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Whew, I just started my #lmpbc #groupn pick and after just reading Stiff...I may be more morbid than I thought I was. It‘s nice to be able to laugh about death, though. Hopefully my group members will agree! How are y‘all doing on your picks? @jb72 @Trashcanman @bookcollecter

Trashcanman I haven't started, so do we just all use a different color highlighter or make notes on a different page? 13mo
parttimedomestic @Trashcanman yeah, just mark up your own book while you read it and everyone will use a different color to differentiate between readers. Or you could send along a journal with the book for notes if you wish, a few people in my last group did that! 13mo
Trashcanman Thanks, nice picture BTW. Stiff was a great book. 13mo
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bookcollecter I may send a journal with mine, but I also left an introduction to you all on the blank page about the use of intials possibly next to each comment 13mo
bookcollecter I've been using a pencil btw, buy gonna go start a notebook to go along with it 13mo
bookcollecter @parttimedomestic I have a book called #Spook which is also by #MaryRoach the author if #Stiff 13mo
jb72 Stiff was a good book. I started my book a few days ago and plan to finish it today (it‘s short). I actually bought sticky notes to make my notes, but feel free to write in the book or whatever works for you. @Trashcanman @parttimedomestic @bookcollecter 13mo
parttimedomestic @bookcollecter I haven‘t read that one, I really enjoyed Gulp though! 13mo
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More Mary Roach... don‘t mind if I do! #weirdscience #maryroach #Iwillfinishmygoodreadschallenge

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“Freud was no fan of the clitoris.”

This, my second #MaryRoach, made me significantly less queasy than #Stiff (thank the gods). This was pretty interesting. Roach writes in such an easily understandable and humorous way; her asides and footnotes are so good.

I went back and forth between print and audio and enjoyed both formats.

CouronneDhiver Ha! What a title! 😊 1y
britt_brooke @CouronneDhiver I was just cracking up thinking about all of her titles: Bonk, Stiff, Grunt, Gulp ... my brain goes right in the gutter. 🙊 1y
vivastory I ❤ Mary Roach. I've only read Stiff & Gulp, but definitely plan on reading all of her books 1y
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britt_brooke @vivastory I‘m listening to Gulp on audio now. 👍🏻 Going check out Grunt soon. Really curious about that one since my husband was in the army for 8 years. 1y
vivastory Maybe he'll want to read it once you're finished. I can't wait to see what her next book will be. 1y
MoniqueReads305 Stacked 1y
Reviewsbylola I loved Stiff but then read this and Spook and was kind of bored. 1y
Reviewsbylola Oh, and Gulp too. 1y
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola The audio helped with the more boring bits. I really think she‘s an audio read for me. I struggled with Stiff in print and ended up skimming some. 1y
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Cleaning kitchen grout with some #MaryRoach. I somehow hadn‘t realized how dirty the grout had gotten and now it‘s all I can see ... and family who‘ve never been to our house are coming to visit tomorrow. So, here I am. 😬😭

#currentlylistening #multitasking #booksandchores #audio #audiobook #libby

Hollie I‘m glad you‘ve got an audiobook to make the sucky task go quicker! 1y
Libby1 Good luck. 😊 1y
Floresj Good luck! I hate when I finally notice how dirty something is and then I obsess about cleaning it and how everyone would notice (although they probably wouldn‘t!)😊 1y
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britt_brooke @Hollie @Libby1 Went more smoothly than I expected. The book helped! 1y
britt_brooke @Floresj Next thing you know I‘ll be cleaning baseboards, lol! 1y
Libby1 So glad. 💕 1y
Reviewsbylola My kitchen floor has grout that is impossible to clean. 😣 1y
AlaMich Grout is the Absolute Worst. You spend forever on you knees on hard tile and when you get up you have tile impressions on your knees. Or is that just me? 1y
britt_brooke @AlaMich 🙋🏼‍♀️ Not just you! 😬 1y
AlaMich @britt_brooke Phew! 😀 1y
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Eat me! I have a feeling it‘s going to be hard to eat chicken and dumplings from now on... #gross
#nonfiction #maryroach

TaylorMay Lol Rice Krispys are what got my mom lol. 1y
VeganCleopatra Hey you just followed me and I just have to ask about the meaning of your handle name!? 😏 1y
ButtBarn @VeganCleopatra 😂 it‘s just a really stupid joke from a friend of mine but I changed my Instagram handle to it ironically then kinda liked it so it has become my username on almost everything. 1y
VeganCleopatra Haha okay, I know how things like that go. It's definitely unique and conjures all sorts of images. 😆 1y
ButtBarn @VeganCleopatra well thank you ☺️☺️ 1y
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“Death. It doesn‘t have to be boring.” #maryroach #death #nonfiction

AJones Your book display remembers me of “Black-Eyed Susans” by Julia Heaberlin. I haven‘t read it yet, but the cover is very pretty. 💛🖤📚 1y
ButtBarn @AJones I love the cover of that book!!! I‘m adding it to my #TBR list now! 🌼🌼 1y
AJones I found it this past weekend at the Dollar Tree. Happy shopping and reading. 😊 1y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 👍📚 1y
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“Why lie around on your back when you can do something interesting and new, something useful?” #maryroach #science #humor #pathology #nonfiction #medical #quote #bookcover

rather_be_reading stacked! 2y
Wife Welcome to Litsy!🌹 1y
ButtBarn @Wife thank you 💕 1y
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In this house we love and appreciate Mary Roach! The perfect mix of science, history, innuendo, and humor. I found myself laughing out loud and trying to avoid explaining what I was laughing at. #booksof2018 #maryroach #bonk

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Excited to start this. I loved Stiff and Mary Roach in general. #24in48 #bonk #maryroach

readinginthedark Mary Roach is awesome. 2y
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Made it out of B&N with only ONE book today! Pretty proud of myself 😅 #BookHoarder #Stiff #MaryRoach #TryingNewGenres #NonFiction #TBR

Reviewsbylola That‘s an amazing feat! 2y
TommieMarie74 Love this book!! 2y
Coco I‘ve heard good things about this book but haven‘t picked it up yet. Interested to hear what you think! 2y
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Cinfhen I haven't tried this author yet, but she's on my #oneday list 2y
Avanders I really enjoyed it! And @Reviewsbylola 😂 2y
Carolyn11215 I love Mary Roach!!! I‘m reading Grunt right now. Stiff next on my list! 2y
hordner @Coco I'll definitely post about it when I get to it- it will be completely outside my normal reading so I'm sure I'll have plenty to say 2y
hordner @Carolyn11215 I've never read her books! I actually met someone in passing that highly recommended her, this and grunt were his favorites so if I like this one I imagine that one will be next 2y
Carolyn11215 The first book of hers I read was Packing for Mara. I recommend that one as well. She has some videos on youtube (filmed book talks) that are pretty funny as well. 2y
hordner @Carolyn11215 that's one of the things that drew me to her! Everyone says she is hilarious and I'm curious to see how she makes so much fact and science humorous 2y
BookNAround Mary Roach makes me read books on subjects I might otherwise shy away from. 2y
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