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World Gone By: A Novel | Dennis Lehane


Along the Infinite Sea | Beatriz Williams
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I just found this at my library, so since I have no books of my own( 🤣🤣) it came home with me.

Jules7 I didn‘t know she wrote this one! Another for the TBR list. 9h
Pamwurtzler I love this one! 8h
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This book made me think of one word: yearn. Evie, our main character, wants so badly to grow up and be loved and to be beautiful. She wants to be an adult and understand the aftermath of WWII and her parents and the hushed conversations all the adults in her life seem to have. She yearns for so many things and grasps a few in the end. A few others, though, fall right through her fingers.

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Strawberry Girl | Lois Lenski
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Like strawberry wine and seventeen
The hot July moon saw everything
My first taste of love oh bittersweet
Green on the vine🎶

#strawberrywine #songsofsummer @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620
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OriginalCyn620 😎🎶📚❤️ 2d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 2d
Andrea313 Great choice on the tagged book! Love Lois Lenski! 😍 2d
Eggs Thanks all! @Andrea313 I grew up on Lois Lenski 🤗 2d
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Tourist Season | Carl Hiaasen
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Thank you for another wonderful #ManicMonday, @JoScho 😁🏝

📖 - “Tourist Season” by Carl Hiaasen 🏝
🎥 - “A Perfect Getaway” (featuring a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth) 🏝
🎶 - “Just Like Paradise” by David Lee Roth (my 80‘s influence is showing again 😂) 🏝

girlwiththeglasses Whut?? Chris Hemsworth was in Perfect Getaway?! Why didn‘t I noticed it sooner?😂😂 3d
DaveGreen7777 @girlwiththeglasses He was! He was the creepy tourist who was being made out to be the killer! 😂 I didn‘t know who the actor was when I saw the movie, I just remembered noticing how muscular he was and saying, “Wow, that guy is jacked!” 💪🤣 3d
vivastory I love rewatching pre-Thor movies & discovering Hemsworth starred in them. I had that happen several months ago with Cabin in the Woods. 3d
girlwiththeglasses @DaveGreen7777 I didn‘t really know him then. I only know him on Cabin in the Woods and Thor 😂. 3d
JoScho Thanks for playing Dave 💙🏝💙 2d
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Turtle in Paradise | Jennifer L. Holm
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Our audiobook selection for our drive from Pittsburgh to White Sulphur Springs, WV today. (1/2 way home). It‘s short enough of a book that we might finish it in one drive! Maya‘s pick. 😃

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Parkland | Dave Cullen

The more they learned, the more they found it was like listening to themselves—a better, wiser version of the selves they were fumbling toward. How liberating to discover Martin Luther King Jr. had already done all that work. Brilliantly. He had drawn from Gandhi, and it was amazing how well the principles stood up across time, space, and cultures.

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Meh. I may read more of this series, then again...there are other books on my TBR patiently waiting to be read. Doc Ford investigates the apparent death of his friend and neighbor, Rafe Hollins. But was it Rafe who died, or someone else? Fairly good, except for the gratuitous sex involving Doc Ford and two women he barely knows.

Young Jane Young | Gabrielle Zevin
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Hooray for Hoopla! I am hating this book club book, and really don‘t want to waste a Libro fm or Audible credit on the audio just to get through it, so I checked Hoopla AND THEY HAVE IT! Woo hoo! So, I can read something else today and listen to this as background noise at work tomorrow. 🥳🥳🥳🥳

IamIamIam You know someone left a thorough Goodreads review with all the pertinent info for book club questions. Don't torture yourself! 😂😂 4d
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Oh no! This is why I‘m not in a book club 😂 4d
DGRachel @IamIamIam I bailed on the last book, so I feel like I really ought to give this one a shot on audio and since it‘s through Hoopla, I feel much better about it. 😆 4d
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Swamplandia! | Karen Russell
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Zafón is a literary genius. So simultaneously reading Labyrinth and Swamplandia! only highlighted how very poorly Russell stacks up. Also, this image depicts what is unfinishable about Swamplandia! when in the hands of someone who is, imho, incapable of handling it. #thankunext #ohhellno

So I release Swamplandia! back to the wild, and continue w Zafon. I also took up another Coyle installment & started Mount Misery today!

Read 1/2, then DNF.

Avanders #LMPBC @chrissyreadit @cobwebmoth @TK421 Nathan — I should be sending it back to you by the end of the week! Also tagging #LMPBC #groupv @maleficentbookdragon @bethm @tk421 (again 😁) @bklover #creaturefeature (edited) 4d
Susanita I tried to read it three times and finally decided it wasn‘t for me. 4d
BlameJennyJane That cover though for Swamplandia! 😍 It is odd but I love it. I almost got the book with a far less appealing cover (a gator on it, perhaps) but check the reviews on here and ultimately opted for something else. 4d
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Chrissyreadit It was a very unpleasant book. 4d
cobwebmoth I reached a point where I was hate reading it, so I had to bail. I don't have the emotional energy for some books. 4d
Avanders @Susanita There are people who really enjoyed the book... i think it‘s just fine to not be in that group 😆 @BlameJennyJane it‘s a great visual/cover, I agree... and it‘s high-concept and maybe could have been good in someone else‘s hands.. 🤷🏽‍♀️ @chrissyreadit And way to go, finishing it!! 👏🏽👏🏽 @cobwebmoth right. I think that‘s the perfect time to bail on a book... when you‘re hating reading it! 👿🤢👋🏽 4d
Chrissyreadit @Avanders I had to finish- I hate feeling anxious about a character. 4d
Avanders @Chrissyreadit ohh yeah, I can see that. 😔 Well, I don‘t know if I‘m on a roll or if the books are, but I am skewering my current read.... It‘s one of the worst books I‘ve ever read... maybe it‘s just me 🤷🏽‍♀️😆 4d
Chrissyreadit @Avanders what is it? 4d
Chrissyreadit @Avanders just saw this response! I am not getting notifications for some comments. So odd. 3d
Avanders @Chrissyreadit same issue! @MaleficentBookDragon tagged me a few days ago and I never got notification! Boooo 3d
Chrissyreadit Double boo. 3d
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