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The Awakening | Kate Chopin

Stupid ending. Hated it. 😪


Deathwatch | Robb White
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I'm reading my Western (The Man Called Noon) in the dark, and suddenly, I remember the climactic scene of the #suspense #thriller DeathWatch.

Now that was an awesome book that was #readinschool.

#readinthedark #action #ontherun #western #desert #yanovel #youngadult #ya #fiction

Wannabe_Quijote I love me some Louis Lamour! 3y
Hobbinol Love the noir-ish photo! 3y
geodynamical @Hobbinol thank you! 3y
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Yoga Teacher Books!

While I have my own little Kundalini yoga routine that I do every morning, this is not my book pile.

This photo is from my friend who is going to yoga teacher school. I asked her to show me her stack!

#yoga #yogateacher #yogisoflitsy #yogabooks #nonfiction #readinschool

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We: New Edition | Yevgeny Zamyatin
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Moray_Reads Oh my, that edition of Utopia takes me right back to my Master's degree! 3y
saresmoore @Moray_Reads I counted and I have at least six of those ugly blue Cambridge texts! 3y
Moray_Reads @saresmoore They're not pretty but that makes me less guilty about how I annihilated it with pencils and highlighters 😈 3y
saresmoore @Moray_Reads Ahahaha! So true! I think some of mine still have some faded sticky flags hanging on for dear life. 3y
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This post contains spoilers
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I hate this book. I always have. When I was kid I changed schools a lot! (Navy brat). Each school I would have to reread this book. The teachers would have to watch u read it, or everyone would read it aloud together. To this day I still hate this book. Beautiful dogs, bad ending. #readinschool #photodaynov16

saresmoore I hated it, too! And then watching the movie—ugh! 3y
Alfoster My 5th grade teacher read it aloud to us and so I loved it (or maybe him) so have a soft spot in my heart for even with the sappy ending😍! 3y
sprainedbrain Heartbreaking!! 3y
Librarianaut I love this book. I used to do it as a novel study with 5th graders-but we didn't read it out loud during meetings. We had some deep discussions about the book. I've never seen the movie. Sounds like that's not a great loss. 3y
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The Giver | Lois Lowry
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Day 11 of #photoadaynov16 is#publishedinthe1990s

I love Lois Lowry, and I really wish this book was taught in school for my kids. It's not, so I will just keep pushing it on them myself. 😃

TheLondonBookworm 💜 This book 3y
saresmoore Yeah! Me too! It's one of my schooltime favorites. 3y
Cinfhen I'm pretty sure one of my sons read this one for school...I never have, maybe it's time. 3y
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Kleonard It is an 8th grade selection where I live in Colorado. I, too, love it! 3y
Reviewsbylola One of my all-time favorites! 3y
JackieSmith It's a 6th grade in my region of California. Such a powerful book. It probably started me on my lifelong addiction to dystopian lit. 3y
Christine My 6th grade son (who has autism) just read it at school and it really spoke to him - which of course made me so happy!! ❤️ 3y
sprainedbrain @saresmoore @Cinfhen @Kleonard @JackieSmith @Christine I so wish it was a selection in my kids' school district! 3y
JacqMac My son is reading it in school now. He's in grade 5. It's a really great book. 3y
Cortg My daughter read it for a project in 5th grade (her choice.) My son read it and my daughter's teacher was going to do it for her 8th grade class but a majority of the class had already read it on their own ❤️ 3y
geodynamical Ah, the Giver. Such a weird book to #readinschool (junior high). The ending stumped me so badly and whatever explanation the teacher gave didn't satisfy me. I wanted the ending to wrap up neatly. 3y
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First Among Equals | Jeffrey Archer

In addition to the textbook, our professor assigned this novel as part of our Politics of Western Europe class. Although I don't remember much about this book, using both fiction and nonfiction to teach content has stayed with me. #teachersoflitsy #readinschool #politicalfiction #photoadaynov16

readinginthedark I've always learned better when teachers had us read something other than a textbook for context, whether it be novel, memoir, or whatever. It's a good way to broaden horizons. 3y
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Old Man and the Sea | Ernest Hemingway
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I'm not usually a Hemingway fan but found this intriguing as a 16 year-old in my high school English class.

I rooted for the fish. 🐟

thegirlwiththelibrarybag I've always meant to read this! Nice plates... 3y
OrangeMooseReads One of my favorites. That plate is gorgeous. 3y
Libby1 Thanks, @OrangeMooseReads . I bought it at a charity shop for Qc. ? #cheapskate. 3y
ApoptyGina69 I was ogling the plate as well! Totally expected a story of "carried it home from Israel or Greece or some other trip". Charity shop finds are the greatest! 3y
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The Hobbit | J.R.R. Tolkien
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#photoadaynov16 - #readinschool

I originally read this in Jr. high and remember not liking it; however I was young and had never read fantasy before. After all of these years I'm finally re-reading it and love it so far!

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The Giver | Lois Lowry
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Both my #readinschool and my #political fiction choice for #photoadaynov16.

First post-apocalyptic novel I ever read. I was in 7th grade. That scene with the twins... still gets me.

8little_paws Oh wow I don't think I ever read this one!! 3y
CoffeeBooksRepeat This is definitely one of my favorites. 3y
WhatDeeReads @8little_paws Oh it's great. It would be a super quick read for you. 3y
WhatDeeReads @Geraldine Reading this book in school made me realize that reading was very different for me than for other students. 3y
8little_paws @Lucky_Ladee I'll have to pick it up! 3y
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