‘m sure the enjoyment of the books also helped push me to read more, so maybe that is partly it. @SheilaChew Too bad your teacher is no longer among the living. You could visit her grave and put flowers and a note on it. Or just talk to her . I talk to a deceased friend at his gravesite. 2y
Kaye PS @SheilaChew Nope, I‘m not crazy. 2y
SheilaChew 😁💕 2y
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I can't stand seeing parents with kids in tow totally occupied my their phones.

TrishB In my case its the teenagers on the phone! 2y
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1. Road trip to Starved Rock
2. Not really a season...rainy afternoon while the kids are quiet watching a movie
4. Usually 0️⃣ I prefer 🆓at the local library
5. Not a particular place. I just love be transported to somewhere else
6. Kiddos
7. None. Putting tax 💲 to work at the local library

GypsyKat Wow! You are the first person I've seen who doesn't own a single unread book. Kudos for being such a great library patron! 👏👏👏 2y
Jensol77 @GypsyKat I just can't see buying something I can get for free. Once in a while, I'll buy a book if I'm going to share with my mom. I also buy audios that are not available in the library. We have to let those tax dollars work for us 🤑 2y
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#fallintobooks Day 5 #someoneelsereading

This is a fabulous book and something to aspire to with my own kid!


BucklingBookshelves Agreed 100% ! Loved it on audio - intro read by her dad and the rest read by Alice :) 2y
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Alice was raised mainly by a single dad so their way to connect was through books. They made a pact to read every night for 100 nights. When they surpassed that, they made their goal 1000 nights. They never missed a night from age 9, until 18, the day she left for college. A beautiful book lover's story, it has a list of all the books they read together . It may encourage you to find a reading buddy in your own life.

MrBook Wonderful! Added! 2y
Kaye Thank you. Enjoy. 2y
wanderlustforwords That sounds love confirming! 2y
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I'd call it a pick. It's a simple and sweet story about a girl and her dad, the importance of reading, and the importance of family. A sweet read for anyone, but especially those who are lucky enough to have a strong father-daughter relationship, or those who did.

BucklingBookshelves Loved this one! 2y
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A little over halfway, thanks to some #audiomowing. Pushing a mower after working all day is not a good time. Hoping to finish this before I crash for the night.

cariashley Audiomowing, that's a new one! Good for you! 2y
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If you have to work on a Saturday, you may as well have some entertainment.

Reecaspieces I am with ya!! 2y
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1. I'm reading at my parents' house (ideally, the porch)
2. This is my first 24in48, but I have done Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon whenever possible for years @DeweysReadathon
3. I heard about it on Litsy
4. Shadowhouse Fall by Daniel Jose Older
5. I'm a YA librarian. Working with teenagers has been a great learning curve about Manga, a genre I knew nothing about before

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#17rainbowbooks. I'm starting a day late, but it looked like so much fun that I couldn't resist joining in!

howjessreads Hooray! 3y
BucklingBookshelves Have you read The Reading Promise yet? I loved it! 3y
smilingshelves I have! Oh, if only I could do the same thing with my son! 3y
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I'm only 38 pages in, but loving this memoir by a daughter whose father read to her nightly for eight straight years. Anybody else read this one?

Lucylovesreading I used to read to my parents every night before bed as a kid for half an hour. It's one of the things that shaped me into the voracious reader I am today! 3y
GAustin I have. I loved it. I loved it because of the relationship between them. I read it New when they were doing a book tour and Sunday Morning show did a piece on them. It encouraged me to read to my daughter more. I did not beat "The Streak" 2y
SusaninTX @GAustin The relationship was the best thing about it. I'd love to get it into the hands of more young parents to inspire the next generation. 😊 2y
GAustin @SusaninTX Yes! It's on my Favorite shelf for that very reason. I recommend it as much as I can without being obnoxious about it. 😁 2y
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I enjoyed the last third of the book more than the first two thirds, but I think I'd like the whole thing even more if I read it rather than listened

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This book is poignant and funny, recalling the reading streak the author and her dad adhered to for years. The last chapter was especially inspiring in its defense of reading and reading aloud.

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"I promise to be there for books, because I know they will always be there for me."

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