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I really enjoyed reading Falling Kingdoms! It has a somewhat slow start, but I find this to be necessary to introduce fantasy worlds properly. I liked the different perspectives and tho I felt some characters still felt a bit vague, I was really intrigued by the whole premise of this fantasy novel & look forward to the sequel now.

Wife Welcome to Litsy!🌹 2y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 😊👋🏻😊 2y
BookaholicNatty Welcome to Litsy friend! Hope you love it here just as much as I do! This looks like a great book! I stacked it! Also love this picture! ❤️😍📚 2y
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asiriusreader Welcome to Litsy!! 2y
Jess7 Welcome back!! (edited) 2y
Rachiiebookdragon Come back? :) 1y
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The Color Project | Sierra Abrams
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The first half was a bit too much fluff for me, but as the second half was so emotional I even shed a few tears and read the whole second half in one night, I ended up really enjoying it and wanting to read a bit more about Bee & Levi.

charissharpe Gorgeous image 🌸🌼🌸 3y
charissharpe PS. It sounds great! 3y
BookaholicNatty This is absolutely beautiful!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🌺🌸 2y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
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Absolutely enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. Unique worldbuilding, great characters and great character developments and an amazing writing style. The only thing that slightly bothered me, was that it was very foreseeable. Still it touches upon very serious topics like prejudice in a very interesting way and with Lazlo we finally get a fictional guy to swoon over that is absolutely non-problematic :') thumbs up!

BookaholicNatty This looks like a fantastic book!!! You have great taste! I also stacked this one too! ❤️📚 2y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
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"The moon on a bracelet and the sun in a jar," said Sarai. "We really wreak havoc on the heavens, don't we?"

tef Just bought this yesterday! Incredibly I found the first edition with the sprayed edges! 😍 3y
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The Diabolic | S. J. Kincaid
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The main reason why this is a pick for me, is that from the beginning, it made me think a lot. What makes us human? This question, throughout the story kept on bothering me. The story itself had some flaws, but was overall interesting. Though I would have preferred this to be a standalone.

MyBookBath I'm always curious about this book since I see it all over IG. 3y
georgianicolaoublog This was a DNF for me but I think I'll try and read it again soon 3y
Mommamanzi It took me a little to get into it but once I was I could not put it down! 2y
Linear Those butterflies around the vook are gorgeous. 2y
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And I Darken | Kiersten White
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A lot of ppl seem to dislike this book. 😅 Apparently there are two reasons. 1. The book has a slow pace. And I agree. But as long as I find the characters to be interesting, I don't mind. 2. If you already know the background story the book is based on, it is rather boring. I can't judge, as I don't know anything about it. But I enjoyed the surprising & unusual character of Lada & Radu. And I can't wait to see what's in store in the sequel!

KimSlr I quite liked it. The first half was really slow and annoyed me but the latter half was great and I still rated it 4 stars! 3y
rachandalotabookish I enjoyed this one! I can't wait to see what Lada ends up doing in the sequel 😃 3y
nebrinkley I really need to get around to reading this soon; it seems so up my alley. 3y
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JenWindramReads I've had this book for so long, but for some reason I've never picked it up. Hopefully I'll get to it one day 🙈 3y
betweenendpages I have had this book on my TBR list forever! I don't even know the synopsis for it, so maybe I'll like it! 😬 3y
howlinglibraries Such a great book! I loved the second one even more. If you haven't read it yet, you definitely should grab it when it comes out! 3y
BookaholicNatty Another one that looks really good! I also love the cover of this! 2y
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Star-Touched Queen | Roshani Chokshi
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The very detailed, imaginative descriptions that in the beginning fascinated me, started to wear me out at some point, as I felt it was starting to take away the focus from the main story. On one hand I was fascinated by the contrast of breathtaking descriptions and downright creepy ones, but I guess it is not for everyone, as it makes the whole reading experience more halting to be able to process everything. I prefer more plot development tbh.

