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The Book Club | Marjolijn Februari
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We need one more person for #groupe which is epistolary/diary books. Anyone want to join us so we can participate this round? It‘ll be fun! Thanks! #lmpbc

Edited to say: We are full now! Thanks

Here‘s the link to sign up or check out @suvata for more info!

TheAromaofBooks I'm already signed up for a group so I hate to be selfish and take another slot, but if you all can't find a fourth, let me know - I almost picked this one!! 1mo
Jerdencon @TheAromaofBooks thanks so much - we got someone!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Excellent news!! No #LMPBC participant left behind! :-D 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Help! I need a book for my #LMPBC! I am really struggling this time! I am willing to buy something new for the group!

Sorry #GroupE I am in a deep reading slump and can't find a good book. Any suggestions would be great!
@Lovesbooks87 @EH2018 @Honeybeegirl

TheBookKeepers On ur TBR and I just finished this for my group of lmpbc and it was a fun, quick read! 4mo
Lovesbooks87 @TheBookKeepers @aroc I have been wanted to read the book she suggested. So if anybody else wants to read it I would be all for it. 4mo
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EH2018 Looked at some websites thought these sounded good 4mo
Lovesbooks87 I have heard a lot of great things about the Whisper Network! 4mo
EH2018 @aroc some suggestions! 4mo
aroc @TheBookKeepers @Lovesbooks87 @EH2018 thank you! Ordering something now! 4mo
EH2018 😁 4mo
EH2018 @aroc just wanted to send a reminder that my mailing address has updated since the last round 4mo
aroc @EH2018 Thanks for the reminder! I definitely would have sent it to the wrong place! 4mo
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The Wives: A Novel | Tarryn Fisher
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It has been decided! This is my choice for the #LMPBC #Round6 for #GroupE
@Lovesbooks87 @Honeybeegirl @aroc

Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art | Jennie Hinchcliff, Carolee Gilligan Wheeler
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Hi #GroupE these are the books I have selected for #LMPBC #Round6. Just got them from the BookExpo so hopefully you havent read them yet! Do any of them sound interesting? @Lovesbooks87 @aroc @Honeybeegirl

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Lovesbooks87 They all sound good. But I am really really interested in The Wives! (edited) 5mo
Honeybeegirl I have not read any of them and would be interested in reading any of them !! 5mo
EH2018 Its a tough choice! I am leaning toward either The Wives or The Travelers... 5mo
aroc @EH2018 I agree with the two you are leaning towards. The wives sounds very interesting. 5mo
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Just joined today! Such a great book club! #GroupE #Round6 #LMPBC @suvata

suvata Thanks 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hi #GroupE, here are my choices. Two are hardcovers just in case you don't want to mail them, but I'm ok with sending them. 😊 #LMPBC
@EH2018 @Lovesbooks87 @Patchshank

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Patchshank I vote for Alive or the night tiger 9mo
EH2018 Alive or the girls in the garden look good to me! 9mo
Patchshank Finally my comments started working again. I wonder what that was about. I wasn't able to like anything either. 9mo
aroc @Patchshank Same here! Thought it was just me. Must be a Litsy issue. 9mo
Lovesbooks87 I have already read The Girls in the Garden but Alive or The Night Tiger sound good! 9mo
Patchshank @aroc I guess. I don't know if you saw my several posts to this thread. I deleted the repeats. I could not get it to work for anything. Kept trying. I just assumed it was my junk phone being junk. Guess I was wrong. 9mo
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Bite Me: A Love Story | Christopher Moore
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Lovesbooks87 Two years eight months and twenty eight nights sounds good! 9mo
aroc Hmmm... I am between Apocalypse Cow and Two years eight months and twenty eight nights. 9mo
EH2018 I second aroc's choices 9mo
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Mind of Winter: A Novel | Laura Kasischke
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Lovesbooks87 They all sound really good! I would love to read any of them! 9mo
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aroc ooo I vote for I am still alive or beautiful bad. 😊 9mo
Patchshank They all sound interesting. If I have to choose I'd vote for I am Still Alive or Mind of Winter. 9mo
EH2018 Ok, so it looks like I Am Still Alive is the selected book 9mo
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On the Way to You | Kandi Steiner
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@Lovesbooks87 the #LMPBC #round4 #groupe book pick is on the way!

Lovesbooks87 Sounds good. I will be on the look out for it! 12mo
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Posted | John David Anderson
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Quirkybookworm Modern Girls looks good to me 13mo
Lovesbooks87 They all sound good! 13mo
EH2018 Ranking high to low: truth tellers lie, girl with all the gifts, modern girls, movement of stars. But they all sound good! 13mo
aroc @EH2018 @Quirkybookworm @Lovesbooks87 I'm going to start Girl With All the Gifts! 13mo
Lovesbooks87 Sounds good! 13mo
EH2018 Nice! 13mo
EH2018 @aroc, just an fyi, i havent received the book yet...kind of a slowish reader...is it a quick read? 11mo
aroc @EH2018 Hi there! I was just going to let you know that I am sending it out this weekend. I left it behind on Thanksgiving vacation and my mom is bringing it to me this weekend! I blame baby brain! So sorry for the delay. 11mo
EH2018 No worries! Just checking in! I took a couple days off so i should have no excuse for not finishing it! 11mo
EH2018 Did u have the baby??? Congrats btw! 11mo
aroc @EH2018 not yet! Due to arrive January 12th. 💙 11mo
aroc @EH2018 update on my silly book! So my postman returned my shipper to me! The husband found it on the porch. I'm going to the post office now and I am two day shipping it! Such a pain! I'm so sorry. This will never happen again! 11mo
aroc @EH2018 @Lovesbooks87 Any news on our fourth member? I have not received her book. 11mo
Lovesbooks87 @aroc no I haven't heard anything. I was wondering if I should just mark up another book and send it to you @aroc and save the book that @EH2018 sent to me and mark it up next month than that way we will all have new books to read until it ends in feb 11mo
aroc @Lovesbooks87 However you want to move forward. I feel horrible that I fell behind this month. 11mo
Lovesbooks87 @aroc it's okay it happens. There was a holiday and I am sure you are getting everything ready for your little one that you are getting ready to welcome. I don't know if we should try to get into contact with her today to see if she still wants to do it or not. @Quirkybookworm do you still want to participate in the mark up book club. If not that's fine. We just need to know. Thanks! 11mo
EH2018 Let me know if you hear back! I'm good with whatever you decide 11mo
Lovesbooks87 @EH2018 I didn't hear anything. So I am going to mark up The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz. I hope no one read it and I will send it to @aroc this weekend. I will keep the book you sent my Erika and mark it up next month as my January book. Does this sound good? 11mo
EH2018 If you are good with that @Lovesbooks87 I'm in 11mo
Lovesbooks87 @EH2018 yea I am okay with it. I started the book this morning and am half way through it 11mo
aroc @Lovesbooks87 Sounds good. Note my address is weird in the email. My town is Forked River. 😊 11mo
Lovesbooks87 @aroc okay thanks. I am hoping to send it out Saturday. But I will let you know! 11mo
aroc @Lovesbooks87 Take your time! 11mo
Quirkybookworm Yes still want to be involved! 11mo
aroc @Quirkybookworm Did you send or receive a book? 11mo
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