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Untitled | Unknown
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I forgot to post my #weeklyforecast yesterday. Since Gatsby got in the way of seeing the titles, here‘s the plan:

A Stranger at My Table
Eat Joy
The Peacock Summer

Time After Time
Open Mic Night in Moscow

Cinfhen HotBox was a #KindleDailyDeal yesterday so I picked it up!!! Hope it doesn‘t disappoint. I‘ll be watching your #BookReport 💜 1w
Cinfhen Hi GATSBY!!!! 1w
BookNAround @Cinfhen don‘t hold your breath for it to make the book report since I think this is the second or third weekly forecast it‘s been in without me opening it. I‘m not very good at predicting. LOL! 1w
Cinfhen Ha!! Fair warning ⚠️ 1w
ShelleyBooksie ♡♡♡ Gatsby! 1w
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Ghost Wall | Sarah Moss
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#ghosttown Ghost Wall? Close enough. Picked this up at the recent book sale and I love the cover 😍

BarbaraBB Everybody loves this book. I didn‘t. Looking forward to what you think. At least your cover is better than mine 😍 1w
charl08 I love this cover! (I read one from the library I think- don't remember this design). 1w
Cinfhen I picked this up on a #KindleDailyDeal / might read for #Booked2020 #FinishInOneSitting 1w
Reviewsbylola Thanks for grabbing me this one! 🥰 4d
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Ghost Wall | Sarah Moss
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#MOvember #GhostTown That‘s my copy of Ghost Wall on the right from the library ... still not read .... way overdue 😬😳... I may not make a good library member

Cinfhen I bought this one recently as it was a US #KindleDailyDeal / not sure when I‘ll get to reading it though 1w
eraderneely I really enjoyed it. And it‘s short, so maybe you‘ll get to it? 1w
erzascarletbookgasm That is a great edition. It‘s fairly short, hopefully you‘ll read it soon. 💕 1w
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen 👍🏻❤️ 1w
Cathythoughts @eraderneely @erzascarletbookgasm I‘m going to try it as soon as I finish Overstory 👍🏻❤️ 1w
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#MOvember 🎶It‘s your love that I still #Crave 🎶This memoir sounds like it‘s right in my wheelhouse. And it would also work for #Booked2020 #ParentChildMemoir I‘m eagerly awaiting the #NFChallenge hosted by @Riveted_Reader_Melissa

vivastory I must admit, I'm pretty tempted to join in with #Booked2020 2w
Tanisha_A A memoir on food and longing, sounds good! 2w
Kalalalatja I‘m so glad you are giving tips for #Booked2020, I need the inspiration 😂 2w
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Cinfhen JOIN!!!!! @vivastory there is NO downside and you‘ll love it!!! I promise xx 2w
Cinfhen Isn‘t planning part of the fun @Kalalalatja and this memoir sounds like all the points I love reading about @Tanisha_A 2w
Kalalalatja It is! I‘m waiting to see which books I get for my birthday this year, before I start really planning, but I love getting inspiration in advance 😄 2w
britt_brooke I bought this on ebook deal recently. Sounds good! 2w
Cinfhen I‘m hoping another #kindleDailyDeal surfaces soon on this book @britt_brooke 2w
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The Broken Girls | Simone St James
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Great idea @Cinfhen for #WeeklyForecast ! Here‘s my plan for the coming week. I‘m reading the tagged book and the Adichie is next. If I can finish early, I‘ll squeeze in one more ‘horror‘ book for October. 🙂

Cinfhen I recently bought the tagged book as a #kindleDailyDeal and my IRL December bookclub pick is 3w
squirrelbrain I really enjoyed the Adichie (and Purple Hibiscus too @Cinfhen ) 3w
Cinfhen Good to know @squirrelbrain 💜 3w
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I still need to read Purple Hibiscus too. 3w
Cinfhen I‘ll keep you posted @BarbaraBB 3w
Andrew65 Loved The Broken Girls, and agree @Cinfhen a great idea. 👏 3w
Cinfhen Thanks @Andrew65😄 3w
Andrew65 @Cinfhen Will look to post mine later today. 3w
Cinfhen 👍🏻 @Andrew65 3w
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CoffeeCatsBooks Thanks for posting, just picked this up. 1mo
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SUPER SALE ALERT! $1.99 each. #KindleDailyDeal #KindleDeals

RachelO Oops! 1mo
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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The Song of Achilles is back on #Kindledailydeal UK and Queen Victoria is part of the big non fiction sale on Kindle so go grab yourself a bargain.

@Ms_T @Andrew65 @Cathythoughts @TrishB

Cathythoughts Thankyou!!!! I‘m going to go for Queen Victoria..... the other one isn‘t really for me. Thanks 😘your great for the heads up 👍🏻♥️ 1mo
Birdsong28 @Cathythoughts Its ok. I will be getting Victoria as well as I have Achilles already. 😘📚📖 1mo
TrishB Thanks! I have both in hard copy and still not read 🤷‍♀️ I also have the Thomas Cromwell one in offer in hard copy too and still not read! What am I actually reading..... 1mo
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RachelO Oops! I‘ve just accidentally bought the Lucy Worsley book 😉 1mo
Birdsong28 @TrishB You will get round to it eventually....😂 1mo
Birdsong28 @RachelO Well you had better read it then 😂📚📖 1mo
RachelO @Birdsong28 Oh ‘eck! I‘m in trouble if that‘s how it works 🤣🤣🤣 1mo
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Cathythoughts Thankyou my friend .... I think I have this.. better check though 👍🏻 1mo
Ms_T Thanks for the tag, if my husband were a reader he‘d love this. Not my cup of tea though 😘📚 1mo
Caroline2 Ohhh this sounds good!! 1mo
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Birdsong28 @Caroline2 It is really good. I read this in a afternoon, I just couldn't put it down. 📚📖 1mo
Birdsong28 @Ms_T That's fine it is a good book though. 📚📖 1mo
Birdsong28 @Cathythoughts If you haven't got it then you should get it, it is such a good book📚📖 1mo
Caroline2 My kindle is a bit out of action at the mo so I‘ll have to check out the paperback! 👍 1mo
Crazeedi I read this one, very interesting and good 1mo
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag @Birdsong28 1mo
Andrew65 @Crazeedi If you liked it, I most probably will. 1mo
TrishB Thanks 👍🏻 1mo
Itchyfeetreader Thanks for the heads up on this it‘s now sitting in my queue ! 1mo
Crazeedi @Andrew65 it's a very different take on the women, and good research 1mo
Birdsong28 It certainly is @Crazeedi and @Andrew65 it was so good I read it in a afternoon as it just flowed and was so good 1mo
Andrew65 @Birdsong28 @Crazeedi Can‘t get a better recommendation than this. 1mo
Birdsong28 @Andrew65 Thanks. Plus I am going to seeing her later on this month so excited!!!📚 📖 1mo
Andrew65 @Birdsong28 I look forward to hearing about that. Enjoy. 😊 (edited) 1mo
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