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#PublishedInThe2000s Yes, I know this picture is from the movie, but this is one of those rare cases where I actually liked the movie better than the book. #ReadJanuary

KCorter I agree completely! I felt like Anne Hathaway brought a likeableness to the character that simply wasn't present in the book. It is a sweet idea, and the movie's stellar cast brought it to life. 6y
Varshitha I haven't read this book but watched the movie like a zillion times.. 6y
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Honoring the last day of an era in the US with some #spinepoetry. I was inspired by @Sweettartlaura 's stack #publishedinthe2000s pictured on the left side.

How to be good
After you'd gone
The audacity of hope
Lost and found

Sweettartlaura Beautiful! I've been mulling over how best to honor this moment, too. 6y
Lacythebookworm 🙌😊 6y
Libby1 ❤💔❤💔❤ 6y
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B.Reader Love this!! 6y
Peaceful_Reader 😩😭😭so going to miss this family in the WH! 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 He is my favorite President to date, (and I go way back)love him and will miss him as our leader. (edited) 6y
DebinHawaii Beautiful! 💜 6y
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The Girl Who Could Fly | Victoria Forester
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Catching up on photo challenges. #publishedinthe2000s #readjanuary. I think I put the right dates in.

Rebels and Traitors | Lindsey Davis
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Some tomes #publishedinthe2000s. I enjoyed them all! #day15 #readjanuary

DrexEdit Great photo! 6y
PurpleyPumpkin Thank you @DrexEdit 😉 6y
Bookworm54 Oooo the cover for sacred games is gorgeous! 6y
PurpleyPumpkin I realized after I posted that this pic would have worked #fortheloveoffonts prompt too. @Bookworm54 6y
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American Gods | Neil Gaiman
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#Publishedinthe2000s My current read was published in 2001. And I can't believe I waited so long to read it. I'm loving the story so far. #readjanuary @RealLifeReading

melrailey Love this book! 6y
jessicarenee 🙌so good 6y
bookdrunkard78 Gaiman is fantastic! I've been to The House on the Rock twice because of that book! 6y
kylienoele I'm also reading this right now! Can't believe it's taken me this long to get around to it! It's great!! 6y
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Eh. The narration is great, but it's really hard to like/empathize with the MC. I get all the weaving of the plot, and I feel like I should like it, but I just don't. It's not bad, I just don't love it. #publishedinthe2000s #readjanuary

Also Brie Larson is supposed to play the fat, curvy girlfriend in the movie. Yeah, right. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Laura317 🙄🙄🙄 6y
josie281 Ummm no. She's lovely but not the fit 6y
Megabooks @josie281 @Laura317 Yes. Lovely, great actress, but I wish they had followed the book. 6y
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melrailey I felt the same way. This book wasn't bad but it just didn't do it for me. I had a hard time liking the MC. 6y
Notafraidofwords I really liked both the book and the movie which hardly ever happens. 6y
Joybishoptx See this was the problem I had with Girl on the Train. Hollywood thinwashing.... 6y
Megabooks @melrailey Yes, I found him very unlikable. 6y
Megabooks @Notafraidofwords hmmm...I'm glad you enjoyed it!! 6y
Megabooks @Joybishoptx I tried to watch the movie but I didn't like it. 6y
Joybishoptx @Ebooksandcooks I didn't either. And I loved the book. 6y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Maybe because it's so new or because it's a novella, this book isn't on Litsy. Shattered Glass takes place between Night Study and Dawn Study. With Dawn Study set to be released January 31st, now is the perfect time to read this novella featuring our old friend Opal! Also, the kindle version is only $0.99! I'm dying to see what happens next for Yelena and Valek, but this will help with the wait!

#PublishedInThe2000s #ReadJanuary @RealLifeReading

Bookworm54 I didn't know this existed 😱 6y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @Bookworm54 lol, yeah I only recently found it myself! 6y
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Doctor Sleep: A Novel | Stephen King
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#ReadJanuary My favorite Stephen King book. #PublishedInThe2000s This book gave me nightmares for months. The second part to the Shinning in which we discover more people with the shinning and those who take advantage of it. Also Danny is already a grown-up and he is a rad grown up!

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Read this series in High school, such good memories associated with these books. My sisters and I read it over and over again.
#readjanuary #publishedinthe2000s @RealLifeReading

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