Madamereadsalot Also I might add, that it was yet again to some degree a 'YA typical "take heroine prisoner against her will and let her fall in love with you due to no one else being around, but of course it is bc we are freaking soulmates"' ok maybe not exactly to that extent. ? but it definetly plays a bit with this trope. 3y
KimSlr I didn't like the book mich either. It felt like nothing was happening and it was quite confusing.. 3y
Kirsten91 I just finished this. It's wasn't that great I won't be reading the 2nd book 3y
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Yabookgrl1981 This wasn't one of my favorites either. The writing was too flowery and not enough plot. And basically I was just confused through the entire thing. The cover was pretty though lol 3y
flyingbookbeak I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't love this book. I read about half through and then put it down in favor of other books. Maybe I'll pick it up again eventually. (I agree about the lack of plot though) 3y
Madamereadsalot @Kirsten91 I think I'll try picking up the sequel, just bc sometimes I find myself to be enjoying the 2. book more, bc the plot is already somewhat evolving and we have left the introduction to the world behind us. If I dislike it tho, I'll drop the series 👀 3y
Madamereadsalot @Yabookgrl1981 @flyingbookbeak that's basically my problem. I prefer a well thought through plot over long descriptions, as beautiful as they might be. It just keeps me from getting invested in the characters wellbeing and like I said, makes my reading falter, trying to process every flowery detail. Though I liked some of the descriptions, sometimes less is more imo 🙈 3y
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Nightlights | Lorena Alvarez Gomez
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Adorable, but way too short. This graphic novel is a joy for the eye! The illustrations are colourful, imaginative and extremely well executed! I fell in love with the illustration style and those little monsters reminded me of Studio Ghibli movies (and who doesn't love that?!) The story is about an introverted little artist, living in her own little imaginated world.

theliteraryowl Oh wow this cover is so pretty *.* 3y
MyBookBath Sounds cute, looks cute! 3y
thebooksatchel The cover is so pretty 3y
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An Ember in the Ashes | Sabaa Tahir
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I hate to say this, but it took me an awful long time to muster the determination to finish this book. The first half just seemed to drag on forever and I could barely feel any emotional connection to any of the characters. The second half turned out to be better. But not so much that I felt compelled to immediately pick up the sequel. I'll definetly give the second book a chance, though I fear this series might not be my cup of tea.

bookishwonderland I have this book on my shelves since last year, but I still haven't read it 😅🙈 I've heard a mix of reviews, but I'm actually curious about it! Sorry you didn't enjoy it as much... 3y
Madamereadsalot @bookishwonderland a lot of ppl enjoyed it! I'm just very fond of characters I feel a connection to. Not in a 'I must be able to relate to them' way. But just.... getting the feeling of actually caring about the characters. I don't know what qualities they need to have for me to care. But when such a connection doesn't build, it's hard for me to enjoy the book. 😅 but that must not be the case for others ✌🏻 3y
kingdomofbookss I DNF THIS BOOK🐱 3y
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contagiousbooks Don't worry you're not the only one! I really just didn't connect with this book and whilst I liked the dystopian sorta setting, the book just didn't live up to its hype for me 👎🏻 3y
thebooksatchel I loved Ember. And found the second book dry. So if you didn't like the first one I suggest giving the next one a miss 3y
Madamereadsalot @thebooksatchel it was a bummer I had trouble enjoying this book. I really was looking forward to it. But maybe I read it at the wrong time 🤷🏼‍♀️ Bit happy that you loved it, tho! ♥️ 3y
Madamereadsalot @contagiousbooks yes, I was intrigued by the setting and theme. But I felt that the whole worldbuilding didn't quite connect and felt closed up. I always only imagined some huge castle (?) in the desert 😅 it's been awhile since I read it, so my memory of it might be a bit foggy. 3y
booksfortea I'm not sure if I should read this series 🤔 3y
theliteraryowl I disliked the first book and was very disappointed bc of all the positive reviews that misled me, and I didn't even want to continue with the series but read the second book eventually and I ended up enjoying it a lot more than the first one 😃 3y
DWReads Hi! I follow you on IG as well and I just wanted to tell you that your photos are always so beautiful and thank you for your honest reviews and transparency 😊 3y
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Salt to the Sea | Ruta Sepetys
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Salt to the Sea follows several perspectives in WW2 whose paths intertwine and tell a heartwrenching story, that was reality for so many people fleeing from Soviets. As I mentioned on other platforms before, I also have a personal connection, bc my grandma also was from East-Prussia & her story was a similar one. A very emotional read for me, bc the characters are fictional, but the story is not.

