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Game night with the kids with a game I got from Santa- AZUL. It's SUPER fun. 🙃 #gamenight

Patchshank Ive had my eye on this game. Would a 7 year old be able to play it? 3mo
SheReadsAndWrites I think so @Patchshank It's for 8 and up but it's not super complicated - it takes a round or two to grasp. Also, we found a 4 min instruction on YouTube on how to play that was super helpful. 😊 3mo
Cinfhen I recently purchased this game too for my family 🧡 It took a few rounds to get the hang of it @Patchshank and I think the YouTube tutorial is super helpful 😊 3mo
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SheReadsAndWrites The YouTube was key for us to understand. 😂 @Patchshank We also taught two of our adult children the other night and it did take a round to have them get it - however, I'll admit that was teacher error on my part. 😬😂 @Cinfhen (edited) 3mo
Patchshank Nice. I'll look into more and see what my partner thinks. Thank you @SheReadsAndWrites @Cinfhen ❤️ 3mo
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#Movie2BookRecs #LetterG #GameNight

Harry and his friends play a real life game of chess.

Klou Love this series so much!! 13mo
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• Planning to watch the SuperBowl with this SuperKid this evening 🏈 •

#life #plans #kiddo #family #facetoface #football #gamenight #SuperBowlSunday

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💙💙💙 3y
Reggie Omg, the adorbleness!!!! 3y
maich Cute❤❤👶 3y
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bibliobliss @Reggie Why, thank you 😉 3y
bibliobliss @maich 😉 Thank you 3y
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Twelfe Night: Or, What You Will | William Shakespeare
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Another classic from the game 😂😂😂#gamenight

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New game #gamenight What‘s mojo?

CoffeeNBooks This looks like so much fun! We love zombies! I just put it in my Amazon cart. 🤣 5y
ReadZenRites Ha! That looks adorable! Enjoy!! 5y
knittedgnome We love Munchkin!!! Sometimes it's fun to mix a couple together too. 5y
knittedgnome *forgot a word. It's fun to mix a couple themes together. 5y
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Geometry in Problems | Alexander Shen
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Getting the weekend started right with a game of Tri-ominous and honey micheladas! #gamenight

Lindy I had to use google, but now I know about micheladas. Enjoy! 🍯🍹 (edited) 5y
EvieBee @Lindy Haha! They are a life saver in these perilous summer days. Hot! 5y
Lindy @EvieBee I think the temperature got up to 11 C here today (52 F). 😕 5y
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CarolynM I haven't played triominoes in years! It was always good fun.💜 5y
EvieBee @Lindy Really?! Not feeling summerlike at all! 5y
EvieBee @CarolynM It really is! We are still getting the hang of it but I did beat Mr. Eve. 5y
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A Study in Charlotte | Brittany Cavallaro
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An appropriate board game given my recent listen, and we‘re going to put Sherlock on in the background having finished HP1. #gamenight #gaymer #sistermomming #Sherlocked

Eyelit That game looks really cool! 5y
kgriffith @Eyelit the instructions aren‘t clear enough for me, and I‘m pretty savvy. There‘s also a high reading comprehension requirement, so it‘s not for everyone. I‘m withholding judgment until we‘ve completed one case. 5y
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One of my new favorite card games! Died of starvation after my husband was bitten by a snake 😩😳😂 #gamenight #camping #vacation

Blueberry @NataliePatalie has that game. I don't think any of us have survived yet. 6y
heidisreads @Blueberry we've won only once! This was our 4th or 5th time playing 6y
diovival 😍 6y
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