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This is clever, hilarious and resounding.

Doughty picks apart what has culturally become a very taboo subject in the US- death and how we deal with the dead. She opens many closed doors, and makes jokes about all of our mortality; especially the fact that so many of us never truly contemplate it.

Love this. Hard conversations only, please.

#nonfiction #caitlindoughty #doughty #morbid #education #smokegetsinyoureyes

StaceGhost I find myself thinking about this book all the time 4mo
MerlinTheSlightlyAwkward @StaceGhost there are so many things to think on! Which scenes stick with you the most? 4mo
StaceGhost @MerlinTheSlightlyAwkward oof the suicide who stepped in front of the train, the mold she describes on the one woman, and the little girl sent off alone all make the rounds— and her emotional reactions, as a child and an adult. How she describes weeping at the sunset. I love the whole book! So powerful and life affirming (edited) 4mo
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Gerald's Game | Stephen King
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Get ready for the post dump. I'm so behind.

Geralds game was um....something....I am not even sure. It was ALOT. Glad it's out of the way...........wonderfully written and spooky as hell....bordering on traumatizing 🤣🤣

@TheAromaofBooks #bookspin #bookspinbingo

TheAromaofBooks Great progress!!! 2y
Jessieleah One of the most gory scenes I‘ve ever read is in that book! 🤚 2y
KathyWheeler When I first read this book, I shut after the first chapter and wouldn‘t pick it up again until a friend told me the main character would escape those handcuffs. I did end up liking it. The movie was filmed right across the bay from me. 2y
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ErinSueMreads I still haven't decided if I liked it or not 🤣🤣🤣there were so many parts that were just walking right along the line of too much. And that's crazy, I bet that was a commotion! 2y
ErinSueMreads @Jessieleah I was honestly expecting a fulllllll degloving! #morbid 2y
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The Body Snatcher | Robert Louis Stevenson
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5 / 50

• Hey, this one was really good 👍👍 My first Robert Louis Stevenson •


1. Creepy
2. Atmospheric
3. Morbid
4. Riveting
5. Interesting

#SerialReader #SerialReaderapp #classics #horror #RobertLouisStevenson #morbid #TBRRead #recentlyread #2thumbsup #recs

cozypunk What is the SerialReader app? Can you describe it a bit? 3y
bibliobliss @DWpalooza Serial Reader is an app that doles out daily installments of classic literature. Every day, you receive a bite-sized portion of what you're reading; it's great for those classic doorstopper novels like "War and Peace" and "Les Miserables" @SerialReader 3y
cozypunk @Readage That sounds fantastic! Thanks for the lead. 3y
bibliobliss @DWpalooza Of course; enjoy!! 3y
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Grimm's Fairy Tales | Brothers Grimm
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Sadly this was too expensive of a trip to Barnes and Noble, I had to return all book except the Grimm Fairytales. I love it. #grimmfairytales #brothersgrimm #morbid #loveit #classics #horror #fantasy

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So playing catch-up for yesterday...my late day 20 of #riotgrams #favoritecover
Is it bad that this might be my fav book cover ever?! #morbid #creepyismything

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Cause Halloween and stuff. #chainsaws #Halloween #death #dismemberment #gore #allofthethings #morbid

Mind sounds like a terrorist threat so I'm hesitant to post it....

Arcana I Capture the Castle...With a Chainsaw 🤔 6y
WanderingBookaneer What We Left Behind with a Chainsaw 6y
TrishB The Mothers with a chainsaw 😄😄 6y
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DuckOfDoom Fortunately, the Milk with a Chainsaw 6y
Shan-nana Ghosts with a chainsaw. 6y
gatogirl5 Vicious with a chainsaw. That actually works well, ha! 6y
rubyslippersreads Traveling With Your Octopus With a Chainsaw (or maybe 8 chainsaws? 🐙😄) 6y
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