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Runnin' Down a Dream
Runnin' Down a Dream: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers | Tom Petty
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Chronicles Tom Petty's musical career and life for more than three decades, featuring hundreds of unpublished photographs and memorabilia from his personal archives.
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#ItTakesAllKinds @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs

I posted a book already for today's prompt. However, this song was the first thing to come to my mind and now it is stuck in there. Decided to share with you.


Leftcoastzen Miss Tom Petty 💔 2mo
Eggs Loved Petty RIP 2mo
TheSpineView @Eggs 💔 so sad he is gone. 2mo
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“You belong among the wildflowers / You belong in a boat out at sea / Sail away, kill off the hours / You belong somewhere you feel free.” Tom Petty, “Wildflowers.” Image via Pinterest. ✌️🌺🌸🦋🧚🏼‍♂️🍃🌼🌻✌️😊

tammysue Love this! ❤️🌸🦋 6y
Craftylikefox Love this! @joscho 💕 6y
Leftcoastzen So not over his passing.😢 6y
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This one hit me harder than expected. So many of my life memories are mapped to Tom Petty songs. And there is no better wordplay in rock than when he rhymes 'tattoo' with 'a tattoo too'. RIP Petty

StephBengtson Me too. He was the greatest. 7y
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Not really book related but as I figure songs are poetry set to music and Tom Petty was a great songwriter. I'm dedicating today's shift to Tom Petty.

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This one hurts. I have so many fond memories of listening to Tom Petty with my late father. RIP 😪

Mdargusch He was one of my favorites. 😢 7y
Bibliogeekery ❤️ 7y
DarcysMom 💔 7y
mrozzz 😢💜 7y
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This album rocked my 11 yr old world back in the day and I'm so saddened to know we lost another great musician in 2017! Gonna miss you something fierce Petty! ♥
#riptompetty #tompetty #missyou #anotheronebitesthedust

imabusybee Taken to soon 7y
mariaku21 @imabusybee I knoooow! I'm gonna be hurting for a while like I did when Carrie Fisher passed away 7y
sarahnicoloff Great album. We willy never see anyone like Tom again. R.I.P Tom, you legend. 7y
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Not book related, but still. Although technically before my time, Tom Petty saw a resurgence in popularity that coincided with my teenage years. In fact, Petty‘s greatest hits served as my own personal soundtrack in high school. I was lucky enough to see him in concert once and he did not disappoint. The world is mourning a lot of untimely losses today. I am saddened to see Tom Petty‘s name (might) be added to that list.

Purrfectpages @kalinichta I just saw that the news jumped the gun. How horrible for his family! 7y
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Seriously this day today 😭☹️

Suet624 Seriously. I give up. 7y
TheBookHippie @Suet624 Thinking of how I‘ll answers kiddos for the rest of the week and this news hits. Unreal. So much shock and sadness .... 7y
OrangeMooseReads I‘m done to with today! It can go straight to hell! 😡😢 7y
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Suet624 💕💕💕 7y
Bookish.Heart Awww Tom petty??? No way! 😢😕😖 7y
TheBookHippie @Bookish.Heart unreal. So very sad. 7y
Lissa00 😢😢😢 7y
OrangeMooseReads When I googled it I saw that they had miscommunicated and he is still clinging to live as of 2 hrs ago. UCLA medical center isn‘t confirming as of 25 minutes ago. (edited) 7y
TheBookHippie @OrangeMooseReads yes I believe they have him on life support or just taken him off ? A miracle would be wonderful . They keep sending out conflicting reports !!! Sigh. 7y
AmyG I grew up to his music. Oh man. 😪 7y
BookwormAHN So sad. I also grew up on his music. 😿😿😿 7y
OrangeMooseReads @TheBookHippie last I saw just a little bit ago, was that after being taken off life support he started breathing on his own. I would love a win/miracle today (edited) 7y
Billypar The first story I heard just said that headlines about his death were retracted and didn't elaborate so I thought it was some kind of crazy hoax. Sad to learn otherwise, but hope he pulls through. 7y
TheBookHippie The family just announced his passing...@OrangeMooseReads 😭😭😭 7y
TheBookHippie @OrangeMooseReads 😭😭😭😭 7y
OrangeMooseReads @TheBookHippie I know I saw 😭 7y
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I was saddened to hear the news that Tom Petty died today. And then, this. News is not the enemy, but ranking being first over being accurate is dangerous.

It sounds like things are bad, though. I'm grateful to have seen him live and am playing his music tonight.


BarbaraBB I didn‘t know that he died. 😢 7y
dariazeoli @BarbaraBB Apparently he didn‘t yet. CBS misreported, but the situation looks bad ☹️ 7y
Reviewsbylola I have been so confused the past hour or two. He died, and then he didn't, repeat, repeat, repeat. 7y
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dariazeoli @Reviewsbylola His daughter posted an angry Instagram post directed to Rolling Stone. I can‘t imagine how much harder this has made it for his family 7y
Purrfectpages Oh wow! I thought it was confirmed! 7y
dariazeoli @Purrfectpages So did everyone! Really irresponsible reporting, right? 7y
Purrfectpages @dariazeoli how upsetting for his family! 7y
Cinfhen I went to sleep he died I woke up he was resurrected 😬 7y
Cinfhen And now it's been confirmed he has passed away 😥 7y
dariazeoli @Cinfhen I hope he felt the love as we all began to grieve his loss ❤️ 7y
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Owlizabeth 😢 7y
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I can‘t take much more news. Hurricanes, Vegas, Spain, and now Tom Petty 😢

drokka What the... oh I'm so sad. 😢 All this loss, it's getting hard to cope with my emotions. 7y
JenP @drokka me too. I‘ve been really upset all morning with the shooting news now this. I just saw him in concert at the end of July 7y
im2bz So sad 😢. 7y
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Scurvygirl 😿 7y
CocoReads I'm so completely sad about this. This has been a sucky year. A sucky sucky year. 7y
im2bz It has been a sucky year in the world of music. As if to add salt to the wound, I heard songs from Chris Cornell and Incubus in the few minutes I listened to the radio. 7y
JenP @im2bz 😢 7y
JenP Now they‘ve retracted the story because they can‘t confirm whether he died 7y
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Tom Petty 😢

rockpools 😞 7y
Lizpixie I'm Free'Fallin💔 7y
JenP I am so upset 7y
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bookwrm526 😞 7y
Owlizabeth 😢 7y
DrexEdit 😢 7y
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It's a Tom Petty kind of day 🎧📚❤️