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#24in48 #Hour18Challenge #Romance @24in48 📚💕
I average around 150 books a year, and I‘d say around 70 a 80% of my reading (dependsing on the year) is romance! I snuck a Harlequin romance off my mother‘s bookshelf at a very young (probably too young) age, and I was hooked! I started buying them for 10 cents a pop from my local library, and there was no stopping me!😂 #Romantsy #24in48ReadAThon #Romancelandia

LitDrivenGirl Can you tell me the name of the book behind the Kresley Cole book 🤗? 7mo
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @LitDrivenGirl Yeah! It‘s a great graphic novel called 7mo
LitDrivenGirl Thank you! I added it 😁. 7mo
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @LitDrivenGirl Awesome! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Volume 2 just came out earlier this month and volume 3 comes out in February! 7mo
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A Long Fatal Love Chase | Louisa May Alcott
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Hour 18 of the #24in48readathon and I wish I'd waited to post my previous post! 😅 It would've been perfect for this challenge. The book I picked doesn't count for the #hour18challenge but here's why I chose it. I've ashamedly been very judgy of romance novels in the past. I'd like to think I'm a better reader than I was. I picked up the paperback in my picture thinking it was a romance novel and used to hide and read it. See Comments⬇️

biblio_ginger I even got made fun of for reading it because some dummy was book cover shaming me. ? I should say I was maybe 13 when I first read it. Anyway I LOVED this book and even when I found a pretty hardback I had to keep the original"scandalous" paperback. #endbookshaming 7mo
Sunraven #endbookshaming should absolutely be a thing. Maybe we should do a “shamed/shameful-seeming books” challenge. 😆 7mo
biblio_ginger @Sunraven absolutely! That would be awesome! I feel bad for not being more romance friendly in the past. 😔 7mo
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Sunraven I feel somewhat the same way, though I don‘t feel baaaaaad per say. 😉 I know I was doing my best with the information and circumstances I had, but I generally feel that judgeyness is not the ideal approach to anything. 7mo
biblio_ginger @Sunraven that's a great way of looking at it! ☺️ 7mo
Sunraven I hope so, since it took a lot of effort to get here. 😆 7mo
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I found this book at the library when I was in high school...and just picked it up to read. I knew nothing about this book or author. Some books leave an imprint on you. This one did. It told the story of the author‘s life in the Jim Crow South. I was blown away by something I knew so little about.
#WeNeedDiverseBooks #24in48 @24in48 #Hour18challenge

Cortg I remember reading this in high school! I completely agree with it leaving an imprint on you. 13mo
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It‘s too late at night to run around the house looking for #DiverseBooks but I did find some on the nearest shelves. Most of the LGBTQ+ representation are in my SFF books upstairs. SFF is pretty good for diverse characters.

I‘m going to take a break from Americanah now and read Maus, so it occurs to me that my #24in48 reading is a lot more diverse this time around. I think I somehow ended up with all white males last time.


mydearwatson I really want to read _The Tale of Genji_, but I also don‘t want to lug it around 😆. 13mo
Leniverse @mydearwatson Ah, but mine is a two volume edition. 😉 I also have the complete Journey to the West, in four volumes. Or rather, I bought them for the spouse and we're buddy reading the first volume next month. 😁 13mo
mydearwatson @Leniverse I hadn‘t heard of that one! 13mo
Leniverse @mydearwatson Journey to the West is perhaps better known as the tv series “Monkey”. My spouse is a big fan. 13mo
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Son of a Trickster | Eden Robinson
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Here's some #diversebooks from my TBR! I try to diversify my diverse reading with a mix of authors from many different groups and with both memoirs and fiction. #24in48 #weneeddiversebooks #hour18challenge @24in48

Their Eyes Were Watching God | Zora Neale Hurston
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Bookish.SAM Not pictured (as it was a library book a while back) but a book that really opened my eyes was 13mo
StephanieMarie I loved the Boat People! I was crushed when it didn't win Canada Reads 13mo
Bookish.SAM Right @StephanieMarie ?!? So good! And such a great Canada Reads choice. 13mo
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The One | John Marrs
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I try to keep my nightstand pretty clear. My inner OCD prefers it this way 😉 I did do a stack for the #24in48 readathon, though. There are several longs novels here so I'm hoping to get through a couple at least over the remaining 18 hours.
#kindle #paperwhite #thegreatalone #wicked #awakenthegiantwithin #awalkinthewoods #theone #theperfectmother #Hour18Challenge

Grant | Ron Chernow
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Some of my nightstand stack... 😖 Two of the books are Ron Chernow tomes, one is a huge collected LOTR, and there are also 2 HP illustrated editions there, mostly because all of those books are too way heavy for me to really carry elsewhere so I read a bit of them before bed. I also spy a book my mom lent me, my next read for #backpackeurope when my travel delay ends, and some currents I carry around/am reading for #24in48 @24in48 #Hour18challenge

Reviewsbylola Those will keep you busy for awhile! 2y
bookandcat @Reviewsbylola yep lol because the big ones I read little by little before bed I've been reading some of them for a year or so at this point 😂 2y
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Nighty-Night | Leslie Patricelli
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Since I have only recently moved, there hasn‘t been much chance to populate my bedside table with books.
Currently aside from an extension cable for my chargers, it holds my kindle, and the envelope containing my #PostalBookGroup #LitsyAroundTheWorld book and notebook, which I‘m hoping to finish soon :)

#Hour18Challenge #WhatIsOnYourNightStand #24in48 #Readathon

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#24in48 #hour18challenge This is the only book on my nightstand, primarily because most of my books are on my Kindle, but also because I keep essential oils and a diffuser there also, and with a cement floor I don‘t want to accidentally drop and break any of them on my floor. I like to read a few pages from this book from time to time - helps me connect with my Swedish roots 😊