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The Board Game
The Board Game: A Director's Companion for Winning in Business | Peter Waine
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A Director's Bible for Winning in Business :Peter Waine The corporate board game is complex and fraught with dangers for the unwary. In this anecdotal but practical handbook for life at the top of the corporate tree, Peter Waine distils his many years of experience into a biting expose of how company decisions are really made and executed. In vivid detail he shows how boards work in practice, and the differences between the boards of large and small companies. He also examines how corporate strategies evolve through boom and bust years, and how such changes can affect the company's relationship with the Square Mile. And he profiles the typical board and its interaction - the various personnel, the often tense relationship between CEO and Chairman, and the role of the non-executive director (NED). * An expose of board life which shows that the reality can be stranger than fiction - set to become the book for company directors to be seen with * The first stand-alone CBI title for senior managers - explores a number of hot topics identified by the CBI including corporate governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility * Pulls together a wealth of insight and experience to offer a clear view of how corporate boards operate and point the way to a winning formula in the boardroom Peter Waine is a former CBI Director and the author of Takeover (0470 84330 6, 5000 copies sold) - he is the co-founder of Hanson Green, a leading non-executive director and chairman placement firm. Readership: Senior Managers and CEOs across all functions; aspiring senior managers. ISBN: 0470 84764 6 250pp (cl) GBP 18.99 US 32.50 EUR 31.40 Sep 2002
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Game night with the kids with a game I got from Santa- AZUL. It's SUPER fun. 🙃 #gamenight

Patchshank Ive had my eye on this game. Would a 7 year old be able to play it? 3mo
SheReadsAndWrites I think so @Patchshank It's for 8 and up but it's not super complicated - it takes a round or two to grasp. Also, we found a 4 min instruction on YouTube on how to play that was super helpful. 😊 3mo
Cinfhen I recently purchased this game too for my family 🧡 It took a few rounds to get the hang of it @Patchshank and I think the YouTube tutorial is super helpful 😊 3mo
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SheReadsAndWrites The YouTube was key for us to understand. 😂 @Patchshank We also taught two of our adult children the other night and it did take a round to have them get it - however, I'll admit that was teacher error on my part. 😬😂 @Cinfhen (edited) 3mo
Patchshank Nice. I'll look into more and see what my partner thinks. Thank you @SheReadsAndWrites @Cinfhen ❤️ 3mo
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Non-reading distractions
🔹board games
🔸netflix (or other streaming service ) binges
🔹bullet journaling and planning
🔸 puzzle books

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1. Board and card games
2. Deckbuilders. my current favorite is Clank!
3. Deckbuilder apps, probably Star Realms the most
4. @TrishB @tournevis
#hellothursday @wanderinglynn @Niallism

tournevis I really like deck builders. Dominion has been soured for me by dudebros and I have not tried Clank. I love Hardback these days. 5y
tessavi @tournevis I'm loving Hardback as well 💟 5y
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😀 5y
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