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Currently reading this wild book on female serial killers it is so refreshing for a author to get there information right, dates and names.
I'm starting my October #Screamathon early 🔪🔫🚬💉💊😱💀😈

#femaleserialkillers #killers #death #reading #books 📚💀😈

@4thhouseontheleft sorry forgot to tag you the first time 👾💙

jhod Have you had a #fffs parcel Kay? X 1y
kaysworld1 @jhod I have something waiting for me at the post office I think that's it. I thought this was a secret swap if I knew it was you I would have said Hi and had a chat xx 1y
jhod Yes I think it is secret - but wanted to check in to make sure nothing had got lost in the post! X 1y
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jhod Pleased it has arrived - and let me know if it hasn't! 1y
kaysworld1 @jhod My sorting office isn't open at the weekends bit of a pain, they delivered it at 6pm I was at work unfortunately. I'm looking forward to getting it tho 😊 1y
4thhouseontheleft I hope you like it more than I did! 1y
kaysworld1 @4thhouseontheleft I love anything written about female serial killers, so far I'm enjoying it. Unlike the tagged book that was awful! 1y
Avanders Hey lady -- any update on your #fffs package? 😘😘 1y
kaysworld1 @Avanders it's being redelivered on Monday! it's my only day off from work 😊 1y
Avanders @kaysworld1 yay!! 🧡💛🎃 Phew! Sounds busy!! 1y
kaysworld1 @Avanders I work 3 jobs so pretty busy. 1y
Avanders @kaysworld1 ooph! Been there .. hope you're able to enjoy the work & the time off and, if not, that the need to work 3 jobs expires soon! 💖💖 (edited) 1y
Linsy I need this! 💀 1y
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kaysworld1 In the current book im reading says that The Giggling Grandma aka Nannie Doss used 1 heaped teaspoon of Arsnic then in another coffee she used a teaspoon of rat poison, she sounds like a woman worth getting to know!? 😂 The second story about The Blood Countess aka Erzsebet Bathory was a bit of a eve opener.. 1y
Readage @kaysworld1 Jeez!! Lol sounds like a book I should read 👍 1y
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