pardonmywritings Sounds beautiful! 3y
thebooksatchel Sounds like a great read 3y
fictionandfiber Really loved this one! 3y
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Yukina_Snowy I have this one! can't wait to start it ! 😄 3y
madeleinesbooks I read this one! Such a good book!! 3y
[DELETED] 3786111722 This book is life!! I loved it! 3y
misspaperback Stunning 😌 3y
kingdomofbookss Lovely photo💞 3y
Ginny.Galaxy This one is still on my tbr list 🙈 3y
betweendifferentlines It's on my Tbr list, but I couldn't read it yet😔 3y
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Heartless | Marissa Meyer
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Maybe due to high expectations, I ended up being a bit disappointed with Heartless. My first Marissa Meyer book. And though it managed to break my heart just the tiniest bit, I also found myself not thoroughly enjoying this book. I do like stories that show how villains became evil. But the execution (no pun intended) of it, was lacking imo. The strongest character was Jest, but almost everyone else seemed quite 'faint'.

Matim I didn't read this one but other works by this author and it was like the second I put down the book I forgot about the story , it didn't keep me invested enough to care about it . 3y
alexandraflorence I've never read anything by this author, and this book has never really grabbed my attention enough for me to buy and read it. 3y
miserybookchick Totally agree. I was really disappointed as it seemed so promising. 3y
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Clarissareads I love this picture so much Michelle 😭 3y
beingabooknerd I definitely plan to read this book tho! Hope I won't be disappointed😅 3y
Madamereadsalot @beingabooknerd 👍🏻 everyone has to build their own opinion! Maybe you'll enjoy it! ☺️ 3y
Madamereadsalot @Clarissareads thanks dear! 😚 3y
Madamereadsalot @miserybookchick yeah, well the feeling of this whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland is also hard to achieve for authors not Lewis Carroll, I guess 🙈 But yeah, was excited in the beginning, but more and more I lost interest... 3y
beingabooknerd @Madamereadsalot I really hope so☺️ 3y
JoJoBeautifullyMe_reads I have actually liked it, I've been listing to the audio book while at work, but I totally can see where you are coming from. I haven't finished it yet (on chapter 47) because I can see the main character becoming someone she didn't want to be in the beginning and it's hurting me. I loved the Lunar Chronicles a lot. She was able to build her own world which, I think, makes those books better. You should give them a try. 3y
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As you can probably tell by not one but two copies of The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I really loved this book! It is like a creepy childhood nightmare manifested on paper! I really love Gaiman's smooth transition between reality & the imaginative mind of a child, constantly switching between the two, not knowing what is 'real' & what not. It made me feel childlike again, remembering my own fears I had as a child and nostalgic at the same time.

Sophoclessweetheart Your shelves are 💗 3y
kath_reads This was my first Neil Gaiman read and I instantly fell in love with his writing. He's a genius. 🙌🏼 3y
N9erz Neil Gaiman is always worth a pick! 3y
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Madamereadsalot @N9erz yesss! I need to read much more by him 🙈 3y
Madamereadsalot @kath_reads it really is amazing! Normally I'd always have said, that I don't care for these types of books, but his writing is so fantastic that I can't help but really love his work! 3y
geekybookgirl2 I loved that book when I read it awhile ago. 3y
zokora.loves.books Loved it 💜 ...but Gaiman is a special author with lots of amazing stories to tell 😊 3y
Pamela2 Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors. I love this book so much. I only have the kindle version, I really need to get a hard copy 3y
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Norse Mythology | Neil Gaiman
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This book is a great collection of norse myths, rewritten in Neil Gaiman's fantastic writing style! It was extremely interesting to see how many authors from Tolkien to Carroll were highly influenced by Norse Mythology and thus every author drawing inspiration from them was in a way as well making use of NM. You even find the story of Adam & Eve! And it was fun to top it all off! Thor and Loki are very interesting characters! Recommend!!

