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Once Upon a River | Diane Setterfield
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Next up, something completely different from the very interesting (& just completed) The City In The Middle Of The Night (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️). The Thirteenth Tale remains one of the best books I‘ve read in the last 13 (!!) years since it was published & I cannot wait to finally read this book.

[Featuring the best dibling ever, so patient with my baby‘s grabby hands, a very good daunt & good girl, Ms. Lucy.]

🌴📚🌊 🐶
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The Water Cure | Sophie Mackintosh
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Had an amazing #audiowalk with the Little Dude and my dister (dog sister), Lucy, this morning. Almost four miles! This book kept me going much longer than I‘d planned — I am enjoying the style it‘s written in and the disparate voices telling it.
#dystopian #audiobook #florida #vacationstack

jhod Having read the book looks like a great environment to read it in! 3mo
Leftcoastzen Beautiful! 3mo
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The Absolutist | John Boyne
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As a lot of you know, I had a crappy week with the job falling through and everything. So to keep myself from going insane, I did a slightly impulsive thing (as I'm wont to do) and booked myself a cheap, last minute cruise leaving on Tuesday. #YOLO 😆

This is my preliminary #vacationstack keeping in mind that I'll also have a bajillion e-books handy, and I'll probably want to bring a few somethings from my Halloween boxes 🙌🏽

MicheleinPhilly Good for you! 👍🏼I approve of your kind of impulse shopping. ☺️ 2y
mcipher That‘s awesome, enjoy!!! ☀️ 🚢 2y
DGRachel Enjoy your cruise! 2y
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eanderson Oh yayyy!!! Good for you! 🤗👍 2y
Jas16 That is awesome! 2y
bookloo I loved The Fourth Monkey!!! ❤️ 2y
ElishaLovesBooks Enjoy your cruise! And your books!🙌 2y
JenReadsAlot Way to treat yourself!! Enjoy! 2y
emilyhaldi Awesome!! Enjoy! 2y
Debiw781 Fun! Where are you going to on your cruise? I just got back from one and it's a great way to relax when everything seems chaotic 2y
LauraJ Sounds wonderful! Bon voyage 🛳 (edited) 2y
JacqMac Fun! Enjoy! 2y
minkyb Good for you. Relax and enjoy! 2y
swishandflick @bookloo I just started The Fourth Monkey and it grabbed me right away! Just what I'm in the mood for. Glad to hear you enjoyed it 😄 2y
BarbaraBB What a great idea. Have fun! 2y
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Siracusa | Delia Ephron
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Yesterday I stopped reading at page 65... I was not connecting with the characters and their #richpeopleproblems. Giving a second shot today. And yes, spending a second day in a row at my beautiful pool. I love where I live 💙

Mimi28 I really want to read that book. I was trying to see if I could get the used paperback cheap on Amazon, but I can't even afford that right now, lol. Hope it gets better! 📚😎😀 3y
jessberk13 @Mimi28 my copy is from the library! I had placed a hold a month ago and it finally came in. I'm starting to use the library and Overdrive more frequently to cut down on buying!! 3y
Mimi28 My library had a very long list, it would be a few months before I get it. I need to stop being so impatient though. 3y
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NerdyRev It gets much better. It is a slow start, but then takes off like crazy. I advise people to get to Siracusa and then see if you want to quit. 3y
jessberk13 @NerdyRev we just got there! I made it this far. I don't think I'll back out now. 3y
Hazel0303 My husband made me cut this from the #vacationstack so I won't get to read it for a while. Sorry to hear you aren't enjoying it. 3y
jessberk13 @Hazel0303 it's coming around... At least I think it might be! 3y
Hazel0303 @Jessica oh good!! 3y
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