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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Frank Berrios
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Now even the youngest Disney Princess fans can enjoy the classic story of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"! This sturdy board book features stunning full-color art as well as simple, easy-to-read text.
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Rewatching Once Upon A Time becuz I dont remember where I left off before and waiting for my little guy to get to bed before I listen to a book.

@ElizaMarie @AsYouWish @jb72

Butterfinger Love love. 2y
ElizaMarie I don't think I have ever seen this one! 2y
AkashaVampie @ElizaMarie u have never seen Once Upon A Time??? 2y
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Bookworm54 I think I got to season 3 or 4? And then gave up again. I need more time! Haha 2y
Mrs_B Love this series!!! Even my husband would watch it with me - for the crocodile. 2y
ElizaMarie Nope never seen it. So I am guessing you think I should? Also what is it streaming on so I can check it out! 2y
AkashaVampie @ElizaMarie it's on Netflix. I cant believe u have never seen it. U are in for a treat 2y
ElizaMarie @AkashaVampie ooo okay! that is the plan for tonight (I am going to be watching the phantom musical shortly!) But yes. I put “Once Upon a Time“ on my list. 2y
ElizaMarie @AkashaVampie didn't get to it yet. Yesterday my husband and I were continuing our binge of What We Do in Shadows (which is super funny!) Anyway... I t is on my list so I probably will watch it throughout the day sometime. 2y
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“Together, the Prince and Snow White rose off to his castle, where they lived happily ever after”

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Snow White and the seven dwarfs adapted by Liza Baker. This book is a written version of the class movie of Snow White. It is such a fun creative book that young kids will love!

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True love‘s kiss brought Snow White back to life. That‘s what I always thought, but now I see that there are other theories as well. 🤔#rightnexttotherightone #septemberdanes

Kalalalatja Now I want to know what the other theories are! 4y
DivineDiana @Kalalalatja @jpmcwisemorgan Something about the apple being dislodged from her throat while being transported to the Prince‘s castle in her glass casket. Another involves a servant picking up the body, and the apple is dislodged. 🤷‍♀️ (edited) 4y
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julesG @Kalalalatja Snow White, in the tame children's fairy tale, was not woken by a kiss. A piece of the poisoned apple got stuck in her throat, she fell over, not breathing. The dwarves found her and put her in a glass coffin. The prince happened to come by right then and fell in love with her - based on her looks, of course. He persuaded the dwarves to take her to his castle. On the rocky road the coffin was shaken about so much that the piece 👇 4y
julesG Of apple was dislodged and Snow White came back to live. Cue Happily Ever After. 4y
Kalalalatja Ahhh, okay! Thanks @DivineDiana and @julesG 4y
jpmcwisemorgan @DivineDiana @julesG Oh I know that one! I think that‘s the original Grimm‘s version. I was hoping maybe someone had elaborated on the Snow White is a vampire theory. 4y
DivineDiana @jpmcwisemorgan Would love to hear that one! 😮 4y
Shmemilina Neil Gaiman has a really good short story about that! @jpmcwisemorgan @DivineDiana 4y
erzascarletbookgasm @julesG Oh, now I know..Thank you! 4y
DivineDiana @Shmemilina Thank you! Need to investigate! 🙂 4y
Cathythoughts Perfect 🌹 4y
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So my other addiction besides books is makeup! Perfect timing to the retelling swap is the Snow White palette that just came yesterday! 😍 Im obsessed!!! 🍎

GypsyKat Oh. My. God. 😍😍😍😍😍 5y
bookish_wookish Theres a whole collection being released and i cant wait!!! @GypsyKat 5y
GypsyKat @bookish_wookish I'm a complete sucker for stuff like this! 😆 5y
abbsinwonderland 😍😍😍 absolutely gorgeous 5y
OrangeMooseReads Ooohhhh 😍 5y
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My library photo with Snow White 😅 trying not to look goofily amazed. Belle was jam packed at the photo booth and really didn't stay long, while Snow White was generously cool in traveling around. - The epically amazing thing was how she kept entirely on princess sign-language, never saying a word.