LuniReads I seriously need this book! I love norse mythology (I mean I am Norwegian after all!😂) and am interested to see Neil Gaimans take on it!😁😁 3y
raechelreads I listened to this book on Audible and absolutely loved it! Beautiful picture by the way!! ☺️ 3y
RallyK Loved it! Such an easy read. 3y
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MrBook Great review and pic! 3y
kath_reads Your reading updates of this book make me want to read this book. ♥️ 3y
biblionatic I really want to read this book! I know nothing of norse mythology and I can't think of anyone better to learn it from than Neil Gaiman! 3y
queen.of.fantasy Ich will dieses Buch unbedingt! Und es sieht auch noch so schön aus 😍😍😍 3y
Madamereadsalot @biblionatic it is really so interesting! Definetly pick it up if you want to see a few parallels to modern literature! I found it amazing and fun to see how many connections I could make by encountering themes to be found in Norse Mythology 🙈♥️ 3y
Madamereadsalot @kath_reads yessss! Pick it up, Kath! It is great! 3y
Madamereadsalot @MrBook thank you! :) 3y
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Caraval | Stephanie Garber
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Me and this book? We weren't meant to be enjoying each others company. Caraval, while working with pretty descriptions, failed to impress me in every other way that counts (to me). I disliked the protagonist, the magic failed to abide to any logical rule and the case of domestic abuse was left unanswered. To top it off, the story seemed full of plottholes & don't get me started on the 'romance'. My one and only thought while reading was: 'meh.'

decorating.reader Bummer ☹️ I enjoyed it but have seen several people just didn't. 3y
Madamereadsalot @Bookiemoji once I find flaws in logic, it is hard for me to look past it 🙈 Even among my bookclub, some enjoyed it very much. ☺️just not me 😂 3y
FyctionREAD Same! I had a hard time getting through it! So saf 3y
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decorating.reader I get it. We can't love them all 🤷🏽‍♀️ 3y
Fiebrelectora I didn't like it... and don't understand the hype 😂😂😂 3y
colourfulblackwhiteworld Ich bin noch relativ am Anfang.. bin mal gespannt🙈😬 3y
AReaderUnderTheSea I didn't like it either. Felt like it's way too overrated 😓😬🤔😒 3y
Clarissareads I wasn't sure if i wanted to read it but now.... meeeh! 3y
wrenandbooks Im glad i never bought this (the cover was almost too pretty to resist). I've been hearing a lot of not so good things about it! 3y
Madamereadsalot @AReaderUnderTheSea @Fiebrelectora yep. Thanks to the hype I was expecting a book full of magic & wonder. Instead I got lots of plotholes, a cringeworthy romance and magic that fails to make sense. (I hate when ppl try to explain faults in magic away by saying... 'but it's magic, it doesn't need to go by any rules' 😅 3y
Madamereadsalot @Clarissareads hehe, then again... you enjoyed Wintersong & I did not 👀 sometimes the impressions we get vary a lot from person to person ☺️ maybe you'd enjoy it... I couldn't get past the illogical parts. I always get kinda 'stuck' in my reading flow when I find things to be not making sense 🙈 3y
Madamereadsalot @wrenandbooks I even have two copies of it from subscription boxes 🙈😂 Both editions are gorgeous... but what can you do when the content doesn't live up to it... I really wanted to love it 🙈😪 3y
Clarissareads I noticed that, really 😂 I almost can predict your review if i read the same book! 😌💕 3y
Madamereadsalot @Clarissareads haha so you dislike the books I like to maintain balance? 😂 or you just know that if I disliked a book, you'll like it? 😜 3y
Yukina_Snowy I still haven't read it, but Im gonna give it a try! 3y
Clarissareads @Madamereadsalot god i'm confused now @_@ 😂 3y
miss_songbird I actually enjoyed it a lot!!😊 3y
MrBook Pan the book of you want, but two thumbs up for this post!!! Yes! 😎👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻 3y
BookingIt Still going to give this a read but lowering my expectations. 3y
rae.the.bookworm I need the U.K. Edition of this book in my life 😻 3y
librarylights I will never get over how beautiful your bookshelves are! 😍 3y
queen.of.fantasy Oh schade, dass es dir nicht gefällt! Ich fand es leicht und spaßig, ist finde ich nicht so ernst zu nehmen, genau so waren meine Gedanken bei Daughter of the Pirate King 3y
Madamereadsalot @queen.of.fantasy Joar, man kann ja nicht alles mögen :D ich fand es Zeitverschwendung ? Ich würde jetzt generell nicht sagen, dass ich Bücher lesen nicht 'so ernst' nehme. Es soll mir Spaß machen in erster Linie und das Buch hat mir keinen Spaß gebracht, was aber ja nicht heißt, dass andere nicht ihre Freude dran haben können ? 3y
queen.of.fantasy @Madamereadsalot 😁 ja klar dann habe ich mich wohl falsch ausgedrückt (Deutsch ist ja nicht meine Muttersprache 🙊) ich wollte damit sagen dass es mir schon gefallen hat aber es war nicht MEGA TOLL wenn du weißt, was ich meine. Es hat mir die Tiefe gefehlt aber trotzdem habe ich Spaß dabei gehabt. Was wäre die Welt wenn alles jedem gefallen würde 😅😅 3y
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Queens of Geek | Jen Wilde
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Omg. The only flaw I saw in this book, was that it was too short. So far, this counts among my favourite reads of 2017! It is cute, it is geeky, it is relatable! It has diversity, it talks about anxiety! You need a short and entertaining read, that is still very relevant and not just a no-brainer? Then pick up Queens of Geek! ♥️

