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Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors
Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors | Molly Harper
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The fourth book in the sexy, hilariously fun, (Romantic Times Top Pick) romantic comedy series about a childrens librarian turned vampireperfect for fans of Katie Macalister and MaryJanice Davidson. WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD. Just as Jane Jamesons unlife seems to be stabilizing, fate sinks its fangs firmly into her butt. Despite her near-phobia of wedding planning, her no-frills nighttime nuptials to her sexy boyfriend, Gabriel, are coming along smoothly. That is, until she turns a fatally wounded teenage acquaintance, and the Council pronounces her responsible for the newborn vamp until he can control his thirst. Janes kitchen barely holds enough Faux Type O to satiate the cute teens appetite and maintain Gabriels jealous streak at a slow simmer. As if keeping her hyperactive childe from sucking the blood out of the entire neighborhood isnt enough to deal with, the persnickety ghost of Janes newly deceased grandma Ruthie has declared war on the fanged residents of River Oaks. Suddenly choosing monogrammed cocktail napkins and a cake she cant even eat seem downright relaxing in comparison. Tensions inside the house are growingand outside, a sinister force is aiming a stake straight for the center of Gabriels heart. Most brides just have to worry about choosing the right dress, but Jane fears that at this rate, shell never make it down the aisle for the wedding all nice girls dream of
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Not the most direct quote about #charity but it made me laugh. 😉

“Oh, that‘s a dress for the costume shop down the street. Our seamstresses do repairs and alterations for them all the time. DeeDee Wilkins-Reed dressed up as Elizabeth Bennet for some charity costume thing a few weeks back and split a seam. That just goes to show that dress clothes and a few dozen sausage balls don‘t mix.”

TK-421 😄 3mo
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Vampire #neighbors might make some people feel conflicted, but I‘d be happy if Jane Jameson & her Half-Moon Hollow friends were my neighbors.🖤

TheSpineView Great series! 😍 4mo
Eggs Well done 👍🏼 🧛🏼‍♀️🖤 4mo
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Jane Jameson is such a fun character. I‘ll miss her being the main focus, but happy to continue with more Half Moon Hollow citizens.

tracey38 What a fun title! 8mo
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This is the fourth book in the Jane Jameson series. I live Jane's snarky attitude and her no nonsense way of dealing with life. In this story she becomes a sire for the first time and finally agrees to marry Gabriel. Of course things never go smoothly for her as trouble always seems to find her. A light read and fun story. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

ravenlee I really enjoyed this series! 2y
TheSpineView @ravenlee I did too! It has been my go to when I was in the mood for a funny, light story. 2y
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Morning walk while it's still a pleasant 70 degrees. A beautiful sunny day so far. I went across the highway to look at the bay then, back along it to my neighborhood-about 40 minutes-working on building up those lungs again.😆Still listening to the pictured audiobook that isn't in the Litsy database so I tagged it under another of Harper's books. Jumping in the shower, making a grocery run & then hopefully some reading time. Happy Weekend! 🌺🌴

theresidentromantic Molly Harper has the cutest writing style! I'm about half way into the nice girls series on audio. It's nice when I need something light and funny with a glass of wine. 4y
DebinHawaii @theresidentromantic She is a great pick for light and snarky fun! Her Nice Girls & Half Moon Hollow books are my favorites. 📚👍 4y
Jokila I‘ve never tried her before. Maybe I should try this one with my next audible pick ☺️ 4y
mcipher I love the Nice Girls series - so fun and hilarious. 👏 4y
Mrs_Kim She has great narrators for her books! I really enjoyed this one! 4y
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#Chloe investigating my #bookbarn #bookhaul and new Book Barn mug - I have been dying to buy one and finally went for it today, even though we really have enough mugs. 😏 @MinDea

rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 4y
ericarobynreads Awesome!! I LOVE The Book Barn! I‘m hoping to go back this summer 😁 4y
Jennick2004 She so purdy 💜 4y
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Captivatedbybooks Never enough mugs! 4y
LauraJ If you have enough mugs, you must not be drinking enough coffee ☕️ 4y
mcipher @ericarobynreads I keep thinking there should be a Litsy Book Barn meetup! It would be so fun. 😄 4y
mcipher @Captivatedbybooks @LauraJ Thanks for supporting me - now I have arguments when my husband complains they don‘t all fit in the cabinet. 😂 4y
mcipher @Jennick2004 Thank you! She is a naughty but adorable little beast. 😼 4y
MinDea Ohhhhh she's so cute!!!!!!!! 4y
mcipher @MinDea She has to be to get away with how naughty she is!! 4y
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It's actually about 5 degrees higher in temp & going between cloudy & rainy but they got the humidity right and I have to laugh because I was trying very hard to avoid "that one super annoying neighbor" as I was going to & from running errands this morning. ? #WTForecast gets me! ??

britt_brooke 😂😂😂 4y
Rachaeldulaney20 Right lol I love that app 4y
Lmstraubie 😂😂😂 4y
DeeLew I just ran into my super annoying neighbor. 😂😂 She asks 570 questions in 2 minutes. I should say, she SHOUTS questions. Too much for an introvert. 😖🙉😂 4y
DebinHawaii @DeeLew She sounds just like my super annoying neighbor--and yes, much too much for an introvert!! 😱 4y
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Have you read any of this series? It's what initially got me into audio books. Love it! It regularly makes me laugh out loud. Just started this one, and then ill need to find a new fluffy series to keep me company while doing chores. Any suggestions (audio)?

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The #ThreeFictionalCharacters that best describe me are :

#JaneJameson: Klutzy✅ she was a librarian ✅- my minor is library science, and delightfully sarcastic ✅

#Alice (The darker, video game version): A dark past✅ spend a lot of time in personal "wonderland"✅

#HermioneGranger: Ridiculous hair✅ primarily friends with boys ✅ nose perpetually stuck in a book ✅ rules oriented until it's time to break them - then you better watch out!✅

TheNextBook I love the Hermione pic! 5y
TheNextBook I wish I knew who made it. I saved it to my phone a while ago because it's perfect 5y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @TheNextBook I agree! It really is perfect! I wish I could tell you who did it, but batcii.tumblr.com is the photo credit on the huffpost article I got it from, if that helps? 5y
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