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Hey friends! My new position teaching 8th grade English continues to gobble up my time like some kind of greedy time-gobbling thing. After a week I‘m still less than 150 pages into Mistborn book 3. So anyways, here‘s a picture of a new acquisition, paired with the hope that everyone in the Listyverse is doing well.

ValerieAndBooks Hope you have a good school year!! 1w
DGRachel That‘s adorable! Best of luck with your classes! 1w
JoScho I got him and love him with his little Kermit 1w
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I am Jim Henson | Brad Meltzer
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Here is my I for #BBRC #A2Z It is a really cute, brief look at Henson's life 💚
@LibrarianRyan Also my #BBRC form is now up to date.

LibrarianRyan 😁👍🏻❤️ yeahh 2w
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Sketching ideas and hooked to the tv.

I have to store my big canvases behind the tv, lol. Small space livin‘.

#thedarkcrystal #thedarkening

LibrarianRyan I just started the book the show is based on and I‘m not watching until I finish book 1. Guess what I‘m doing tonight and tomorrow. 2w
SkeletonKey @LibrarianRyan - You have more discipline than me! I have the books and need to read them soon... but I couldn‘t resist. 2w
LibrarianRyan @SkeletonKey I‘m 30 pages in and the skeksis have not shown up yet. But I like to. 2w
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SkeletonKey @LibrarianRyan - Oh good. I admit I was nervous about reading them. 2w
LibrarianRyan I can tell you the graphic novel series that is the sequel is pretty good. 2w
SkeletonKey @LibrarianRyan - I loved the covers they did for those comics! Need to read them too. I‘m trying not to be so picky about story but I had developed such a big backstory in my head over the years that it‘s hard to accept other visions 😂 2w
BookwormAHN I started reading the books but I couldn't resist watching the show. I'll have to get back to the books later. 💚 2w
SkeletonKey @BookwormAHN - Hope you enjoy! 2w
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gradcat 😅🤣😂🙃 1mo
Blueberry 😱 who knew?? 1mo
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Okay @DaveGreen7777
I agree the #WorldNeedsaVillain and you making me choose just one!!!

So I will go with my fav childhood villain: Chamberlain!

He gets a bit of a redemption ark in the movie, but that is completely blown away by the sequel graphic novels. Plus, now that I have shown Josh the love the the Dark Crystal, he constantly quote Chamberlain.

Plus he almost looks like he could be a Bond villain.

TobeyTheScavengerMonk mmmmmMMMMMMMmmmm 2mo
LibrarianRyan @TobeyTheScavengerMonk Is it sad to say my puppy now does that after the movie was playing. 2mo
Dolly Hi Ryan, I guess I missed the swap date, didn‘t see it. ☹️ I‘ve been making bookmarks that can be seen a few back on my posts. I understand if I‘m too late and I‘ll be more careful next time. 🤦🏼‍♀️Thanks for doing this. 2mo
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JazzFeathers You know? I have never seen the movie. I was obsessed when l was a kid, but l didn't get to see it in the theatre and back then you list the theatre, you lost the film. But l was really obsessed with photos, newspaper articles, picture books. Then, l don't know why, l never got the chance to see it on tv. I should really hunt it down on the net. 2mo
LibrarianRyan @Dolly

I have not mailed out the list yet. I can add you real quick.

Send me your details to MissRyanAF@gmail.com

Name, Screen Name, Address. How Many you want to swap with (1-5) and if international is okay.
LibrarianRyan @JazzFeathers Yes, Yes, Yes. You must see! You Must! you can probably watch a bad version on Youtube. I haven't looked.
Dolly Yes yes yes thank you will contact right now! 😘😁 2mo
Bookzombie @JazzFeathers If you have Amazon Prime, I believe The Dark Crystal is free on there. I think it might be on Netflix too. 2mo
LibrarianRyan @Bookzombie @JazzFeathers It would make sense for it to be on Netflix since netflix has the new series that starts next month. I just have not checked since I own a digital copy. 2mo
DaveGreen7777 I love this! 😀 Thank you for participating in my giveaway! 😊 2mo
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The best thrift store find ever!! A Beaker velvet bookmark!!! 😍😍😍

I‘ve never really owned a bookmark before but this guy is coming with me!!! #bookmark

Rissreads I'm very jealous! 2mo
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“How important are the visual arts in our society? I feel strongly that the visual arts are of vast and incalculable importance. Of course I could be prejudiced. I am a visual art.”

#ColorMePretty | 2: #Green

📷: Made with Typorama

Jim Henson: The Biography | Brian Jay Jones
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Listened to this at the suggestion of a Litten and it was really interesting! I didn‘t know much about Jim Henson - watched some muppets/muppet babies growing up but that was about it. He sounded like a remarkable person - we need more people in the world like him. It was a much longer audiobook than I‘d thought and the beginning was a touch slow. After that though, it was very intriguing

Addison_Reads I enjoyed this one too. 💚 2mo
emz711 Ooo on my tbr! 2mo
TheDaysGoBy Forgot to add this was my second book of #BFC2 2mo
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Photo from pinterest

One reason I always find time to read to the little guy - even though he is little Mr. Independent and only wants to 'read' (look at the pictures) himself.

Jim Henson: The Biography | Brian Jay Jones
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#BFC2 Hit my step count today. Yesterday not so much given that I‘d worked from home to help recover from my cold. I did fit in a 15 minute walk at lunchtime though, which I didn‘t do today - I work on the 36th floor and with my ears all messed up I‘ve been trying to limit the up and down in the elevator 😂 I do seem to be on the upswing though so hopefully I can get more active

Also been busy listening to the tagged audiobook


Laughterhp Great job! 36 floors! That‘d be a terrifying elevator ride for me! 3mo
jessinikkip Wow, great job hitting your goals!! Is that Fitbit you are using that looks like that,or something else? 3mo
TheDaysGoBy @jessinikkip Yeah it‘s a Fitbit. My favorite part is seeing how many steps I do when I go to Disney and how long I‘m in certain sleep cycles for 😂 3mo
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TheDaysGoBy @Laughterhp It‘s not so bad. Not like it‘s a glass elevator. But it‘s high enough that it‘s been messing with my ears. Now though I can finally get them to pop a bit so that should help 3mo
TheSpineView Doing so good! 3mo
hes7 Way to go! 👏🏻💪🏻 3mo
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