eattrainread Sounds like a perfect summer read! 3y
anniekslibrary I loved this book so much! Especially Taylor was really relatable for me😊 3y
LinasLibrary i loooooved Queens of Geek 😍 and yes it was too short, i wanted more 😭 3y
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AReaderUnderTheSea I'm so excited for this one!!! 🙊😭😍 3y
colourfulblackwhiteworld Ahh ich muss dieses Buch haben!! Es hört sich einfach so toll an und dieses Cover ????? 3y
FyctionREAD Ahhh I want to read it soooo bad! I'm going back to work today and will probably grab one! 3y
JenWindramReads I so need to get this book! I've only heard great things about it 😄 3y
JuliaTheBookNerd I love your bookshelves 💙 3y
decorating.reader I really want to read this one 3y
talkbookishtome I really want to read this book but I'm putting myself on a book-buying ban until Summer vacation begin... 😥 3y
kath_reads Can't wait to read this one. ❤️ 3y
midnightclockwork Love this soo much ❤️✨ 3y
N9erz I need to get this! 3y
RambleOn My TBR pile would probably crush someone if it fell over but I will be adding this book to it sometime soon hopefully! 3y
BookingIt I've been eyeing this book up! Definitely going to reach for iy soon. 3y
booksfortea Ich will mir das unbedingt bald kaufen 😍 3y
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The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas
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Highly recommend you guys to check out this book! THUG deals with a lot of important topics: Black Lives Matter, police violence, prejudice, a fight against racism and a system that is full of fault. The book describes what is daily life for a lot of people. It manages to take everyone along and is very emotional from the beginning. But also very heartwarming. I think, this is a fantastic debut novel and I look forward to Mrs. Thomas's future work

Sophoclessweetheart Sounds wonderful and important 💗 3y
adoredpages Just ordered it! Such a good deal on amazon right now. And definitely an important book! 😊 3y
MyBookishSecret I'm dying to read this book. I'm hoping in can order it next month. 😊 3y
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Madamereadsalot @adoredpages really? That's great! ♥️ 3y
Sophoclessweetheart I'll have to order it x 3y
Yukina_Snowy I want to read ot so badly ;-; !!!! 3y
MrBook Great review! And your nail polish matches the books. 👌🏻 You have an eye for detail. 3y
alexandraflorence I need to get this book!! But I want to work through some of my tbr before I buy more books! 🙈 3y
rapunzellovesbooks I am going to read this book soon. 3y
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Wintersong | S Jae-Jones
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Yes, I know a lot of people enjoyed this book. Sadly, I did not. My problems were many, but there's only so much detail I can include, so here it goes: I'm getting really tired of the Stockholm Syndrome being used as a plot device. For me, being kept captive has zero to do with romance. Liesl's (nonexistent) selfesteem: Gosh, this sent such a bad message. Sex does not make you more 'worthy'. On top, most of the time it was dragging & boring. 🙁

