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The Man Behind Narnia | A.N. Wilson
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If you're looking for a biography on CS Lewis, this is NOT it - it's more of an autobiography of AN Wilson than it is CS Lewis (although he has written one). This probably belonged to an anniversary edition of Wilson's initial biography.

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Cinfhen I appreciate your honest review 💖 1mo
Librarybelle Thanks for the great review! 1mo
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Demon Copperhead: A Novel | Barbara Kingsolver
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Loved, loved, loved this book. From start to finish! It‘s only February, but this one will most certainly be in my top 3 reads of the year. I started with the audiobook and highly recommend this media. Midway through I switched briefly to the ebook and found it a bit more difficult, but the ‘voice‘ of Demon ran through my mind the whole time. Finished it via the audio version. Charlie Thurston‘s narration is wonderful.

Librarybelle Hooray! 1mo
Cuilin So glad you enjoyed it! 1mo
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Cinfhen Agree, audio was wonderful! I did a mixed combo too!! 1mo
BarbaraBB Great review! 1mo
rmaclean4 Agreed. This will be a top read for me in 2023. Hope it is on the Booker and the Womens Prize list! 1mo
LeeRHarry 🤦🏼‍♀️still haven‘t got to it - I will ….sometime this year (cutting myself some slack 😏). 1mo
mjtwo I am also listening to the audiobook and loving the narrator. Reading would not have given me the same experience for this one - the accent has been a large part of the story for me. 1mo
Bluebird @mjtwo I agree! I loved the narrator‘s accent and speaking style! 4w
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Of course with a daughter who is 18 now, iCarly was a staple in our house hold for many years. But this is not iCarly, and this is not Sam Puckett. This is Jennette McCurdy in all her pain & trauma & sadness, and it is a fantastic listen. Read by the author (loved hearing it in her voice), she delves in to her past full force. It is heartbreaking to see all that she went through in her early life, and still struggles with today. ⬇️⬇️

LaraReads All the pain that acting brought her, while bringing others such joy. Highly recommend! (And I‘m glad her mom died too)! #52bookclub23 #writteninpresenttense 1mo
Cinfhen This was such an eye-opening listen. Great review 1mo
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squirrelbrain Great review - such a good book, but heartbreaking. 1mo
Librarybelle Great review! 1mo
LaraReads @Cinfhen @squirrelbrain agreed completely-eye-opening & heartbreaking! It is unreal to me that a mother could cause so much pain! 1mo
Cinfhen I feel so bad how clueless we the viewers were and also some eye rolls for Ariana Grande and Dan Schneider 🙄 1mo
LaraReads @Cinfhen oh for sure! Just icks me out so much to think about him around all those young actors. 1mo
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I‘m upset with myself for having this for so long and just now reading it. To be honest, for several years I couldn‘t face hard reads because life itself is plenty hard. Anyway, this book…wow, it‘s hard to explain. Powerful but not heavy-handed, lyrical sometimes, and oh-so-believable. Just read it, ok? If you‘re like me and still haven‘t.

Tamra This is still sitting on my TBR shelves as well. 2mo
Sleepswithbooks I recently read this 💛 2mo
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