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House of Gold | Natasha Solomons
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I had a really busy afternoon into evening, shopping and dining with family. We were so close to my favorite Dollar Tree that I casually mentioned stopping there, and then proceeded to walk out with most of these beauties. The tagged book is from our stop at Target. See any favorites in the stack? #bookhaul #dollartreehaul #targetbookhaul

Jerdencon Love dollar tree!! Nice stack!! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks Wow! My local Dollar Tree doesn‘t have this good of a selection— if I leave with two from there, I consider myself lucky 😊 4mo
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Librarybelle @ValerieAndBooks I have several near me, and there is only one of them that has such a big selection. Though, when I went in today, I noticed the book shelves were smaller than the last time I visited. They were still double stacked! The one closest to me does have a selection, but it‘s smaller than my favorite one. 4mo
lele1432 I'm impressed! I wish the Dollar Trees near my home and my office had a larger selection as well. 4mo
Megabooks I liked The After Party! 4mo
Librarybelle @lele1432 It‘s very interesting how they each offer different amounts. The largest store in square footage only has a few books. Weird! 4mo
Librarybelle @Megabooks I thought it looked good! 4mo
DivineDiana Haven‘t read any ... yet! 😉 Great haul! 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻 4mo
Rachel_nyc I am currently reading the tagged book and enjoying it! 4mo
Librarybelle @Rachel_nyc Good to know, thanks! 4mo
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One More Day | Kelly Simmons
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Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen. -Lorelei Gilmore
It's official: I broke my #bookbuyban & I'm pathetic. 😆But y'all understand don't you? There's nothing like the new smell of books! #bookish
I got:
Who else is pathetic & has no chill around books?
#sorrynotsorry #nochill #bookhaul #targetbookhaul #bombookhaul #gilmoregirls

rubyslippersreads Me! 😄 2y
ruskigurl16 It has actually been some time since I bought a new book. 😱 Getting my fix from the library. 2y
DGRachel Me! I'm a menace to my bank account in a bookstore. 😱 2y
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bbackes Hahaha Sometimes this kind of thing happens! Enjoy the new books! 2y
Tamra I did, earlier this week & today. 😬 2y
mcipher Love this picture!! @ruskigurl16 I'm usually all about the library, too. But Litsy is a bad influence and I've bought (used) books three times this week. 2y
Aaronlisa Me. I have given up on trying to ban myself from buying books. The only time it works for me is when I am saving up to go to a particular book store a few cities away from where I live. This photo is great by the way. 2y
Caroline2 Love the photo! I'm a huge Gilmores fan! I broke my book buying ban to get Ready Player One too if it's any consolation! 😆 2y
JaclynW New books! 😍 Nice picture!! 2y
CoffeeCatsBooks Yeah, I had a book buying ban for last two months but bought about 30 books each month. Book buying bans seem to backfire for me. 📖❤️ (edited) 2y
Zelma You picked some good ones. Ready Player One is quite fun and Hate List was very good. 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 New book smell!!! 2y
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