novelheartbeat Glad it wasn't just me!! I DNFed this one 3y
wordrevel I've been seeing a lot of mixed reviews about this one. Glad I didn't pre-order it after seeing comments like yours about Stockholm syndrome. Added the ebook on my Overdrive wishlist, though, in case curiosity gets the better of me. 3y
Madamereadsalot @novelheartbeat nope, not just you! Besides dragging on (and not getting better in this regard) there were just so many things wrong with the 'romance' if you want to call it that... also... some of the german grammar was wrong and that was like 'why did none of the editors check with a native speaker! Ugh!!' 😂 3y
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Madamereadsalot @wordrevel if you want a cringeworthy 'romance', a pace slower than walking backwards, a female protagonist you just want to shake some sense into, then... ok, that's mean, I'll stop. 😂 but tbh. I mean every word 🙈 if you'd still want to read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, though! A lot of ppl liked it for being so imaginative. 👀 So who knows, I just couldn't look past my issues with the book 😪 3y
novelheartbeat Oh no!!! That's embarrassing 😂 You'd think they would have a German editor for that! 3y
Clarissareads It's true, it sends a bad message, but i have to say i could also really relate, maybe for the first time, to a character in a book! 3y
Madamereadsalot @Clarissareads I think that annoyed me even more. Bc I could relate to her somewhat as well. But only to a certain point and then I felt it was negative rep for me 😅🤷🏼‍♀️ I do. get selfdoubt, feeling not pretty, unworthy & such. But to me her 'solution' to those insecurities felt not right at all 😪 But overall the pace was just killing me & at the end it felt like nothing really happened. No real character development or such 👀🙈 3y
Clarissareads I agree 100% on the pace, and i continued mostly because the goblin king really interested me, and the dark disguting setting as well... Lets just say that i'm waiting for the sequel to see what will (i don't want to say "if") happen! Wintersong really feel like an introduction to something ? 3y
Madamereadsalot @Clarissareads yeah, it definetly was some kind of intro! But I think I'll pass on the sequel 😶 I had too much trouble reading the first book and my tbr is too long to use my time for series I don't enjoy 🙈 but I hope you'll like it, if you enjoyed Wintersong! ♥️ 3y
Clarissareads I'll give it a chance yep, cause it bothers me when i leave things unfinished >__< For me not finish it, it means the book was BAAAAAD, like that bad! Btw i can only imagine you felt weird reading the wrong words/cases in german 😂 lord help me whenever it happens with italian! 3y
Mrdegroot I haven't read it yet. Really wanted to, and still giving it a chance but I'm happy I actually see people not liking books in general and giving their honest opinion! 3y
Madamereadsalot @Mrdegroot I always give my honest opinion, hype or no. 😜 3y
TheBookNirvana Finally! Someone else who felt the same way about this book as me. Everyone else loves it it seems. 3y
Madamereadsalot @TheBookNirvana nope definetly not everyone 😅 @novelheartbeat even dnf'ed it! :D 3y
diariodeunaescritora I think it's so important to portrait healthy relationships on books and young adult books often feature toxic ones 😔 I hate it when it happens and it's seen as something to achieve aargh, those little girls who read are going to look for those toxic signals when finding love 😡😡 (edited) 3y
Madamereadsalot @diariodeunaescritora I kind of accepted that most YA relationships start out on a rather toxic basis in books. Sometimes I don't mind things like from enemies to lovers trope. But there are things that are just a no-go. Like this 👀🙈 I'm happy to see characters sometimes to move past that in books, but most often they don't and it is to be accepted as 'normal' which gives me the chills. It's supposed to be challenged and girls can do w/out such! 3y
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Monstress #1 | Marjorie Liu
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It is hard to rate this graphic novel at this point. For one, I think the story in itself needs more explaining which is hopefully going to happen in the following volumes, as of now, it is still a bit confusing. The art is gorgeous, full of detail and the story is full of fantastic ideas and themes. If you want to pick it up, be aware that it is quite violent for most parts and very graphic in it's depiction.

LuniReads I mainly want to pick this up because It's pretty!🙈🙊 It does sound interesting though!🤔 3y
Madamereadsalot @LuniReads I think it is! If you don't mind that it is quite a bit violent. But the comic style is gorgeous, that's for sure! 3y
RambleOn Oh! I read this last summer! I'm so happy to see someone else reading it too. And I agree quite violent and a little confusing at times but overall I was still super intrigued by the story. I'm looking forward to the next volume. (edited) 3y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
post image

Currently reading & so far enjoying Strange the Dreamer. | Progress: On page 130.

elkeo_TheBookDragon Love your color organized shelves! 3y
Madamereadsalot @elkeo thank you! ♥️ 3y
MrBook You're going to be a powerhouse here on @Litsy ! Fantastic posts! Welcome aboard!!! We hope you enjoy your time on here with us 😊👍🏻! Won't find a better bibliophile community than right here, imho. 😎👌🏻🙌🏻 3y
Madamereadsalot @MrBook thank you! Glad to be here! 😉😁 3y
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