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Waiting Is Not Easy!
Waiting Is Not Easy! | Mo Willems
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Gerald is careful. Piggie is not.Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can.Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In Waiting Is Not Easy!, Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but he is going to have to wait for it. And Wait. And wait some more...
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Sometimes when you miss someone, you go water their garden because they‘re away. And that helps you feel closer.

UnidragonFrag Pretty garden! I know those feels 💚 2mo
kgriffith Thank you for taking care of my garden, and for making me tear up in the camp van. I miss you, too. ❤️ 3 days, 7 hours, 13 minutes til you land! 😍 2mo
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My handsome big 19 month old boy earlier today just lounging with one of his favorite books. 💙🐘🐖
(Goofy face because he thought the camera was going to flash in his face again. 😂)

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This F picture book was created and illustrated by Mo Willems. Mo Willems received the Theodore Geisel award for this creation. Since this text is meant for younger, beginner readers it would be most efficient as a GR activity. This unique story of a friendship between an elephant and a pig teaches an important lesson. Piggie has something for Gerald, but he must wait for it.

kkidwell Can he do it? You‘ll have to read to find out. Patience is something that most children struggle with. This text can begin a discussion and understanding of what being patient means and the consequences of waiting. #UCFLAE3414F17 2y
kkidwell Link: http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/next-step-guided-reading-assessment/pdfs/...
The link is a lesson plan for how to properly complete a guided reading session. It includes information on completing tasks before, during, and after the reading.
kkidwell UDL: 7.2 Optimize relevance, value, and authenticity
UDL: 9.2 Facilitate personal coping skills and strategies
ESOL: 11 Place language in meaningful content
ESOL: 3 Encourage self-talk (positive thinking)
(edited) 2y
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This book is about Piggie having a surprise for Gerald the Elephant. Gerald is super excited but at the same time very impatient for the surprise. He learns that being patient was worth it because it was a great surprise. This is an awesome story to teach students about being patient. As a teacher we will always be busy and students may not always understand that. This is a book I would share when a students is impatient towards the teacher or

brittanyg classmate. EL 15 Reinforce the key ideas you present again and again. This is an important message that a lot of time is talked about quite a few times in a classroom daily. UDL 1.2 Offer alternatives for auditory information. I could use this book but also have them read another one about the same main point for better understanding. http://pigeonpresents.com/content/uploads/2017/08/EandP_eventkit_2015.pdf this is after reading discussion 2y
brittanyg questions for students to use there prior knowledge/experiences to talk about the topic of patience. This is a Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor Book and I would use it as CR because it is a simple piece of text. And is RF #UCFLAE3414F17 (edited) 2y
JaymeeKendall Patience is a very important lesson! 2y
jvinas2 It's awesome to help remind kids how important And beneficial it is to be patient, and this book is great for that! 2y
MadisonCarter This cover makes me LOL. I hope to add this one to my E&P collection soon. I think it provides a valuable lesson and would make a great tool to have in the classroom for “one of those days”. 2y
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My kids really enjoy the elephant and piggie books...and this was the first title that came to mind after "Waiting for Godot." The simple words and clear frustrations of elephant and piggie are always funny and relatable. #waiting #uncannyoctober

Jas16 Love reading these books with my niece and nephews! 2y
Blaire @Jas16 yes! Love kid books that are also fun for the grown-ups. 2y
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Whenever we go to the bookstore with my daughter we read her books. This time, she read me a book! 😁

#raisingreaders #kidbook

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I really like these Elephant and Piggie books. They're pretty cute and the kiddo likes em.

#drseuss #picturebook #kidlit

LeslieO These are the best! I love reading them aloud to my pre k students. 2y
UnidragonFrag @LeslieO they are fun to read aloud! But we have then for my kiddo to read. Or try her best at least. 2y
merelybookish There was a great profile of Mo Willems in the New Yorker in the last few months. Well worth a read! 2y
Lmstraubie 💙💚💛 Mo Willems!!!! The man is a true genius when it comes to children's books! 2y
UnidragonFrag @merelybookish huh! I'll have to check it out, thanks! @Lmstraubie yes! I completely agree! 2y
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Early morning flight tomorrow and I'm up late worried about what to pack...
Hope I haven't forgotten anything 😬

KarenUK Safe travels 💕💕💕 3y
sarielizbeth I love these PoPs! 3y
GlitteryOtters Have a safe flight! ✨ 3y
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MyNamesParadise I loved the Chemistry between those 2 in the movies!! 3y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @GlitteryOtters, thanks :) it was super short! Felt like getting on the plane took longer than the flight itself! 3y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @MyNamesParadise, that's why they are my favourites ❤ 3y
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My Book Outlet order *was* supposed to arrive today but when I checked tracking just now, the delivery date got pushed back to tomorrow despite the box arriving in Albuquerque yesterday. Grr. I want my books! 😞

Reviewsbylola Ugh I hate that!! 3y
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Wrapping this up for my 4 year old. I can't remember who recommended Mo Willems to me on here, but we picked a couple of his books up from the library and my son loved them! This one is going under the tree for him, and I can't wait. (Haaaaaa pun...) #kidlit #litsyreccomends

Suzze My storytime kids knew Miss Suzze's favorites were Elephant and Piggy. We Are in a Book is my favorite. 3y
haileybean @Suzze I think I'm going to have to get more of these books for him. He loves them and I'm game for reading him books he'll sit and listen to. 3y
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Happiness is getting notified yesterday that you have 3 packages coming from UPS today by 'end of day.' #bookmail😄Agony is that it is just after 8:00 PM and they are not here yet!😕 I'm at the end of the route & have had a few deliveries as late as 8:45-but there was that one time when they didn't arrive & it 'updated' at the end of the night & the notice said that I had changed the delivery date to the following day. Not! Grrr...😖 #wantmybooks

Inked.and.nerdy My house is always at the end of the line too!!! I hate it!! 3y
EvieBee Same here! Especially with the holidays it can be as late as 9:30. 3y
DebinHawaii @Inked.and.nerdy @EvieBee84 So you know the pain & agony! 😆 3y
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Grimscythe My mother and I have a feud with UPS. They are the only ones that don't deliver to her house, because they say it doesn't exist. >.> Instead they deliver our packages to her old house from about five, six years ago. 3y
DebinHawaii @EMJenkinson How frustrating! They are back on my 'bad' list today as they didn't deliver and my packages are back to 'out for delivery' again today. Grrr... 😡 3y
Grimscythe @DebinHawaii eek! At least they attempt re delivery! Mine tries once, and that is it. 3y
MyNamesParadise #wantmybooks is the best hashtag I've seen in a while!! 🙂 I hope they arrive promptly! 3y
DebinHawaii @EMJenkinson @MyNamesParadise Well they're obligated because they never made it the first time--I think when it gets too late they don't do the end of the route. But the big bummer is I have 3 packages coming & 2 were at my door when I got home but the one I really want was not. Tracking shows it's still out for delivery & 2 show as delivered. So it apparently (hopefully?!) is on a different truck-but who knows if my B&N order will get here!?😫 3y
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#hamilton is everywhere!

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Yes, waiting is hard! But, waited too long? How very wrong Gerald is! Young readers learn some things ARE worth waiting all day for.

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