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Vision | Tom King
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#riotgrams #day6 - #hardcovervspaperback

Picked up a used copy of the first #paperback trade yesterday, before I realized the full #hardcover was available. In my defense, B&N were really unclear on their website what editions were currently available.

Good Omens | Gaiman, Neal
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This was an easy prompt. Two of all my all-time favorite writers. I'm sure I'll accumulate more editions as the years go by.

#hardcovervspaperback #riotgrams @bookriot #pratchettposse #OokBOokClub

morgan_lionheart Have you watched the series on Amazon yet? 5mo
gossamerchild @morgan_lionheart watching it now! I'm trying to savor it, so I've only watched the first 3 episodes so far. I don't want it to end! 5mo
morgan_lionheart @gossamerchild It's so good. 🙂 The casting perfect. I'm also trying to savor it, but it's hard not to watch it all at once! 5mo
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The Scarlet Letter: a romance | Nathaniel Hawthorne
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When it comes to #hardcovervspaperback my collection seems to suggest that I‘m on the side of the paperback. Out of over two hundred books, less than two dozen are hardcover. Not sure why this huge discrepancy, other than frugality?

Anyway, the photo is of a rare case where I decided to replace an existing edition (blue) with a new one (red)... but haven‘t gotten rid of the existing yet. 😳

Tamra For me it‘s frugality and ease of reading - I find soft covers easier to tote and hold. 5mo
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The Stand | Stephen King
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#HardcovervsPaperback #Riotgrams I guess I would say I like hardcovers better.But , I have mentioned on Litsy before, I buy something in hardcover cuz I just can‘t wait to read it, then it‘s out in paper before I get to it.😞Or sometimes having multiple copies just because we like variant covers ,like to have extras , beat up ones for the reading etc.I happened to just like the copy of this title especially printed for World Book Night U.S. 2012.

FeministBookClub I absolutely love The Stand. I even own the mini series on DVD! 5mo
Freespirit Great book 5mo
Leftcoastzen @FeministBookClub @Freespirit Many would say it is his best book. 5mo
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#Riotgrams #Day6 #HardcovervsPaperback

I still haven‘t attempted to read book one in Spanish, but it is definitely a goal of mine before the end of the year!

marleed Great goal! 5mo
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My current stack of paperback to hardcover matches. I have rules when thrifting. One is to replace paperbacks with hardcovers then donate paperbacks to the FLLs in my neighborhood.

Sometimes I donate a mint condition paperback just to keep a well-used thrifted hardback. But #RulesAreRules !

I was so excited to find the tagged book - took me forever to find in hardback!

Day6 #RiotGrams with #HardcoverVsPaperback @BookRiot

marleed @Cinfhen Somehow I hit my first blurb without posting a pic then had 2 posts! My theory on hardbacks is sheer number of books. I take the covers off most of my hardbacks so that they sit a bit quieter on my shelves - if that makes since to anyone but me! 5mo
GinaKButler I love this and do the same thing! 5mo
marleed @GinaKButler So good to know I‘m not alone out there in the world! 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Chasing_Pages Definitely hardcover. 1y
InBooksILive Yeah, definitely hardcover! 1y
rjsthumbelina I'm weird - I would totally choose a paperback or a digital copy! Hardcovers are heavy and awkward to hold 1y
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JoRead Hardcover but only because they "last" longer and don't need batteries ? 1y
bookaholic1 I love hardcover books, but my hands don't so I now read paperbacks 1y
ladym30 Great pops!! 1y
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Paperback vs hardcover: what's your preference? I'm typically buying books that I've already read and want to own, so often they're out in both formats. When they're used, they're about the same price too. I love the look and feel of a hardcover so much more, but when I put a few of them next to a paperback stack I realize I could fit SO many more books on my shelves if I opted for paperbacks instead.

#bookwormproblems #hardcovervspaperback

Reviewsbylola For reading purposes I prefer paperback. For display purposes I don't have a preference. 3y
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